May 2, 2017

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on May 2, 2017 with Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board present.

Commissioner Hover absent due to attending Union Negotiations with Tanya Craig and Debi Hilts.

Member of the public Emily Sisson taking notes arrived at 8:55 a.m.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
Albert Lin, Josh Freel, Perry Huston, Kim Spiven, new Administrative office helper for Fairgrounds

Josh Freel stated he received a Wheel Chair accessibility request from the Kiwanis to provide a ramp from the art barn to the Berg Pavilion. Commissioners would like to contact the Fair Advisory Board to discuss this request with them.

Mr. Freel explained Bob Buchanan pulled into the fairgrounds this week and asked to be a camp host. He is a snowbird and leaves in the winter but enjoys it here during the summer months. He appears to have experience. He said he would be there through the weekends. There would be an exchange of services for camping. Director Huston can draft something to fit to the needs. Albert Lin also provided a draft to begin revising for the purpose. Tanya Craig will need to be involved to ensure indemnification language is appropriate.

Mr. Freel explained some of the antique implements have been positioned at the fairgrounds for display. The railroad crossing timbers are breaking apart and the Railroad was contacted and they said it is our responsibility to replace the timbers. It is a revocable permit crossing. The cost will be around $5000. Commissioner DeTro stated it should be considered in next year’s budget. The timbers run parallel with the tracks.

Albert Lin discussed resolution 78-2000 and how those requirements would be followed in terms of the County bid policy. Commissioner Branch suggested a notice be published in the legal newspaper for camp host in order to receive letters of interest by a certain date from which the county would choose the best qualified person to serve as camp host.

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (i)
Commissioner Branch moved to go into executive session at 9:35 a.m. to discuss potential litigation for 20 minutes inviting Albert Lin and Perry Huston. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners announce at 9:55 another 20 minutes was needed.

CANCELLED Update Human Resources/Risk Management-Tanya Craig/Debi Hilts

Discussion Kiwanis Request for Fairgrounds
Scott Furman, Charleen Groomes, Josh Freel

Clerk Groomes explained the Kiwanis is looking for a project that helps kids and the community. She listed the projects Kiwanis has helped with around the community over the years. They would like to put an asphalt pathway by the Crafts building all the way down to the pig barn Berg Pavilion for strollers and wheel chairs. They are not sure what the width of the path would be. They contacted Josh Freel to discuss the project with him. This is the initial discussion, stated Scott Furman. They have a member who uses a wheel chair and initially made the suggestion to the group. The group isn’t looking for Fairgrounds to actually do the work. Josh Freel thinks it is a wonderful idea. Commissioner DeTro explained that some of the area is where much of the judging takes place for sheep and cattle so the logistics would need to be worked out in order to not affect that in a negative way.

Josh Freel suggested a course of action so there is a pathway up to the pavement to the horse barns. Scott Furman will discuss this idea with the Fair Advisory Board and then move forward with a quote. Director Huston mentioned Title 35 where provisions for Cities and Counties to partner with private entities for projects to avoid bid laws. Commissioner Branch stated this is the initial phase so modifications could be discussed.

Commissioners were informed of the letter received regarding the Fairgrounds Grandstand project from DAHP who commented on the Grandstand project. (attached) The commissioners suggested the county consult with the Tribe on the proposed demolition and construction of the new Grandstand. The DAHP letter also suggested the county send photos in along with information to them as the Grandstands are eligible for the Washington State Department National Register of Historic Places. Commissioner Branch will meet with a tribal member on the cultural DAHP

CANCELLED Update- Sheriff’s Office

Update Public Works-Josh Thompson/Ben Rough
Josh Thomson, Char Schumacher, Perry Huston

Commissioner DeTro stated he would like Public Works to contact the Spears as they are having an issue with water and they would like to do some rip rap to save their property. WDFW emergency HPA would be needed for that.
Char Schumacher was contacted too. Albert Lin said that our emergency declaration resolution includes public and private property.

Ms. Schumacher stated she is in the process and had contact with DNR and Army Corp regarding the Emergency HPA and she would be issuing the JARPA so another resident property owner Rick and Valerie Braman can replace their bridge on their private property as there was a washout.

Engineer Thomson provided his agenda.

Emergency Road conditions and closures were discussed. Loup Loup Canyon road is worsening. Peter Dan Road can be provided some funding since it is on BIA and could be eligible for 100% funding. It is all reimbursable but could take a year or more to get back. He will find out more. If it was guaranteed to be reimbursed the county could pay for the project but would need to know for sure the funds would be reimbursed. Omak Lake Road is passable but permanent repairs are still required.

Flood Damage cost tracking FEMA, PDA, IRFO on Reservation
There is about $850,000 worth of damages and is eligible for some projects due to emergency road conditions and closures. There are 63 roads with damages within the county. FEMA covers some and the state can cover a portion too with about 87.5% being covered. This figure doesn’t include the Peter Dan Road repairs which would be much higher at about $2 million dollars.

SR 20 Update
Engineer Thomson updated the board on the SR 20 issues.

Chip seal Program
Engineer Thomson updated the board on the chipseal program and overlay project on Conconully Rd.

Road Crew Update
Engineer Thomson updated the board on the road crew.

Discussion Budget Direction-Cari Hall
Cari Hall came in for further direction from the board on several issues. She discussed with Commissioner DeTro and Branch several Jail budget supplementals she had received and the idea of readopting the county budget at the departmental fund level. She hoped that Commissioner Hover had previously updated them about the Jail budgetary needs and about revising the readopting the county budget at the departmental fund level. She stated she was holding back the supplemental appropriations until she received further direction from the board as to whether or not they were going to readopt the county budget at the department level. She wouldn’t need to go forward with the individual supplementals if that happened. Commissioner Branch and Commissioner DeTro provided her direction to go ahead and begin the process. There will need to be a cutoff time established for departments so the process can happen without supplementals in the hopper. Commissioners DeTro and Branch will discuss this further with Commissioner Hover this afternoon.

Commissioner Hover attended the Citizens comment period.

Citizens Comment Period
Leigh Thomas commented that he has an issue with JH Green Road which is in bad shape. Residents have to walk their children down a stretch of road to get to the bus. He personally has pulled a dozen people out who have gotten stuck. Up until now the Tonasket Road crew would do minimum road maintenance and then refused to do any beyond that. Now he is told by Engineer Josh Thomson that the county is no longer going to spend money on that road. Commissioner DeTro clarified that the request was to have a huge amount of gravel hauled up to the bad spot. Commissioner Hover has to drive an extra hour because the Loup Loup is closed. This is an extraordinary situation this year. Mr. Thomson’s just wants to know the road is not being abandoned by the county. Commissioner Hover asked if it is because of washouts or mud accumulation. Some are land locked and cannot get out either direction. The problem with the road is that no one has done anything with the road in 10 years. Commissioner DeTro stated it was a primitive road and receives minimum maintenance. Photos and a white paper of the issues listed by the residents were provided. Chiwilican Valley road got graded this year, but the residents asked Engineer Thomson why not go a little bit further so the residents could be helped.

Omak road crew does maintain to a certain point, but goes no farther. There is building development happening with building materials being hauled in and it is unknown whether they are able to reach the site. There is no designated rock stores in the area to haul from, Commissioner DeTro stated. The road appears to need to be reshaped. A portion of the road was previously raised up near the lake in order to install a culvert so the water drained into the lake rather than over the road. The portion of road that is a concern appears to be lower than the ditches on each side. They understand this issue won’t be fixed tomorrow, but they do not wish to be abandoned as was the impression when they spoke to Engineer Thomson. There are approximately 15 mailboxes, but there were about 4-5 burned out by the fire, however there are many rebuilding too.

Commissioner Hover asked if Public Works could attend a meeting to discuss this further. He would be interested in knowing what the maintenance schedule is for this particular road.

Commissioner Hover discussed the county approving a budget resolution which would readopt the 2017 budget at the department fund level. The clerk will advertise the Public Hearing accordingly.

Public Hearing Supplemental Appropriation-Fairgrounds Facilities Budget
Director Huston

Commissioner DeTro opened the hearing up to the staff. Director Huston provided his report stated the supplemental provides funding from Lodging Tax fund 126 to the Fairgrounds fund 127 so that the Bathroom project line item has enough budget to complete the project. Commissioner DeTro closed staff and opened up to the public hearing no one who wished to comment he closed public comment and opened up for commissioner discussion.

Motion Resolution 76-2017 Supplemental Appropriation Fairgrounds Restroom Project
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 76-2017 a supplemental appropriation in the amount of $150,000 to the Fairgrounds restroom project. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Fairgrounds Bathroom Contract Extension 16-LTAC -026
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the extension of the LTAC Fairgrounds Bathroom contract No. 16-LTAC-026 AKA 17-LTAC-020 in the amount of $90,000. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried

Work Session WATV Roads-Public Works-Commissioners’ Hearing Room
Perry Huston

Motion Oroville Rural EMS District
Commissioner Branch moved to adjourn as the BOCC and reconvene as the Oroville Rural EMS District. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 77-2017 Budget Adjustment Oroville EMS District
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 77-2017 a budget adjustment within the Oroville EMS budget in the amount of $300 to pay for advertising and repairs and maintenance. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Branch moved to approve the Oroville Rural EMS District vouchers in the amount of $1,901.39. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Branch moved to adjourn as the Oroville Rural EMS and Reconvene as the BOCC. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 78-2017 Rescinding Resolution 52-2017
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 78-2017 a resolution rescinding resolution 52-2017 a budget adjustment in the amount of $500 that was duplicated within the Building Official’s budget. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 79-2017 Budget Adjustment Jail Commissary
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 79-2017 a budget adjustment within the Jail Commissary fund in the amount of $2,200. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 80-2017 Acknowledging Receipt of Veterans Van Certificate & Transfer to North Valley Hospital
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 80-2017 a resolution acknowledging receipt of Certificate and surplussing the county’s interest in the VA van and transferring it to North Valley Hospital, Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Branch moved to approve consent agenda items 1-9, as presented. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Commissioners’ Proceedings- April 24, 2017 & April 25, 2017
2. Agreement –Orthographic Imagery Services-WA Technology Solutions
3. Franchise-Cattleguard Renewals-CGF#13-13, CGF#01-02, CGF#03-07, CGF#34-73, CFG#7-73, CFG#5-91, CGF#16-98
4. Purchase Approval-Traffic Stripping Materials-Alpine Products, Inc.
5. Resolution 73-2017 Declaring County Property Surplus Value less than $2,500
6. Resolution 74-2017- Project Plans CRP No. 9437- 06 Highway 7 Bridge South
7. Resolution 75-2017 Budget Adjustment Crime Victims Fund 129
8. Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Policy & Procedures 2017/2018
9. Contract Amendment Extension of 16-LTAC 026 for Fairgrounds Bathroom Project Allocation

Commissioner Branch adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.