AUGUST 13, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for its regular session on August 13, 2018, with Commissioner Jim DeTro, Chairman; Commissioner Andy Hover, Member; and Laleńa Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Commissioners convened at 1:20 p.m. due to no quorum this morning Commissioner Chris Branch Vice-Chairman was absent attending to personal time. Commissioner Hover was absent until 1:20 p.m. due to attending this morning’s fire brief regarding fires burning in his district. No meetings were held this morning.

Arrived at 1:20 p.m. Gina McCoy member of the public took notes on her computer.

Briefing Among Commissioners–Discuss Individual Weekly Meetings & Schedule
Commissioner DeTro discussed the EMS Medicaid reimbursement issue that Life Line Wayne Walker and Chief Communications Deputy Mike Worden has been relaying to concerns about. The reimbursement amount no longer covers the costs. Commissioner DeTro said he discussed the issue over the weekend with Senator Shelly Short, Rep. Joel Kretz, Rep. Jacquelyn Maycumber and Congressman Dan Newhouse and they said they would bring it to the forefront at Legislative meetings this next session. There will likely be some further discussions with commissioners and legislators prior to LSC.

Update – Planning – Perry Huston

Planning Dept. Study Session
1) Wolf Management
Director Huston updated the board on Wolf protocol to be agreed upon by the assorted agencies. 1) Response protocols public safety 1st. The Director explained a meeting in September meeting would be used to iron out protocols. If any written protocols exist, then those would be brought forward too. Once hammered out the protocol work material will build the foundation of what happens next. 2) Training. 3) Public outreach/training.

Also, the kernel of the discussion would be what exactly a rendezvous site is and what the best course of action is when a person comes across one. We need a Wolf specific code of the west that can actually be disseminated as a kind of public service.

Director Huston stated written material would be drafted for the Sept 10 meeting. WDFW Director and Enforcement should be here, suggested Commissioners Hover.

Commissioner DeTro stated he conversed with Stevens County Commissioner McCart about Denali National Park, which has a healthy controlled wolf population. There is twice the amount of land in the Denali Park than what we have here yet we have twice as many wolves. Not to mention how many more wolves that is not being named officially. Mr. McCart was furious about that. Commissioner Hover stated a comment he heard that there was a range of expected population and the assumption was when it reached a certain number of animals it was assumed recovery based on those numbers. Commissioner DeTro stated that is the problem and is fatally flawed and used as propaganda garbage. Commissioner McCart and Commissioner DeTro both agreed they have constituents that are no longer afraid to shoot a wolf. They are treated as holier than though status, and it becomes a trust issue, stated Commissioner Hover. Cougars don’t reproduce as rapidly, not protected, and people don’t fear them as much. If a cougar had treed the woman it would be a different discussion. Commissioner DeTro discussed the depredation process and what a producer has to do to be reimbursed. The other side has their injunctions waiting on the sidelines whenever a depredation claim is filed, they file the injunction the minute the depredation paperwork is submitted.

Should other counties be invited to the September 10 meeting? Commissioner Hover would like to inform them of what we are doing. It will go out informally as an invitation to listen. Director Huston will make that outreach.

2) Well Tracking System
Director Huston discussed well tracking systems. Vanessa and John Kirk regarding the well tracking data. They and he are on a different place in the book in terms of what is to be achieved. What does the board see as conflicts? The scope of work is ambitious and whether there is money enough to cover all the work. He suggested reconciliation of the well logs with the parcel overlay. Parcel overlay would assess current future uses parcels/no well. Commissioner Hover stated that there was $300 million dollars in HB6091 to purchase water rights for water banking. With the OTED presentation, we are so far along that we would be high on the list and we need to get the application in for the money and we need to get that info. Be sure to get it in talk with Sage Parker about the application. Director Huston stated he was going to look into the water banking details and discuss that next week. Commissioner Hover said WRIA 49 would go way better and if the water is available and can be purchased with money to use to enhance watersheds. Double check on if it was offered to the county. Ms. McCoy was there and she yes that was what she heard. Director Huston will follow up with that. Commissioner DeTro agrees to include that as part of our mitigation program. Net ecological benefit and we will need a water right, stated Director Huston.

Water and Conservancy Board has approached Director informally about conducting the SEPA/NEPA review on the proposal. It will be an interesting discussion. Commissioner Hover stated he personally has seen a water right go from start to finish until it was adjudicated. When they were claiming water they claimed as much as possible.

Commissioner Hover continued discussing strategies and points on water usage and banking. They discussed the assessors overlay.

Is Perry looking at steep slopes egress ingress? He stated all commenting agencies weigh in and they do look, but it is codified. DOE has weighed in on on-site septic. Was beefed up from what was done in past specifically against the findings to be arrived at will be a more robust decision. It is more than just a checklist.

3) WRIA 49
The letters are out. Director Huston is uncertain exactly what the funds can be used for. He will figure out what he can do with it in terms of plans revision. Tied to that are the applications noted on the status report. (attached) He explained he isn’t sure what will be spent in this year versus what will be spent in 2019 so the budget isn’t exactly clear. He thought the first six months would be more vigorous. He only wished to build into the budget what is necessary.

4) Comprehensive Plan Review
August 21 at 3:00 pm is the set time to tear into the comp plan again. Director Huston explained the main topics and sections to be discussed. He explained a conversation he had with Mr. Jordon. He isn’t sure how to characterize the conversation. There was some notion it didn’t say what it was supposed to say in terms of conditional use permits and what is permitted or not. If it doesn’t specifically say it the activity is permitted then it must be conditioned. All our shoreline development is single family residences and would be exempt anyways. It could come into play for a facility and he would say it is permitted but DOE may not.

Gary Graff ordinary high water mark issue DOE essentially overriding someone else’s decision, and that is a problem. He is not issuing any permits until prepared and know they proponent has gone through all other agencies involved. Now, they must prove they have taken it around as it creates a problem when the county has issued a permit without all the sign off. DOE was on board with that and training may ensue on how to determine the high water mark.

Planning Dept. Administrative Session
1) Business Licenses
Nothing new to report. Director Huston explained some inconsistencies in the code. The OCC 5 section should be gone through as there are some inconsistencies in terms of issuing licenses. This is on RCW 36.71.070.

2) CXT Toilets
NEPA will need to be done on our portion and FS will do it on the one they have. Director Huston will monitor the situation but he really doesn’t know. Commissioner Hover doesn’t want him to spend all his time doing NEPA on a toilet. The trail system is a good thing, but he is getting sucked into this grant thing. A NEPA contractor is out there and they can find one. Director Huston hears everything and is something that typically gets addressed at application time not this far after. It makes more sense if the Forest Service does one they do both. The director will report back. The county supports the trail system in many ways, but this was not anticipated.

3) Title Insurance
Director Huston sent an email to Mr. DeSalvo after speaking with Tanya Craig. This is regarding the trail head and the portion the county owns. Title Insurance conveyance may be difficult since this didn’t happen earlier. Title insurance covers very little. Title insurance is a requirement, however.

Director Huston explained the resolution for tomorrow’s surplus hearing will be drafted by him since there isn’t anything in RCW that addresses the particular situation.

The board adjourned at 3:30 p.m. as there was no more business to attend to.