May 22, 2017

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on May 22, 2017 with Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board present.

Commissioner Andy Hover attending to Union Negotiations with HR Director.

Commissioner Branch opened session at 9:05 AM

Member of the public Jan Young arrived about 9:00 a.m to take notes on her computer.

Director Huston briefly updated the board on a Festival Permit and a Cannabis Farm his office was processing. He explained some concerns about both.

The Clerk of the Board provided the cost comparison for the two legal newspaper bids Sound Publishing Gazette Tribune-Methow Valley and Omak Chronicle. (attached) Her recommendation was based on cost in favor of awarding to Sound Publishing.

Commissioner Branch and Hover discussed the Trademark of Okanogan County Tourism Council (OCTC) for Okanogan Country. Commissioner Hover heard that the Radio Station actually created the brand. Commissioner Branch asked if OCTC provided proof to the County that they registered & copy righted the brand. The Clerk of the Board stated she believed the previous Clerk working on the LTAC researched that and then Albert Lin also researched and there was nothing found to indicate that it was. Commissioner Hover stated he has nothing against OCTC or what they do. Commissioner Branch explained some of the rub between TOTA and Route 97 and OCTC. He said they were afraid of losing in light of BC tourism. Commissioner Hover stated the LTAC would like the OCTC to publish an RFQ/RFP for MasterTourism Marketing Plan Consultant services. The carry over might be used for this. The concern brought up was that if somebody is drafting the RFP that is framed everyone would come back with the same thing. It doesn’t matter who gives a proposal whatever is submitted would be different than what we have. Commissioner Branch stated there are many companies that specialize in this. The board believed that was a good idea. Commissioner Branch stated he has associated with the OCTC for many years, but the big rub is they use the same contractor time after time.

Albert Lin arrived at 9:45 a.m.

Executive Session RCW 43.30.110 (1) (i)
Commissioner Branch moved to go into executive session at 10:15 a.m. for 20 minutes inviting Albert Lin and Perry Huston to discuss with legal counsel potential litigation, matters to which the county may be a party. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Executive session ended at 10:35 a.m. no decisions were made.

Review Consent Agenda
Commissioners reviewed the consent agenda items.

Scheduled Executive Session RCW 42.30.110(g)
Will be rescheduled to another date due to Union Negotiations today.

Briefing Among Commissioners –Discuss Individual Weekly Meetings & Schedule
Commissioner DeTro will attend the NACo WIR conference in Sun River Oregon on May 24-25.

Discussion -Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board (UCSRB)
Appointments Okanogan Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)
Char Schumacher & Joy Juelson and Pete Teigan

Ms. Juelson introduced herself. She welcomed Commissioner Branch to the commission. Mr. Pete Teigan provided handouts. (Attached) He explained the UCSRB wrote a letter requesting the commissioners to review the nominees to the Okanogan Citizens Advisory Committee. There are two positions open.

Commissioner Hover currently sits on the UCSRB. Ms. Juelson provided some context about the process for nominee selection for the CAC. The committee has been around since 2000 and is part of the Salmon recovery act since 1998 in keen on keeping the process local. Once the commissioners make their selection there is another selection process which finally chooses the nominee. Ms. Juelson showed the open positions listed in the letter that were vacated by Jerry Barns and Dale Swedberg. UCSRB keeps the committee at seven members and when membership falls below that they request nominations. She explained the action group participation. She is the lead entity coordinator.

She discussed the listed requirements that come out of the statutes and representations the group is interested in. Specifically they are looking for people from the Okanogan Sub basin and one from the Methow or Okanogan areas. They would like the commissioners to select a couple back up names in the event the first choice cannot serve. She explained how the information is distributed during the process.

Ms. Juelson provided the letters of nominations within the packet. Commissioner Branch asked whether someone was nominated outside of the process. If they did not get appointed she would not know about it. Commissioner Branch asked if there is a nominee who is a spouse of another. Ms. Juelson stated there is no policy around that. She stated in the past the nominees are selected by the time UCSRB meets. Would the commissioners be able to provide their nominees today? Commissioner Hover is attending Union Negotiations today, but might be able to make a selection tomorrow in time for the UCSRB Thursday May 25 meeting.

The group thanked the board for their time and hoped to hear from them about their selection for the Board. Ms. Schumacher will relay the nominations to the group once the commissioners make their choices.

The commissioners adjourned for lunch at about 12:00 p.m.

Commissioners Branch and Hover returned from Lunch at 1:30 p.m.

Isabelle Spohn, member of the public arrived at about 1:35 p.m to take notes on her computer.

Update-Planning-Perry Huston Ted Murry–Discussion Colville Tribes Partnering RE Comprehensive Plan-Connie Davisson, CCT Planning; Frank Andrews, CCT Planning; Kevin Rosenbaun, CCT; Henry Hicks, CCT Parks & Rec Manager; & John Graham

Ms. Davission updated the board on their comprehensive plan. Ms. Davission is the Tribes grants development specialist. The Tribe is starting a plan to update their recreation plan. The plan was intended to be a 10 year plan but it is out of date now. The RCO has provided assistance for the update and the Tribe plans to apply for grants. Currently CCT has two projects; one is the Keller boat launch and the other is the Keller park. Both will use grant fund. It was explained that there is a required 50% match with in-kind and community funds going towards that as well as funds from the settlement for natural resources for the boat launch. The 1946 Keller Park has some match requirements too. It was conveyed to the tribe in 1970 and hasn’t had any upgrades since then.
Ms. Davisson is limited on boundary lines and jurisdictions and wondered if anyone else in the county would partner with the Tribe to meet on common needs. She met May 11 with Ferry County and they were interested in partnering on some projects and the Tribe will continue with that. They wondered if Okanogan County would also be interested. Coulee Dam has offered some support too. Another thing being considered is Eco Tourism and the development of a scenic loop. Partnering with Route 97 would help develop a loop to attract more people into the area to revive it. Ms. Davisson explained one cooperative plan is the Columbia Counties plan which could provide a stronger front. Cooperative agreements are the mechanism for that. Language is being drafted for agencies use. She has developed some guidelines for a 6-7 month timeline with her actual deadline being May 3, 2018, so there is some time. However, her timeline for agencies cooperative agreements would need to be complete by October 2017. Ms. Davisson asked if there were any questions about needs that are not being met. Commissioner Branch asked if the Tribe had read our plan, as Ted Murray had provided the spirit of it in our Comprehensive Recreation plan. Ms. Davisson asked if there were any maintenance issues with our recreation areas. Partnerships were discussed with Mr. Andrews. He stated communities met with him and prioritized their three top priorities to narrow them down. He said Ferry County is creating their list. The Cooperative plans are separate. All entities would provide a needs assessment, then the core group would consisting of a core team of partnering representatives would look at the needs analysis then identify by community and through that process identify common priorities. Additionally, they are looking for funding to make it all happen. Once the grant funding is awarded there is future maintenance and staffing needs that must be identified and future funds allocated. Commissioner Branch discussed a vetting process. Mr. Andrews replied they are trying to get Nespelem, Omak, and Keller with their own priorities. There will be outreach to communities to spread the ideas and to find out what the top five are. They want to make sure through their survey process that people are represented from everywhere. They will put forth a lot of effort in that process. Commissioner Branch thought it good to work toward a cooperative agreement. Commissioner Hover asked what is specifically needed, is it funding, technical support or something else? Commissioner Branch stated initially there hasn’t been an effort to include the reservation in our comprehensive planning so it isn’t clear how this will work into it. He said it was a good time to start including it in the other parts of the county and the only way to do that is to work together. There are citizens in both areas and people wish to visit both. Ms. Davisson explained now is the right time as the tribe wants to diversify. Mr. Andrews stated the initial plan match dollars of 25% to 50% and some could be in-kind or in the form of technical support but then if funding is realized match money would be needed to for the actual project. The Regional Conservation Office for smaller counties has dropped those in-kind contributions to 10%. The need is to provide a place for activities such as shooting range archery range. Ms. Davisson stated a development agreement in the form of an MOU which is the foundation for developing a recreation plan among the agencies would start the ball rolling.

A 501 c3 nonprofit which is designated to small towns can realize additional funding, that would good too.

There will be a sensor to determine savings on fuel and emissions incorporated into the project. Commissioner Branch is looking forward to forming an agreement so they can serve the entire county better. Ms. Davisson would like to send the commissioners email copies of the current plan and the cooperative plan and the time schedule. She asked for feedback. She will be coordinating the project.

Director Huston reminded the board that the county lacked budget over all of that. We do not have one person to deal with our Parks and Recreation areas. This is what Ms. Davisson is looking at and one thing the county really needs. He introduced the county recreational infrastructure but if we do not have all the amenities to capture the dollars then we haven’t really done what we need to to connect the ties. Ms. Davisson stated the Tribe has really stepped up to develop tourism and marketing of those loops and engage entrepreneurs. For example, Roofus Woods fishing area is developing an RV park for people to be able to camp.

Mr. Andrews stated the Tribe is also looking at their Comp Plan. They are having a system that would allow all programs to be placed in one system. Reservation statistics currently are not in one place for baseline to measure successes in nature to determine and quantify the data. Ms. Davisson will forward to the commissioner an invitation to the forum that is on Thursday, May 25 in Nespelem.

The commissioners thanked the group for their time and appreciated the information provided.

Motion Closed Session RCW 42.30.140(4)(b)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into Closed Session at 2:00 p.m. for 10 minutes to discuss Union Negotiations status with the other commissioners. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners exited closed session at 2:10 p.m.

Comp Plan
Director Huston explained some of the earlier iterations of the Comprehensive Plan and objectives for review. He discussed those drafts in regards to on site specific reviews on density and water availability. The Planning Commissioner has expressed appreciation for some line of direction on the things the commissioners are interested or not interested in. Director Huston stated the fair amount of the 2012 draft included a lot of what the Planning Commission did. The question is how does the board wish to proceed, sit down and create general direction or at least consider how much guidance they wish to send back to the director. Commissioner Branch would like to meet as the board to go over. He will be looking for orders on how to put the Comp Plan back in order. Commissioner Branch is looking for efficiencies.

Shoreline Master Program
Mr. Jordan and Mr. Graff met with Director Huston to go through some changes they wanted to suggest. We have that from Leonard, so if the board could go over those things on June 6 before Leonard comes on June 14. The purpose of the board meeting on the 6th would be to go over the items to tidy them up prior to the June 14th meeting.

Commissioner Branch would be contacting DNR to discuss the county roads which the board wished to open for WATV use to get their buy-in.

Commissioner Hover asked if the Department of Ecology has been contacted to learn what their role is. Sage Park is the person to contact there as she is the central office director. Director Huston will make that outreach to her. Commissioner

Critical Areas Ordinance Director
Director Huston asked how the board would like to work up a draft for the Planning Commission or provide them a list of issues they would like reviewed. He listed several areas such as 1) Aquifer recharge, a) septic’s, b) other contamination; 2) Wildfire, a) human presence, b) structures to defend; 3) steep slopes, a) structures; 4) Frequently Flooded Areas, a) structures; 5) Habitat. Commissioner Hover stated the CAO when first came out was a good draft but he is not sure how to send it off to the Planning Commission. Commissioner Branch would like to run his finger over it to see if there are any items that jump out. Director Huston stated #1 above did need to be sent back with specific direction to the Planning Commission. #2 has also had some discussion as a critical areas or Shoreline. This might be addressed by DNR through its fire wise discussions with their new Commissioner of Public Lands. Director Huston stated some preparation of those things in mind will be drafted for consideration.

Director Huston explained a resolution was drafted to acknowledge Ashley Thrasher appointment to the Methow Watershed Council. He explained the process for candidate appointment. The other initiating governments have sent in letters in support of the appointment. Commissioner Branch would like Commissioner Hover input before approval since it is in the Methow area. Commissioner Branch and DeTro reviewed the draft.

Mr. Waterstrat has been working with the Planning Department to create a Lake Management District on Lake Osoyoos. There has been a level of support gathered for this proposal. There is an election for association but it is not tied to a specific election. Director Huston explained a public hearing would be held where areas could be removed but no areas added. Veranda Beach already has an assessment so they are excluded. Director Huston provided the documents received regarding the intention of the proposal and letter of support for creation of the district. A grant was awarded by Ecology in conjunction with the county Noxious weed dept. for the control of lake noxious weeds watermilfoil but that funding is gone now and so to maintain the control the creation of the district and assessment will allow that to continue. This will be addressed at a later date.

Planning Budget
Director Huston discussed needed budget for the purchase of a wide format plotter. Director Huston stated he was more inclined to request the budget adjustment rather than allow the amended budget to go into a negative line item number. He would like to initiate the purchase of the new plotter. Director Huston discussed the amendments to his budget for legal fees. He is monitoring that as well as the travel line because mileage for Planning Commission members comes from that.

Fair Bathroom
Construction is commencing at the fairgrounds under Josh Freel’s hands. Director Huston will pass the files he has on to the Clerk of the Board in preparation of the Close out of the Dept. of Ag Grant.

Motion Closed Session RCW 42.30.140(4)(b)
Commissioner Branch moved to go into Close Session to discuss Union Negotiations at 3:20 p.m. for three minutes. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners exited closed session at 3:23 p.m.

A letter to the funding agency was recommended to be sent to the Department of Agriculture regarding the project. The Clerk of the Board will draft that letter to Dept. of Ag. A letter would be needed to let the architect know the project has died for lack of funds and time. Director Huston will draft the letter to Cortner.

Director Huston will put together a white paper to go over the MWC and integrated management plan and watershed plan.

Commissioner Branch brought up the airport zoning. Director Huston stated the idea would be to take each airport one at a time. The comp plan supports those efforts. There is text in the zone code and the missing pieces are the identified individual zones. He will send out a note to city planners etc.. to let them know we are firing it back up and request they send their proposals in.

That completed the Director’s agenda.

The Commissioners reviewed the names for nomination to the UCSRB and discussed the individuals’ qualifications.

Motion Resolution 86-2017 Ashley Thrasher Watershed Council
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 86-2017 recommending Ashley Thrasher to the Watershed Council. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Tentative Discussion Ballot Boxes-Auditor Laurie Thomas Cancelled

Review Meeting Minutes

Commissioner Branch adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.