May 8, 2017

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on May 8, 2017 with Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, Commissioner Andy Hover, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board present.

Meeting convened at 9:00 a.m.

9:00 a.m. Members of the public arrived: Jan Young and Isabelle Spohn taking notes on their computers.

Update – County Road Conditions – Engineer Josh Thomson
Public Works Road Manager Gary George, Emergency Manger Maurice Goodall

Engineer Thomson provided his list of emergency road conditions and closures. He discussed roads that are currently closed. Loup Loup Canyon Rd. is closed due to washout. Mr. George stated repairs project will be lengthy in order to get it back open. The Ruby side still has about 4 feet of snow. Windy Hill is looking better but still closed. Salmon Creek Rd was closed over the weekend at mile post 10.3 to Conconully Rd, but it could be reopened today. The creek up there blew out of its channel to the road. Public Works made some repairs to divert the water back to the creek with most of the flow going back. There should not be any more loss of the road. The Garlic Farm on Salmon Creek Rd is still having issues with water as there is more water than the creek can hold. Commissioner Hover asked what kinds of changes the county should consider for future resolve of this issue. We should think longer term. WDFW will need to be consulted, stated Mr. George. Engineer Thomson explained HBA permit requirements would need to be considered. Commissioner Hover stated there will be give and take for mitigation of fish and road concerns we will have to consider too. Mr. Goodall showed photos of the problem areas along that road.

S. Fish Lake Rd is completely washed out. The road to the boat launch is underwater and the lake is over the road on the south end with more water coming into the lake than is able to flow out. It is rare event. Commissioner DeTro stated a resident has been pumping water away from his property for the last two months. Some weekend campers were diverted having to go around the long way.

Sinlahekin Rd is closed due to wash outs from Conconully to Loomis with multiple issues with the most at Blue Lake mile post 12.2.

Mr. George explained the Upper Beaver Creek issues were observed late last week by WDFW Connie Iten because of the Salmon Recovery project there. Most of those issues did impact our road. The dam location did not have any water coming through it because of the WDFW fish log jam across the channel and that caused wash out of most of our paved road. Commissioner Hover stated we should create a project which Salmon Recovery Board funds the repairs of that road. WDFW was extremely concerned we would hold them liable. Commissioner Hover stated when they put the engineered log jams in they should be liable for any damage it causes. Commissioner DeTro asked who the engineer was. He agreed they should fix it. Commissioner Branch has not seen the damage and is interested in discussing the issue with those involved. Engineer Thomson stated by the way the water came through it was very obvious it was due to the log jam. Commissioner Hover suggested he make a separate project for it so we know how much money it will cost us and he agrees the road should be fixed right away. Mr. George stated that Chris Johnson had denied engineering the structure for that amount of water. He also commented on how the engineer could plan for all the logs that were stuck in it when it was installed. Commissioner Branch would like to know more about it when the fight is on. Engineer Thomson stated much of the debris did dislodge but additional debris has completely clogged the channel.

Omak Mt Road was closed and will need a lot of work to make it more passable. It will need to dry out before work can be done.

Aeneas Valley Rd is closed by Coco Mt. due to washout as well. There is still too much water to see the extent of the damage and plan repairs. The Forest Service road is gone on the other end as well.

Some of the other roads listed are passable to local traffic only or reduced to single lane. JH Green road is still too muddy for any repairs to take place. Loomis Oroville Rd at the 7 mile mark experienced a mud slide but it is likely resolved this morning. Commissioner Hover asked if all expenses are being tracked. The new effect after April 13 is under the FEMA emergency. Engineer Thomson will find out if the wash outs happening now which are not due to that earlier rain event can be included. Mr. Goodall provided update of the Veranda Beach area issues near Nine Mile that happened on private property. There is significant flooding through private property.

There is a tree hung up on the Tonasket Bridge but it may clear off the pilings if not a contractor will be brought in.

Commissioner DeTro explained Chesaw, Oroville, Malott, and Omak pits. He spoke to the owners and believe those will come up for sale soon and thought the county might be interested as the county does need some long term pits for shoulder. Mr. George stated these are best for crushing long term. These pits, if available now, would be needed into the future as the ones we have now will be dry soon. The cost per yard is still being calculated. Mr. George stated these have CUP’s and the only one permitted is the Omak pit. The Oroville pit was started back in the 70’s and if prioritized the Omak pit we could do without. The necessity is really the Oroville pit and would be priority as it would serve both Oroville and Tonasket areas and into the really long term, could be another Shop site that serves Oroville. Commissioner Hover stated these are good opportunities the county should consider. There is water available in Chesaw and is nice to have both a pit and water close to the area served, stated Commissioner DeTro.

Commissioners thanked Public Works for their update. Commissioner Hover explained a Close Session was needed to go over Union Negotiations.

Motion Closed Session Union Negotiations RCW 42.30.140 (4)(b)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into Closed Session for Union Negotiations at 9:50 a.m. for 15 minutes inviting HR Director Tanya Craig. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners exited closed session at 10:05 a.m. no decisions were made.

Briefing Among Commissioners-Discuss Individual Weekly Meetings & Schedule
Commissioner DeTro explained the North Valley Hospital has shut down the VA clinic in Tonasket due to the non-renewal of the contract with the VA. The Vets will be able to use the Choice program and he thinks it is a better program. He further explained the hospital receives funds for the 852 vets regardless of whether they are seen or not. The Hospital did agree to sit down again to try and renegotiate the program as the decision is not cast in stone.

Commissioner DeTro updated the other commissioners on the meeting Forest Service Ranger held with the Spears on their grazing permits on April 24, 2017. The Spears had received a letter but it did not contain correct information about their lease. Jerry Shultz received a letter too which contained incorrect information as well about their lease. Commissioner DeTro relayed that the meeting did not go very well. The Forest Service did not appear to follow their own guidelines to monitor the permitees where the letter said there were problems. If those are in compliance this year Forest Service will put another letter in their file stating so.

Commissioner Hover updated the board on the LTAC. He stated the LTAC did recommend to the commissioners to extend the 2017 contract into 2018, the DMO would still need to provide an application (not an RFQ) to the LTAC for 2018 funding which the LTAC would recommend an amount to the Commissioners for approval.

Commissioner Branch explained there could be a rub with the contract. He would have said the county would not do this anymore. Commissioner Hover stated LTAC recommends the funding levels and has nothing to do with the subsequent contracts between the county and applicants. The LTAC is concerned about not being involved in the contract.

Motion Intent to Extend DMO 2017 contract for 2018
Commissioner Hover moved to extend the DMO 2017 contract for 2018 after the DMO submits application for 2018 funding. The board discussed developing an RFQ process in 2018 going forward for a three year contract for 2019-2021 after an RFQ process is followed. Commissioner Branch seconded the motion and stated the extension was for the good work OCTC provides and called the question. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Branch explained the board needs to spend some time thinking about the DMO and what changes are needed. The nonprofit was created to do the work and asked why volunteers would come in and compete to do the same thing they have been doing all along as marketing organization for the county. Commissioner Hover stated whoever the Marketing Organization is for the county, every so often it needs to be evaluated. Commissioner Hover explained the county contract with the DMO was $175,000 for 2016. Commissioner Branch said the volunteers are not getting paid at all. The county tourism marketing could be done by the Consulting entity, Earth and Sky. Commissioner Hover stated that OCTC does contract with the entity to do the work so how much are the volunteers actually doing versus what the Consultant is doing as the subcontractor who actually receives most of the funds. Commissioner Branch stated OCTC meets every month for four hours and members do not get paid for that. Commissioner Hover stated he would like OCTC to show their effect so people can see what is changing due to the work they do. The board continued to discuss return on investment and that it is not supposed to be distributed according to where it is collected. The lodging tax should be used to better Okanogan County tourism in general. Commissioner Branch agreed and whether it is fairly distributed between the districts is irrelevant. Commissioner Hover replied there has always been a rub about the Fairgrounds being funded. There are three LTAC applicants who received LTAC money who were using the money to market their event at the fairgrounds. If the LTAC agrees the events are bringing in tourism dollars then the fairgrounds is supporting those venues. The RV park is also paying into the Lodging tax fund. Commissioner Branch said if you are in Oroville, at the end of the line or the beginning of the line it is easy to see they are selling the Methow. If you show marketing of Methow that mentions the rest of the county then that is great. We have to be careful with the interests because people get jealous and one of those members sits on the LTAC and/or on OCTC. There are two things coming up lately it is status and if someone takes over DMO who is from another region of the county there may be trouble. We may have a system that isn’t working anymore and developing an economic development and lodging tax funded way of dealing with tourism might be something to consider. A tourism plan would entail a contractor being paid to develop such a plan. Commissioner Branch explained we should think about a non-profits motivation due to being volunteers and think about each board member and what they do and bring to the table and evaluate their motivation towards marketing that way.

Commissioner Calendar This Week
Thursday Commissioner Hover will be in pre negotiation meetings regarding Union and attending the Fair Advisory Committee meeting on Friday is his regular day in the office.

Wednesday, Commissioner Branch will be in Chelan for Economic Development District and should be back through on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday he will be in Wenatchee for Aging and Adult. He is hoping to catch the WSAC board of Director’s meeting at Sun Mt. Lodging on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. and then Thursday through Friday.

Wednesday, Commissioner DeTro is meeting with FRC in Olympia, couple meetings with individuals regarding marijuana operations.

Director Huston joined the meeting at about 11:20 a.m.
Director Huston explained we need to calculate what it costs the county to process a marijuana operation. Commissioner Hover replied that we could petition the state to create a taxable fee in order to collect revenue for dealing with the operations. The state collects a fee and returns some of the retail tax back to the county. The legislators were trying to change the law so the counties would receive more revenue on the operations side of things. Commissioner Branch explained we should be working with our legislators on this.

Discussion Disaster Recovery Funds – Mike Worden
Mr. Worden explained that the current biennium state budget awarded Okanogan County $1.85 million for Emergency Communications infrastructure. The county has used just over half of that and requested our legislators extend to include the rest in the new state budget so the county can complete the project. The County requires reallocation of at least $951,000 to complete the project that was originally funded. He explained his concern that Senate Bill 5048 provides the $1.85 to Okanogan and Ferry Counties while the House Bill 1067 had $951,000 but now that amount is no longer in HB1067. It looks like the $1.85 million noted in the SB5048 is moving forward under a new contract if it stays in the budget.

Mr. Worden wrote a letter to the 7th and 12th district to request extension of the funding into the next biennium. He also contacted our lobbyist Jim Potts Assoc. to work on this. The balance we have currently is on the table. Bids are going out for the purchase a snow cat, pickup, and trailer as well as other items to maintain our situation.

If the $1.85 million is funding he would like to use the surplus funds for a communications center. He needs more space, as does IT and the original idea was to build an IT, communications and emergency operations center. Director Huston stated those spaces were laid out at some point and wondered where those plans were. Mr. Worden replied those were wild guesses and asked who should be making those plans. Is he really the one? Commissioner Hover replied he could find other similar counties who built a center and see if they would provide some information. Mr. Worden stated Kitsap and Grant counties have been contacted on costs and size. He’s been doing that all along. Director Huston asked which departments would be involved and how those would be orchestrated for presentation and analysis. The new commissioners may not have reviewed the previous materials submitted for the project it might be good for them to see if first. The Clerk of the Board believes the Capital Improvement Plan does not provide much improvement detail for the Communications center and recommended it be updated. Mr. Worden stated it looks like an opportunity to consider for a facility and completion of the project and not need as many local dollars. We will need to see what happens. Commissioner Branch asked if everything has been captured in one place for him to bring to legislators. Mr. Worden said yes it is articulated in his letter to legislators. (attached) Mr. Worden explained how the award is receipted. He thanked the board for the time.

Commissioners adjourned for lunch.

1:35 p.m. Isabelle Spohn and Jan Young, members of the public taking notes on their computers.

Update-Planning - Perry Huston
Planner Char Schumacher, Building Official Dan Higbee

Planning Department Study Session

Director Huston provided his land use Application Status Report. (attached) There are only two active subdivision applications at this point. Commissioner Hover stated it appears there is quite a bit of activity that is good. Director Huston has not seen much out of Veranda Beach in terms of development. Commissioner Hover asked Mr. Higbee if borders have been moved around to allow Larry Surface to cover the Methow where he actually lives. Mr. Higbee stated yes.

Communications Project
Continued funding
Mike Worden came earlier to discuss with the board.

OCC 20 Update
Water Availability Study Area
Water availability was discussed where there is information that shows a problem with water or a lack of information. A presentation was provided of the study areas in order to frame the potential buildable lands put before the board for analysis. Commissioner Hover asked if it is directed to subdivisions. Director Huston stated yes.

Commissioner DeTro arrived at 1:40 p.m. as he thought Public Health meeting was today.

RCW 19.27.097 was discussed, item 2. RCW 58.17.110 approval or disapproval of subdivisions and dedication under which is the banner where Okanogan county is planning whether water is available or not. Upper and lower Tunk creek WRIA 49 HUC 12 was discussed. There are 20 well logs for lower Tunk creek and 137 for upper Tunk creek which may or may not be duplicated logs. Commissioner Hover asked about 1976 instream flow rules being adopted, so wells that are preexisting 1976 are senior water wells in WRIA 49 & 48. Yes, that is what is being interpreted and those have first right, but do not necessarily have water rights, but are senior. It is not known whether these fall under that or not. The breakout was discussed on parcel ownership. Our zoning on reservation was shown and is a holding zone which we may lay proposals against with what the Colville’s have in place. Those are taken into account when in the boundaries of the reservation. Developed parcels were shown based upon the assessor’s data. 176 private developed, 425 private undeveloped etc…Water usage calculations were discussed.

The process for moratoria falls under RCW 36.70.795. Commissioner Hover asked with a moratorium the result is to always stop a decision so it can be reviewed or considered further. Interim zoning controls are a step further with the assumption to adopt the rules in the future. Director Huston stated with adopting interim controls there is already an idea of what to adopt.

OCC 17A.400.120 overlays water availability study areas for special Provisions regarding subdivisions. Water availability was discussed. New language “No application will be accepted” gets us away from “no application will be approved” language as that gave the assumption that they could have their day in court. Public purpose segregation would still be allowed. Director Huston further discussed those special provisions regarding subdivisions. Commissioner Hover asked if there was language for credits from established water banks in there. It can be added and would be a good one. If the bank was set up per WRIA originated somewhere else and depends on how the bank is set up. Those that are converted already could be relatively easier to process. The wording won’t hurt. Commissioner Hover would like to have a plan in place for the different areas that shows water availability.

This conversation purpose is not to close the door on the basin without any rationale, stated Commissioner Branch. In six months the interim control requires a hearing to consider extending the interim control. In order to put any permanent controls in place it would need to be remanded to the Planning commission and reviewed. There have been a number of cases where a moratorium is rolled over and kept in place without consideration which have been litigated. Within the interim period we would study the situation which could lend its self to independent measures for that particular area.

Commissioner Hover stated water is a finite resource. Commissioner DeTro stated water isn’t where you want it, it is where you find it. If we embark on this and Legislation is passed then how will that affect our interim controls? Commissioner Hover stated it is an interim control and would provide, by basin, how the county deals with water. The downside is the board has a lot on their plate right now with floods after the fires, we might be shoving ourselves in to a moratorium just because we don’t have time to finish. What is the off ramp for interim controls, Commissioner Branch stated we simply lift it. The responsible thing to do with a bunch of decisions is take a look at it. The escape route we can adopt the text to adopt a water availability study and actual designation of water availability study area. Or in the end adopt the water availability study area in our code and at some point the board would discuss ,they could then repeal the ordinance.

The action today would be to direct Director Huston to prepare enabling documents to create interim controls and language to designate study area with instructions to set a public hearing within 60 days to discuss interim controls and remand to Planning Commissioner at public hearing.

Motion Direct Staff to draft Enabling Documents
Commissioner Branch moved to direct Director Huston to prepare the enabling documents for consideration as explained above. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

VSP Update

Administrative Officer Study Session

Fairgrounds Rental Agreements
Fee Schedule
Tanya Craig, Josh Freel, Kim Spivey, Dan Higbee, Albert Lin, members of the public Isabelle Spohn, Jan Young.

It was explained that fairground rental agreements are not getting approved timely due to certain people needing to sign off first. The Fairgrounds Manager should cut the deal with the renter, then have an agreement in hand which the vendor would then go get their insurance and other requirements handled. The contract would need to be reviewed by Risk Manager at some point to ensure proper insurance is provided. Commissioner Hover stated he would like to have a weekly update of who is renting and when. He would like to look at the rental rates of the fairgrounds to ensure they are working. It would make holding the line easier if something in writing was provided. If we create an opportunity to stray from the cost then build it into the fee schedule. If it is a matter of negotiation then it becomes a gifting of public funds. A consistent policy must be addressed for security as well. We are waiving some costs for some but not for others. Security alternatives were discussed for events that require it. Tanya Craig explained if we chose to have no requirement for security, then the insurance policy covers that, the problem is that the language in the contract requires security. She further explained that a vendor has hired their own security for their event, that security outfit is insured and bonded. The waiving of security for certain groups without a reason should then be applied fairly for all. A policy naming the county at $1 million per occurrence is required. Right now it is both security and insurance. The county doesn’t make it that difficult. Commissioners asked why we ask for security? The security offers some controls for potential drinking, driving, and altercations. The security is supposed to mitigate and keep an eye on the activities. The Sheriff would be called for any of those concerns. Commissioner Hover stated if we can get the $1 million insurance for the event the security would be included in the cost. Ms. Craig replied we are covered under our own insurance but we cannot pay for someone else’s insurance and that takes away from the responsibility of the renter. Director Huston stated the challenge is that the renter doesn’t want a uniformed security person at their event. Mr. Freel stated the upcoming wedding would have to pay around $800 for security due to the wedding being on a holiday weekend. Commissioner Hover just wants to make it simpler with a package deal. Commissioner Branch asked if the vendor could provide their own security. It has been the basis for the waivers, stated Director Huston. Commissioner Branch stated other events provide their own security. Director Huston replied there is a difference when it is on private property versus public property. His point is that we are not consistently applying our rules.

The fee schedule should be reviewed and establish consistent rates. Figure out what is needed to recover costs then figure out what the fee is. Commissioner Hover would also like to address situations like when the 4H uses their 4H building during an event. How does a group then claim free use of a county building like that. How would the county address the Little Red Barn which was paid for by the Cattlewomen, which the county pays insurance on. There is an agreement in place with the cattlewomen and County for the Little Red Barn. Director Huston replied it could be an exit item of the State Auditor and that will be part of the discussion tomorrow. Commissioner DeTro stated he won’t be able to attend the entrance conference due to an appointment he cannot get out of. Director Huston recapped how the contracts will be signed off by Josh Freel once Risk Manager Tanya Craig signs off on the insurance requirement.

Mr. Freel asked if there should not be an option to come to the commissioners for a reduced price. The commissioners do not wish to be asked to waiver any of the fees. Commissioner Hover stated we will need to contact our customers about our adjusted fee schedule and help them understand it is our fee schedule end of story. The Clerk of the Board mentioned that another reason for waiver has been because the grounds were not prepared to the renters expectations, bathrooms dirty and areas not cleaned. Mr. Freel stated in the time he has been there the grounds have not been as dirty as people say they are. Volunteers also have a cost to the county due to the county paying L&I for all those volunteer hours. Commissioner Branch stated our level of service will need to be articulated and if anything beyond that is requested then that will be a charge.

Should there be created two fee schedules then, one with alcohol and one without. Commissioners believe we will have our own security there. Ms. Craig will consult with the Sheriff to see if any of the deputies would be willing to “moonlight” during events. Our fee would include those costs to provide the security for those alcoholic events.

Kim Spivey asked if the fairgrounds would be required to find the appropriate security, yes. Those hired for security would need to be licensed through the state. Ms. Craig stated when an event has hired someone to serve alcohol they have to have their own insurance policy and the event party would also be required to have insurance.

Fairgrounds Grandstands Update
Director Huston stated we won’t be able to get away from the design on the slab but we could pay Public Works to do that. We already have an architect RFQ process, but we haven’t identified funds. It was thought to use the Capital Improvements fund. Commissioner Hover stated if the design for the slab included a place for someone to put their lawn chairs as well as bleachers. The bleachers could be versatile and moveable. Mr. Freel stated the bleachers on the grounds have been moved around so much they are beginning to break down and they were not meant to be moveable.

Director Huston iterated that the slab would accommodate moveable bleachers. A cover could come later. The bleachers would need to be ADA accessible in accordance with the grant with Dept. of Agriculture. Areas where wheelchairs can go would provide versatility. It is a race to the finish line and he would need to work with Josh Freel to get this done in time. Commissioners would like to get the design for the slab underway. The statute requires plans and specifications. The commissioners discussed Public Works Engineer Thomson providing the design specs.

Josh Freel stated the lease is up on the Tractor at the fairgrounds and it cannot be purchased. He asked if we could buy it but we would not get any of the reductions that normally would come with it.

Mr. Freel stated the currant tractor is actually too small and he suggested leasing a bigger one and asked if we should just purchase a tractor? Purchase over time is a debt in the eyes of the Auditor.

Christian Johnson, Planner and member of the public arrived at 3:30 p.m. to discuss an issue.

OCC 17A 290
Cannabis Operations
Growers vs Processing
The state has made a change in their rule which allows processing and producing under the same license. Director Huston explained how this is affected in our zone code. As applicants are coming in we require them to apply for a Conditional Use Permit. Commissioner Hover asked what that consists of and is it well laid out. Director Huston suggested some adjustments to provide a better laid out process.

Dan Higbee explained the extraction processes being used for marijuana. The state put out a new chapter in the code for extraction processes. Do those affect the conditional use process? Director Huston has not done a round robin of the counties dealing with this issue. He and Mr. Higbee may look into that and see what they are doing for the code requirements.

Commissioner Hover doesn’t think growing pot in a residential area is good. Commissioner DeTro stated he is dealing with one in his area who is expanding from another area. Mr. Higbee stated the majority are not permitted. Director Huston stated some are in enforcement actions right now. You are vested in the site you are on and that cannot be picked up and placed on another property. So far no CUP’s have been issued for marijuana operations for growing, stated Director Huston. He is dealing with whether folks are legal preexisting or not. In the beginning it was treated like other agriculture which could basically be just about anywhere.

Nightly Rentals
Director Huston discussed the memo he provided to the board which provided updated information on Nightly rentals and his suggestion that it fall under business and regulation part of the code. (attached) Commissioners would like Director Huston to prepare it to be removed from OCC 17A Zoning and place it in OCC 5 Business License and Regulation part of the code.

Two questions arise for Nightly Rentals; one is the amortization schedule of January 1, 2021. The other is legal preexisting use being amortized which affects 12 parties in the sunset clause.

Tonasket EMS Update
The contract with Life Line is being drafted and is not complete at this time.

Commissioners asked Mr. Johnson what he was here to discuss.

Christian Johnson explained he was here to discuss the Upper Beaver Creek situation that happened last Thursday when it rained about 6-7 inches. There are log jams up there and causing the creek to jump its course. A large section of county road washed out near Balky Hill. The Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery, his group, did go out there to evaluate. He intends to do some more work. The survey showed there were 4-5 log jams above which are cause for concern later on. He is working to protect their fish infrastructure but the county has dumped some rock and has not communicated that. Commissioner Hover asked if our engineer has communicated the project issues. Mr. Johnson replied they did discus on Friday, but not prior. Commissioner Hover asked what the specs were for the project that failed. Mr. Johnson replied it was designed for the 100 year flood and built to code with specs provided to the county. He said it was done right; he is proud of it. He said it was disheartening when he heard from the county road crew say that he had just bought themselves a road. Engineer Thomson was communicative when he came out, but the county did nothing to protect its road. UCSR never asked the county to deal with the issue. It was never brought to his attention that there was an issue with that project in design. Commissioner Hover stated personally he feels that Mr. Johnson has to find the funding through UCSRB RCO and those involved. Mr. Johnson stated he is doing what he can to find the funding, but it is a county road. He is doing his share but doesn’t expect to get funding to fix the county road. If the county says we need larger culverts under the road he can help with that. Commissioner DeTro stated we have to consider the consensus of the whole county and he doesn’t think those in North County would be happy to foot the bill for salmon restoration. Mr. Johnson stated if UCSR did pay for it he would guarantee it would wash out again. The log jams piled up on their location and caused the water to come down over the road. But there are other log jams above too. The barbed wire fence made the channel go where it did over the county road. Commissioner Hover replied that he is on the UCSRB and will tell them that if these projects are to continue to move forward in Okanogan County mitigation dollars need to be identified. Mr. Johnson stated if the county had acted on Friday it would not have taken out the road. The road crew was there at 9:00 a.m. but they just sat there on the lunch pail. Commissioner Branch concluded that we have more to learn about funding sources and suggested that we not jump to conclusions on this troubling matter. He is not willing to throw the blame out there until we know more.

Mr. Johnson replied he has a lot of information to offer up for the discussion.

Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(g)(i)
(g) Evaluation of qualifications/Performance
(i) Litigation

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(g)(i)
Commissioner Branch moved to go into executive session at 4:20 p.m. for 20 minutes inviting Clerk of the Board Lanie Johns, Perry Huston, and Albert Lin to discuss evaluation of public employee, and potential litigation. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners exited executive session at 4:40 p.m.

Motion - Voucher Approval - Commissioners
Vouchers certified and audited by the Auditing Officer as required by RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090 have been recorded on a list, and made available to the Board. As of this date, the Board did vote, by unanimous vote, to approve the CE vouchers in the amount of $442,622.12. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion seconded and carried.

Motion Public Health Voucher
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the Public Health Vouchers warrant numbers recorded on a list in the amount of $3,865.07. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.
Commissioners discussed a petition to reduce the transition speed limit on a certain road Lost River Road past the Mazama Store west.

Review Meeting Minutes
Commissioners reviewed the meeting minutes.

Commissioner Branch adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.