APRIL 23, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on April 23, 2018, with, Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, Commissioner Andy Hover, and Laleńa Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

The Board convened at 9:00 AM.

Review Commissioners Calendar, Agenda and Consent Agenda
Commissioners reviewed their agenda and calendar items.

Discussion – Criminal Justice Funding ESSB 6032 – OBHC – Jim Novelli
Mr. Novelli explained a recent letter was received regarding Criminal Justice Treatment Account funding and ESSB 6032. He said in the past the funds were disbursed through the BHO. Now with ESSB 6032 signed into law, there is an additional option to either continue disbursal through the BHO or through the ASO but it appears the ASO takes 10% for administration which represents about $5,000.

Mr. Novelli requested the county chose to administer the funds itself and asked that a letter be sent to DSHS. That way the administrative service charge could be retained by the county instead of the ASO and it would provide the county more control of the funds. There would be strict reporting requirements to adhere to and a contract would be necessary to lay those out. A more formal plan on administering the funds will need to be created as well as a panel, but that can be done later.

Mr. Novelli explained that Beacon is the ASO for our region and will be in charge of the money starting in February. Spokane has a panel which meets to distribute their funds and Mr. Novelli thought that panel was for those counties included in the Spokane region, so we may need to create our own panel.

Mr. Novelli stated there was $51,000 of the CJTA allocated to Okanogan County this year which is about a $1,400 drop over previous years. Commissioner Hover wanted to know the amount the county could retain for administration. The commissioners were in favor of drafting, signing and sending a letter to DSHS.

Motion Staff Direction CJTA Funding Administration
Commissioner Hover moved to direct staff to draft a letter to DSHS Behavioral Health Administration expressing Okanogan County’s intention to administer the Criminal Justice Treatment Account to eligible uses. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

The Clerk of the Board explained that a budget would need to be identified to receipt and expend the funding and a budget amendment scheduled. She stated Cari Hall would be consulted.

The board authorized the letter of intent to be sent to DSHS regarding CJTA administration.

Briefing Among Commissioners – Discuss Individual Meetings & Schedules
Dennis Papa, Biologist CCT
Mr. Papa came in to discuss the clean up being done at a property on Salmon Creek that the CCT recently purchased. It appears DOE inquired about the cleanup and said the materials would need to be tested for asbestos before clean-up. The remains would then be burnt by the fire dept. Some initial materials were found to be clean of asbestos, but DOE wants more testing. The cleanup time line was as soon as possible, but they expected to be done by now. The commissioners asked how much funding was allocated for restoration. It was not clear, but the tribe did not anticipate the additional expense for this cleanup. Bonneville Power Administration purchased the property at a tax sale for fish habitat. Mr. Papa asked whether there were any county funds that could be used to help with the cleanup. The Commissioners explained the County did not have funds identified that could help with this matter, right now. The commissioners will speak to the Tribe, Ok. Co. Solid Waste Dept. and with BPA to learn more detail about the request.

Finance Committee Meeting – Leah McCormack Cari Hall
Perry Huston

Commissioner DeTro authorized the following documents: Post compliance policy, debt policy and investment policy that were presented by Treasurer McCormack.

Treasurer McCormack provided her Finance Committee Meeting agenda and discussed the items listed there.

The cash on hand report for March 2018 showed the various fund amounts.

The state sent Treasurer McCormack $120,000 more for a variety of things such as sales taxes, county assistant funds, and marijuana excise tax receipts. It is uncertain how the calculation changes would affect the 39 counties. Treasurer McCormack asked Commissioner Branch to continue looking into it as it appears these funds are a result.

Taxes are being receipted everyday which keeps Treasurer McCormack’s office very busy.

Ms. Hall explained a request was received from the Sheriff’s office to purchase their new vehicles. The cost has increased and . Ms. Hall will look into that.

The county’s investment portfolio was reviewed and discussed. In March every year a remittance is sent to the state for things we collect for. Treasurer McCormack did a comparison of remittances in March of last year (about 36,000) compared to this year and it was about $1.6 million because of the state priority I and II.

Commissioners reviewed the expenditure report showing status of each department’s revenue and expenditure budget. Cari Hall explained the budgets are being regularly reviewed by her in order to be ahead of the curve. The funds will be received for Criminal Justice which will need to reimburse Current Expense for footing the bills for the Jail and Juvenile departmental expenses. Commissioner Hover explained a trailer, owned by the Jail has a broken axel, and a new one was requested for purchase. The trailer is used for hauling the jail food.

A budget supplemental will be needed for WSU for Public Works office rent. Because the new person waived benefits, the county will be able to use those funds. Ms. Hall will follow up with Ms. Wells-Moses.

Director Huston discussed pursuing 1/10 of 1% for communications and 3/10 1% for health and safety. The clock is ticking and those discussions should be brought to the forefront. Commissioner Hover stated if we do put something on the ballot, we must have a plan first. The pilot project on the transfer of data through white space due to how mountainous Ferry County is, but it could be a good thing for Okanogan County in those areas with little or no coverage.

Gina McCoy, member of the public, arrived at 11:25 a.m. to take notes.

Treasurer McCormack explained a previous state treasurer (Davidson) made a point to connect with her and discuss current events and things that were important to Okanogan County Treasurer.

Commissioners discussed the various parts of the proposed communications project The board would like to be able to discuss the project with their constituents. It would be good to draft a long term plan that shows what Okanogan County sees as its most important communication needs so consumers have something to buy into over the long term. Commissioners need to find out how the funds administered through Commerce may be utilized. There was $5.2 million dollars Representative Maycumber helped secure for counties for assistance with fires. There was concern about Commerce handling the funds and charging a large administrative fee to do so. Okanogan County’s concern all along was, don’t let Commerce control the funds as they would charge an administration fee of 36%. A more efficient way of handling the funds was suggested; Commerce would be provided a one-time administrative fee with the rest of the funds being handled by the county. There must be a strategy in line, as Commissioner Branch doesn’t think there is one. If all four county’s had a strategic goal, it might help in the disbursement. Director Huston thought it would be good to start the process.

Ms. Hall said she was working on new budget worksheets and suggested those be discussed soon as the auditor will be sending out the call letter for budgets soon.

Commissioner Branch asked for the Timber excise tax history. Commissioner DeTro suggested five or ten year increments in order to show the ups and downs. Future timber harvests were discussed.

Director Huston asked the commissioners if they reviewed the maps of the Shoreline Master Program and asked if the commissioners wished to revisit the tributaries.

Ms. McCoy explained she wanted to video stream the commissioners meeting this afternoon through her phone and asked the board to speak up during the meetings. She then positioned her phone for the best angle.

Commissioners adjourned for lunch at 11:45 a.m.

Discussion -Yakama Nation Comp Plan
Commissioner DeTro brought the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. and stated the group was invited to discuss the Okanogan County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code update revisions. The Yakama Nation had previously raised some concerns which they wished to discuss today to ensure sufficient quantity and quality of water is available to support fish.

Director Huston explained the bills that had to do watersheds that the county is working through and were of particular interest to the Yakama Nation. This meeting was a counter point to the letter the county sent inviting the Yakama Nation to discuss their concerns about the county’s comprehensive plan. Because the matter to be discussed was considered to present legal risks due to the county’s proposed action the county believed public discussion of the risks would likely result in an adverse consequence.

Executive Session – RCW 42.30.110 (1) (iii)
Commissioner Branch moved to go into executive session at 1:35 p.m. for two hours inviting Perry Huston, Attorney David Gecas, Bob Smith Fisheries, Shona Voelkers, Tom Ring, Hydrogeologist, and Phil Rigdon Superintendent Yakama Nations to discuss legal matters to which the county may be a party or may become a party. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners extended the executive session at 3:35 for another 30 minutes.
Executive session ended at 4:05 p.m. no decisions were made.

Update Planning – Perry Huston CANCELLED Due to No Time
Planning Dept. Study Session
a. Meeting with Yakama Nation
b. Comprehensive Plan Continued Discussion (if time allows)

Cancelled - Administrative Officer Study Session

Discussion – Methow Trails – James DeSalvo & John Hayes
John Hayes gave some history of the Methow Trails system and noted those trail easements that were deeded to the county which make up the greater portions of the trail. Easements are still needed for the incomplete sections. He explained the important role the trail has played in the economic viability of Sun Mountain lodge and vice versa. The Haub family has been very involved in the community and recently with the passing of Erivan Haub there is a renewed desire to put into place the necessary easements to complete the trail.

Mr. Hayes explained an assessment of the US holdings is required. The Haub’s have always given permission to Methow Trails to use the easement and it was good as long as Mr. Haub was living. It would be economically devastating if Sun Mountain lodge did not grant the easement which is the back bone of the winter economy. The easements must be kept in place as the holdings are assessed and decisions made. Mr. Hayes said his request is to make the trail permanent through the Sun Mountain Lodge properties. He said the company’s new name Arleta and at this time it is uncertain what will happen to Sun Mt lodge.

Mr. DeSalvo presented an overview of the trail system so the commissioners could see the full extent of the trail and how it is positioned through the Sun Mountain lodge property. The hotel motel tax revenue the Methow Trail enjoys is money Sun Mt. lodge has collected and is a significant portion collected in the county. The Sun Mt area trail easements make up about 21% of the whole trail system. It also connects Mazama with Winthrop. The Sun Mt. partnership represents the largest landowner and is a significant hotel motel tax contributor.

Mr. DeSalvo showed the trail permission agreement between MVSTA and Landowner. Mr. Hayes explained some kind of acknowledgement of the Erivan Haub’s death, as well as the death of Karl-Erivan Haub and addressed to the Haub’s in the care of John Barline. It is very important. They will need to get those portions of the trail GPS’d with the county equipment with a center line for legal instrument. Offering to Haub’s is protection from liability because the state RCW is written that if a trail is donated to a municipality or state and a deed of right to state, and that would mean something to a prospective buyer. The trail is the main source of revenue for the lodge.

There are some right of ways held by Hayes for the trail walk through the town of Winthrop. Mr. Hayes thought a letter would be best. Commissioners asked that a letter draft be submitted to be considered. Mr. DeSalvo will submit the draft to the Clerk of the Board for consideration and signature.

Citizen Comment Period
Lorah Super discussed some maps she brought with her showing the commissioners Libby Creek and Chewuch areas in regards to flood plain areas. She expressed her concern about ingress and egress for fire routes.

Director Huston explained he spoke to someone with a retaining wall that was taken out a couple years ago by high water in the Lake Osoyoos. The landowner is concerned more of her property will go into the lake. She would like to just fix it and would like the county to tell her she can do so. None of the other agencies are weighing in right now as to whether or not she can just fix the issue because she feels it is an emergency. Director Huston stated we cannot issue our permit decision until everyone else has signed off.

Review Consent Agenda and Meeting Minutes

The board adjourned at 4:10 pm.