APRIL 16, 2018

Interview Fairgrounds Event Coordinator Position-Stella Columbia

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(g)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at 9:00 a.m. for 1 hour inviting Debi Hilts, HR and applicant Stella Columbia to evaluate the qualifications of an applicant for public employment. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Executive session ended at 10:00 a.m. no decisions were made.

Review Commissioners Calendar, Agenda and Consent Agenda
Commissioners reviewed their agenda changes and noted the meeting on Wednesday was tentative due to some issues that the Clerk of the Board brought to the attention of the Board and attorney, David Gecas. The Clerk of the Board was asked to contact Mr. Gecas to provide his advice about the meeting and its location. Director of Planning discussed the provisions in law that he knows about and the limitations in the law.

The board discussed the situation to determine if a quorum of the board is appropriate. Commissioner Hover said he will go. Commissioner Branch wants the Yakama Nation to understand the county’s position and comp plan is our overall guide and we are doing everything we can to address the tribe. If it’s written in the spirit of recognition, then that should be relayed too. He isn’t sure where the Yakama Nation stands. Commissioner Hover doesn’t want the county meeting with the Yakama Nation to raise questions about the legalities of the meeting.

Briefing Among Commissioners – Discuss Individual Meetings & Schedules
Commissioners discussed this week’s schedule.

Discussion- DNR Coordination Timber Sale SEPA Virginia Ridge Project
Kevin Roberts, DNR; Maurice Goodall, Ok Co Emergency Manager; Robert McKellar, DNR Assist. Region Manager; Ken McNamee, DNR Region Manager NE Region; DNR Josh Wilund, Community Develop Director; and DNR Jake Townsend.

Mr. Goodall presented photos, via projector, of a current weather related mud slide over Salmon Creek road that occurred last night. He also showed mud slides that happened in the Conconully area.

Kevin Roberts explained the project paperwork he previously submitted for the meeting. (attached) Each commissioner received a copy.

Mr. McNamee thanked the board for meeting with DNR today. He wanted to introduce himself to the county before calls started coming in for the season. Particularly, DNR wished to coordinate with the county on the Virginia Ridge Timber Harvest Project. He said the Washington Forest Law Center and Conservation Northwest have both been commenting heavily about the projects. DNR submitted the project in November and it went through SEPA with responses from Methow citizen groups that expressed specific concerns. Mr. Roberts and Mr. Townsend met with the group of Methow area and with the Sun Mt Lodge citizens in order to respond to their individual concerns. From those meetings, there resulted some valid concerns and DNR believes as a result they need to do a better job clarifying definitions. That was why the SEPA was revised. Commissioners did review that this morning.

Mr. Roberts provided an over view of the project. It was two years ago when they began the process. The outreach was completed prior to and feedback collected from agencies such as DOE and WDFW. Sun Mtn Lodge, Methow Valley Sports Trail Association and other were also contacted whose concerns were addressed. The SEPA definitions were discussed. Mr. Roberts explained there was a letter to DNR from Conservation Northwest regarding their agreement and their requested revisions.

Mr. Townsend explained there would be 26 trees per acre with three different age classes. The project harvest objectives were explained. Harvest should be completed this year with maintenance of the roads afterward. The overstocking issue is the big issue and the reason why this project is in place. The intent is to sell 300 million board feet with an auction at the end of May.

Mr. Roberts discussed that the project is cooperation with the county’s wildfire protection plan (CWPP) and mitigation plan map and referred to the map on the wall which was from their 20-year strategic plan. The maps showed the highest priority areas. The CWPP is applied in that area and will be used in their efforts if a fire happens. Commissioner Hover explained there are also private properties in the area of the project with high densities that should also be a concern. The road up in the project area is also bad and will need to be maintained as well as the cattle guard as it is filled in. The road is a 40 mph road and is a county road, Commissioner Hover asked that the loggers to be made aware of the uses on the road such as during hunting season.

DNR is also doing additional outreach within the community to ask for comments that are either for or against the project so that the board has both types of comments to consider. Mr. McNamee explained post options to be considered in regards to the prescribed burning and clean-up. There are partnerships lined up that will help to provide work to those who have the appropriate certifications. Normally, the wood is left for a year for firewood cutters, but the plan for this project is to clean up sooner but still allow the wood cutters into those areas.

Pre commercial treatment, species composition and thinning out the trees, is what DNR is trying to do to prevent tree crown fires later on.

Mr. Roberts explained he attended harvester meeting happened recently and there were apparently a lot of people with a preliminary thought of having work already lined up and the DNR had concerns about their expectations.

Update Planning – Perry Huston
Char Schumacher, Angie Hubbard, Dan Higbee, Kit Arbuckle, Connie Iten

Planning Dept. Study Session
a. JARPA Permits-Process update, OHWM Training
JARPA will be circulated but will first be signed off by everyone else. There is training available regarding the determination of the general high water mark. Planning Staff cannot attend the training but arrangements have been made to job shadow the DOE staff (Andrea?) to watch the approach they make in their high water mark determinations. Commissioner Branch noted that there is an impression among some project designers that only surveyors and engineers can make the determinations and inquired of Director Huston as to whether or not that was written in the county’s rules somewhere. Director Huston replied not that he was aware of. Commissioner Branch noted that the training is important, and noted that he would like to attend too when the training is scheduled.

b. Comprehensive Plan Continued Discussion
Angie Hubbard set up the projector for display of the plan for commissioners’ review and discussion. Have the commissioners designated enough is the question of the day. Director Huston showed the comp plan as adopted and explained the analysis for resource designation and terms not consistent with GMA. He further discussed the soils of statewide significance and showed the map with those agriculture designations where current use Ag open space program designations were shown. He recommended the commissioners designate everything, in addition, have a designation of one of the four designations for private lands too. Director Huston explained it was mostly for coordination efforts and would set a predisposition as to what the land is useful for, same as Ag lands activities. Commissioner Branch did not care for the concept of designating everything and suggested that if we were trying to make a point about public agency coordination a section specifically for coordination would help clear up confusion. The whole issue of coordination and narrative that explains coordination would provide the clear picture we need. GMA doesn’t make a distinction between public and private lands. Commissioner Branch wants to make sure it is well laid out. Commissioner Hover explained what he looks at in terms of compliance with the law. If the law says there must be designations of land uses for the industry there is a definition as to why we do it so not all Ag lands can be chopped up. For forest lands, there would be enough property to do it. If we follow the law, the purpose is to designate the lands to make sure there is enough property for mining, forest and Ag purposes to balance the land use activities. In Okanogan County why are we not taking into account the lands that are sold to private, look at conservation easements that are Ag related? We will find we do not have much Ag land left.

Director Huston discussed densities for underlying zoning for residential uses. He explained how those would be applied.

Commissioner Hover asked for a PUD map that shows the power grid. He would like to see a transportation grid, water service systems, etc…..which will inform the designation or the zone code.

c. OCC 17A.400 Public Hearing 6:00 p.m. May 8, 2018
Director Huston reminded the board the public hearing scheduled is an evening meeting. The notice has been published.

Administrative Officer Study Session
a. Similkameen trail wash-out Update
Engineer Thomson took a look at the wash-out. There was some formal issues being worked out, but in terms of hikers using the trail the trail will need to be monitored. This issue does not appear to be an urgent issue to BLM. The commissioners will be kept apprised of the situation. Previously there was funding contributed to that trail, but those funds will need to be re-identified.

Director Huston explained the Back Country Horsemen contacted him about requesting a proposal to form or populate the Parks and Recreation Board to oversee the plan and Recreation plan and its revisions and take on some oversite responsibility with regards to the trail system where the County lacks such oversite. What they wish to get to is that the Methow Valley Sports trail Ass’n has the trail system but such an arrangement doesn’t exist in the North end. They see the Parks & Recreation board under the banner of county administration to replicate what they have in the Methow Trails. Commissioner Branch remembers that it was not a “board” it was a committee and back then when it was formed it wasn’t recognized as a “Parks & Rec Board”. Its whole purpose was to prepare and later update a Parks and Recreation Plan for the County. Director Huston explained he is talking about a “board” not a district. Commissioner Hover asked what a board has in terms of autonomy. It is very little and they would operate under the county commissioners sort of like the Planning Commission under the boundaries of the RCW. Commissioner Branch confirmed that it is an advisory board or committee.

b. Fairgrounds: Well project-Request for bids; Track rental-Posse; RV Park-opening; SO Training
Director Huston discussed the fairgrounds stating he revised the well RFP and sent that draft to BOCC for review with requested revised scope of work. It can be published.

Director Huston told the board the Sheriff’s Posse is preparing for their annual event at the fairgrounds. The rental fee was discussed. A resolution is currently in place that allows reduced rental fee of the Agriplex to $75 when used by a county department/agency. Commissioner Branch asked what activities occur at their event that may increase risk; horse racing for instance? Huston confirmed such activity was likely included. Commissioner Hover would like good contract language for use of the track. Commissioners agreed that A conversation should occur about the conditions and activities. It was noted that the group also leaves the grounds in better shape than when they arrive.

Director Huston discussed a cost sharing idea for road maintenance of the north end driveway which is shared with the Reinbold’ s. The condition of the access road is really bad. If the county considered it, the county would only maintain the portion of its own road to the tracks, no further.

Due to the Sheriff’s previous shooter training facility not being available, Director Huston explained a request he received to hold the training at the fairgrounds. Director Huston explained his recommendation to not charge the fee, instead, he thought the training may address the concern the grounds might be a target someday, therefore it is a trade-off to hold the training there for the benefit of the grounds and of the sheriff posse should they need to respond there to an emergency. Commissioner DeTro stated he understands the situation and believes the exchange is adequate without charging the fee. The others were in agreement.

Joe Poulin explained what is still needed for preparation of the grounds for the Vintage Faire. The water system back flow preventer was broken and will need to be replaced. Bids are being gathered for that repair so the bathrooms will be in working order. The Planning office will do the registrations for the RV Park until Fairgrounds staff are in place as calls are coming in. The website provides the RV park schedule. Commissioner Branch stressed the need to prevent backflow in the system even so far as on each hose bib connected to RV systems. Some discussion took place regarding the risk of backflow from foreign water systems. (i.e., trailers and campers)

OCC Titles needing revisions:
OCC 17A.330.030, OCC 5.08, OCC 5.12, OCC 5.16
Director Huston explained OCC 17A.330.030 will need further amendment. He discussed pulling out the legal pre-existing language. A review draft will be provided.

Director Huston explained amendments are also needed for OCC 5.08 Hawkers and Auctioneers fees. He will draft some language for review.

c. Lake Management District: Resolution of intent to form district
Director Huston provided the board with the revised map of the proposed Lake Management District. (attached) He further discussed the district needing $125,000 over a five year period to address the aquatic weeds. He will draft a letter of intent and contact Veranda Beach about the situation and then will work with the Clerk of the Board to set an evening meeting for the public hearing in Oroville. Director Huston believes we are on solid ground now in terms of working out properties to be assessed. Members of the Lake were in attendance but did not have any response to the discussion.

Director Huston explained which notices would be sent in an email or by postcard via usps.

CANCELLED Work Session-Draft County Personnel Manual –Tanya Craig

Review Consent Agenda and Meeting Minutes