JUNE 27, 2017

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on June 27, 2017, Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, Commissioner Andy Hover, and LaleŮa Johns, Clerk of the Board present.

Commissioners convened the board at 9:00 a.m.

Update/Discussion Court Security
Present: Judge Chris Culp, Dennis Rabidou, Judge Henry Rawson, Mary Horner, Judge Grimm Judge Charles Short, Darla Schreckengast. The Clerk of the Board tried to reach the Sheriff and Undersheriff to come to the meeting without success

Mr. Rabidou provided the group with an information packet, including a copy for the record, regarding their Court Security request. He focused on ordinances and resolutions that have been approved over the years. Mr. Rabidou explained the goal today is to outline what has been done and what has been researched so far. The courts are intended to be a safe place to resolve issues and often include people who are upset. Courthouse security is important to be maintained and is critical for the leaders doing business there and maintains public trust which cannot be eroded. He put together questions for consideration. He is curious how the commissioners would process the questions and asked that the questions be considered as they move forward addressing the courts request. Key leaders should be aware that these issues will happen and could be the next thing we are accountable for. Are we committed to doing the right thing overall? Can we come to some kind of commitment moving forward? We have to be able to accomplish the goal and make a commitment. The third thing relayed was the history and what is happening in Okanogan County. In 1996, a courthouse security committee was established via Resolution 114-1996. But that was dissolved. Ordinance 2007-7 was established to repeal OCC 2.84 and established the courthouse security committee to address court rules and security. Mr. Rabidou claimed it was the last document that addressed courthouse security. He asked why we have been unsuccessful. There was a site survey done by US Marshall Service and a recommendation issued by outside agencies. In 2013, resolution 44-2013 provided the corrections officer position for courthouse security. General Rule 36 requiring courthouse security comes into effect this year. There were many committees created to address security but not a lot getting done. Today, he wants to reignite the issue and present long term goals and discuss them. Mr. Rabidou went through the goals. There is a resolution in place and money provided for the security officer. Commissioner DeTro stated the board created and funded the position and the Sheriff pulled the officer out of that role. How can we enforce another elected official to do something or not? Judge Rawson replied that as commissioners they have the power through the budget and he pointed to the job description. It was heard that an officer would change positions and serve the office and might be able to deal with security. Commissioner DeTro explained when it was addressed with the Sheriff, the Sheriff told the board that Noah Stewart was always in the court halls and another officer was not needed. Commissioner Hover would like to discuss the realities of courthouse security issue. Does everyone at the table have an idea what that looks like for example, metal detectors at entrances, stationing of employees, what is the idea and what should it look like. He provided a shooter scenario which demonstrated that we will still have an issue. Mr. Rabidou replied the commissioner is talking about long term. He would like to reestablish a committee and work together to come up with ideas now. It is not the fix but certainly better than having nothing. The short term fix is to get with the Sheriff and look at the budget. Are we talking about a full time security officer in the courthouse, asked Commissioner Hover? Commissioner DeTro reminded the group about the conversation with the sheriff about providing outside contracted security officers that was made last year and the funding that was considered for it. Judge Rawson explained no one knows what the ideal number is. He sees lots of new corrections officers and it appears they are adequately staffed but we donít know that number and when asked to provide someone for courthouse security the Sheriff doesnít send anyone. He doesnítí know if the effort is even being made to address the courthouse security problem. Commissioner DeTro asked if outside security would provide the expected protection. Ms. Horner stated she would need to look at what the individual training authorizes them to do in Okanogan County and because they arenít under the Sheriff it is a big area. Judge Grimm explained law enforcement officers would be best. Commissioner Hover asked if a position could be created that was not under the sheriff but under the courts. Commissioner Branch thought that might be a good idea. Judge Rawson replied, if budgeted, and a person is qualified, the sheriff could hire for the specific position, but the budget would not be controlled by the sheriff and could not be swept back into the mix. It would be a commissioned officer who would be the supervisor with a chain of command established. There would still be a chance to mix the departments under the qualifications established by the Sheriff and the budget for salary would come out of the courts. Mr. Rabidou said we would need to send someone to training and that takes time. Today they would like a commitment for short term and move into the direction of forming a committee. Judge Rawson replied we have the resolution which created the courthouse security position, but it falls under the Sheriff in terms of control. Commissioner Hover said in the short term it would establish a change and that is hard to accomplish. Judge Short said the commissioners, at the time, got the position done in very short time. He further stated the concern is that we are not following the law the commissioners established for the security position and now we are back in 2013 and there is a question of motivation and the courts are more dangerous now. Judge Grimm explained the courts are not experienced in training and hiring security officers. He thinks if we took the positon out of the corrections branch and created a courthouse security branch it would change the organization structure and allow for more court oversite. Judge Culp agreed that is the answer. The statute does speak to this; we do have something to point to as a statutory obligation to do this. The courts havenít wanted to write an order to require it before. He liked Judge Grimmís suggestion to redirect and it takes the position out from under the Corrections Dept. Ms. Horner explained the funding was there long before 2013. Mr. Rabidou replied that was different funding. Mr. Rabidou suggested that funding only be authorized for courthouse security. Commissioner Hover asked what a backup program looked like if that security officer gets sick or needs vacation. What do we do about that period of time when the officer is not available? Commissioner Branch asked when the last conversation with the Sheriff happened. Mr. Rabidou replied it was before the 2013 courthouse security position resolution was signed. At the time, the courts realized the committee structure was a place to start drafting ideas. He thinks everything being discussed was considered as a long term fix. One person is not the complete solution, but they do need someone. Mr. Rabidou said he had conversations with the Sheriff and provided him with his thoughts on this. Mr. Rabidou said the Sheriff appeared frustrated because of his staffing levels at the time. The courts feel they have kept him involved with the discussions. The Courthouse security officer helped to focus on courthouse security but without the commitment to ensure things donít die out we have to consider something else that works. Commissioner Branch noted it is too hard to get everyone together for a large committee. Yes, Mr. Rabidou agreed and suggested a smaller work group or committee to get something done. He wants a commitment to establish a work group. Commissioner DeTro replied we should move forward on that path. Commissioner Hover said the short term solution is to provide a dedicated officer to only courthouse security, but it would take a corrections officer to fill that position otherwise someone would need to be trained and that could take a while. What is the court looking at in terms of expected timeline? Mr. Rabidou replied the commissioner is right on the mark but it would have to be enforced and we have two weeks to plan and get someone down there before the rule is effective. He suggested reestablishing a time line and staying accountable to that. Judge Culp said if the Sheriff was here he would remind us of the memo the Undersheriff put together regarding a cost scenario for both a short term fix with Phoenix Security and a long term fix with commissioned deputies. It made sense to go with commissioned deputies. He said the courts were not comfortable with mall cops but they didnít realize it was only for a short time. The Sheriff was in favor of commissioned officers for the long term. For appearance sake that does put someone in the courthouse tomorrow or next week with the clear understanding that by Sept 1 there would be a uniformed deputy in place.

Judges Culp, Rawson and Short exited the meeting at 8:55 a.m.

Commissioner Hover further discussed the budget that would address the immediate concern. Mr. Rabidou said these are all what if scenarios. He suggested the creation of a matrix to identify the best location. Are we going to wait until something happens? Commissioner DeTro replied in other government offices security happens at the door with metal detectors. Commissioner Branch said it is a challenge with mixed offices in our courthouse. Mr. Rabidou replied that the work group is really what is needed first so recommendations can flow forth. Commissioner Branch said a lot of time could be spent messing around and we would not address the short term very quickly. Judge Grimm replied the real concern is to have quick response. He suggested the most desired outcome would be to amend the resolution to provide more short term solutions with someone on the ground now. Commissioner Hover would like to know, because of the different floors we are talking about, if we should be doubling up officers. There is only so much money. Chelan County has metal detectors into each courtroom with hired security guards manning those. What really sticks out in Mr. Rabidouís mind is the 21 years Okanogan County has been without courthouse security and all this talk without accomplishing anything. Commissioner Branch recognized that something has been done, the board provided a commissioned officer, but something went awry with that. The solutions people come up with, including registration for guns, is a disaster itself and many people are untrained to use them. Commissioner Hover replied we should identify who is in each committee position according to the resolution, then get the work group together. Mr. Rabidou replied there is a formal structure outlined but it needs to be convened first to start the discussion about how to fix the committee and move forward with creating solutions. Commissioner Branch suggested a committee of three would be most effective with the Sheriff as one of those members. Commissioners suggested getting a meeting together with the Sheriff as soon as possible. Commissioner Branch will attend a meeting if one is put together on Wednesday July 5 at 2:00 p.m..

On another subject, Mr. Rabidou explained if the Government shuts down due to not reaching a budget decision he could have a breach in contracts but his department will continue as planned to make up for lost revenue. He believes a minor shut down will happen, so in July the county will likely have to absorb those costs. He will come back later to discuss the details with the board, if needed. Commissioner Hover would like to discuss the sales tax issue and if it goes through he would like to establish a list of needs and create a critical path so we can appropriate money towards those goals.

Mr. Rabidou provided a recommendation to the commissioners (but did not provide it to the Clerk of the Board for the record) regarding the Judicial Assistant Jury Manager position. The court is trying to come up with something and they do not know if it is what the board has been looking for. Mr. Rabidou explained he thought the board would move forward with the position as is. The Clerk of the Board reminded the board of the draft resolution Risk Manager Craig drafted. The Clerk read the draft which established a 90 window for the position as is, then after that time the full benefits portion would go away to be in compliance with the personnel manual. Mr. Rabidou said he had not seen that draft. The Clerk provided him with a copy. Commissioners discussed their desire to not provide an exception for the full benefits as it is against the Personnel manual. Mr. Rabidou explained if other departments wanted an exception such as this they should come to the board and discuss their need. Commissioner Branch explained the issues to be considered. Commissioner Hover is looking at the dwindling labor force in Okanogan County. He asked if the board should set a policy that is strictly, no you cannot do it at all, or set a policy that allows full benefits for part-time employees. He doesnít like the situation right now as it doesnít follow policy. Commissioner Branch said if that was the biggest concern that would be easy to deal with. Commissioner Hover asked if the board is going to let everyone come to the table to discuss and be able to ask for full time benefits to part time employees. There are many other things going on here the board must consider. Mr. Rabidou referred to the data he previously provided the board on the savings. Commissioners will need to all agree on this in order for it to happen. Mr. Rabidou explained if other departments can show why it is a good option for them then it should be considered on an individual basis as the courts have demonstrated their need and provided a solution. Every Dept. should do the leg work to provide their data. If it is a policy change then letís adopt a new policy. Commissioner Branch asked if a total cost and full description is provided he would move to open it up for discussion and the board can make a decision. He is frustrated how far the can is continuing to be kicked down the road. Commissioner Hover preferred everyone to be at the table to allow input to the conversation. Mr. Rabidou explained, when this began, Ms. Ervin wasnít the only person being provided the exception. Commissioner Hover would like consistency with the policy which is there to guide us to do the work we do.

Perry Huston still believes we should think about total compensation, if that position is worth $30,000 a year and that means $20,000 wages plus $10,000 for benefits the budget impact is the same. Commissioner Hover replied there is also the grade and step to be considered for the position. Mr. Huston replied specialized positions are being stuffed into another position description which makes this a very unique position. Commissioner DeTro explained there are unintended consequences that happen when we violate policy. Commissioner Hover replied if the job is so specialized what grade and step would that fall under, it is harder to figure out. Mr. Rabidou replied he would like to provide the information to the Judges and have them come back to the commissioners.

Commissioners Staff Meeting
Albert Lin, Josh Freel, Kim Spivey, Debi Hilts, Joe Poulin, Perry Huston, Lanie Johns

Mr. Lin stated commented on the previous discussion that when exceptions are made it can create other consequences.

Mr. Freel updated the board on camping registrations for the Fair. The FAC is does not appear to be following their own policies as there are many campers who turned in applications well ahead of time but have not receive a spot yet and others have who didnít even turn in an application. It is a burden for his staff to collect the 100+ camping applications date stamp and collect payment only to find those applicants are not getting what they expect according to plan. There are some applications that were given priority over applications received first. They have picked up the phone and reserved camping spots without an application. They fall on policy for those they do not know but deviate from it for the folks they do know. Commissioner Hover would like to see the book so he can make some calls. Ms. Spivey stated the arm bands are still up in the air and FAC has not followed up on that plan. The bands need to be ordered by the first of July. The Fair books are sitting at the office and no FAC members have picked them up to distribute yet. There is a lot of information not getting out to the public. Commissioner Hover asked the Fairgrounds staff to take the initiative and just run them around. Ms. Spivey replied that at the last Fair committee meeting it was discussed that the fair committee would be doing distribution.

Mr. Freel discussed the fairgrounds well issue as a camera has already gone down the well a couple years ago and a recommendation provided to replace the well. Mr. Freel is willing to do it again. He was asked to find the paperwork on the first scoping that was done before securing additional scoping. Commissioner DeTro asked how deep the well is. It is 156 feet. The volume needed is 76 gallons per minute but that is only 24 sprinklers and that isnít even half the grounds. The current casing is 12 in. The board discussed putting inside a smaller diameter casing. Mr. Freel explained the current casing might be so corroded it would not be possible. The board would like the paperwork before moving forward. Mr. Freel stated the grass will be dead by August and there is also the concern about providing adequate drinking water to the RV campers. Commissioner DeTro explained another 156 foot well could be dug and developed by Fair time. A recommendation will be provided to the board. Commissioners discussed the need for regular maintenance on the Fairgrounds before everything becomes dilapidated. Mr. Freel and Ms. Spivey exited the meeting.

Albert Lin exited the meeting at 10:13 a.m.

Mr. Poulin updated the board on sink holes found in the Virginia Grainger parking lot with one about 3 foot wide and 18 inch deep and another happening where a previous one was repaired. The whole parking lot needs to be resurfaced as there are 2 inch wide cracks in it causing issues under the pavement which in turn create sink holes. He said it could be a safety issue later on. During the thaw, much of the cement was squishy and was being undermined where water was running under it. Director Huston asked what we have in the budget for an assessment of the situation. The Clerk of the Board replied the maintenance budget doesnít currently have enough funds for an assessment, let alone the repairs. Mr. Poulin explained how the sink hole could be fixed, but that doesnít tell us what has been going on under ti nor does it address the bigger issue. The runoff water is hitting the back of the building during and causing some water to come in. Commissioner Hover suggested a French drain be installed to divert the water coming off the hillside and regrade the lot so it doesnít dump water into the building. It will be very expensive. Commissioner Branch asked what it would take for Public Works to come in and assess the immediate issues. Mr. Poulin will see if there is some in-kind work that can be agreed to.

A bid was received to replace the compressor unit serving the Sheriffs Bat Cave as it is unrepairable at this point. The compressor in the Commissioners wing is also going bad. Both units are the same type with similar issues with the Bat Cave one more critical. The board asked that additional bids be received for both compressors as it requires an informal bid process for the replacements due to the cost being between $2,500 and $25,000.

Auditor Laurie Thomas came in to ask if there was a decision made on her request for the part time elections position to be full time. She stated there is room in the election budget to fund the additional cost. Half the cost would come from MARC fund and the other half from current expense. She has been giving a lot of thought to the succession in her office and the need to begin the training for election worker to be certified as there are very strict regulations. Both Ms. Jury her will be leaving at the same time and that would leave only one certified elections employee in the office and by law there must be two. If the position was made full time it would allow her to move forward. Costs for this were provided to the board in an email by Cari Hall. The employee only portion of the extra cost this year would be around $8425. It is already funded at 62% this year. There would be a fairly nominal cost to current expense. Commissioner Hover asked what the impact would be for the following year. Auditor Thomas would provide the information. Commissioner Branch would like to see more of an agenda bill analysis which would include information the board would consider moving forward with decisions. It would help the board understand the impacts.

CANCELLED Update Human Resources-Debi Hilts

Public Hearing Speed Limit Reductions-Portions of Lost River, Texas Cr, Old Carlton, Indian Dan Canyon, and Robinson Canyon Roads-Josh Thomson & Staff

The audio recorder was started. Commissioner DeTro opened the hearing up on the speed limit changes and asked for staff report.

Ms. Stansbury provided the Speed Limit traffic study for the proposed roads. (attached) Engineer Thomson explained that an operating speed study includes a base 85% of majority drivers. The general thought is that at least 85% drive the speed limit and there are some adjustments allowed. He explained what those are. He explained why the study is done and provided the history. There is one ordinance regarding the roads that came with petitions and one ordnance for the reductions the commissioners wished to consider.

Jo Ann Stansbury started with OCR 9140 Lost River Road. (attached) She has not received any comments. The public hearing was advertised in the newspaper of record. She provided it was 8/10 of a mile and 640 vehicles per day with 47 in the 85%. The road was projected and shown on the map. The segment includes about 25 private driveways within the 8/10ís of a mile. There were no objections and many signatures on the petition requesting the speed reduction.

Ms. Stansbury reported on Texas Creek Road speed limit reduction and projected the map showing the roads and area. (attached) There were no accidents reported on this road. The average speed was 21 mph in the 85%. Engineer Thomson explained where the speed study took place. There are many houses along that area and residents thought 50 mph was too fast causing a safety concern. There were 186 ADT on Texas Creek.

Ms. Stansbury reported on the Old Carlton Road speed reduction. (attached) It is a narrow residential collector road and it was recommended by the Engineer to be reduced. There is a small amount of pedestrian traffic.

Commissioner DeTro closed the hearing to public and staff and opened up for commissioner discussion.

Motion Ordinance 2017-2 Speed Reduction Lost River, Texas Creek, and Old Carlton Roads
Commissioner Hover moved to approve Ordinance 2017-2 reducing the speed limit to 35 mph on portions of the following roads Lost River, Texas Creek, and Old Carlton Roads. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Speed Reductions on Robinson Canyon and Indian Dan Canyon Roads
Commissioner DeTro opened up the hearing to staff.

Jo Ann Stansbury reported on OCR 1685 Indian Dan Canyon road. (attached) Engineer Thomson stated the road was 35 mph due to not being paved, however it was recently paved which brought the speed limit up to 50 mph. The road is narrow and it was his recommendation to keep it at 35 mph. Gebbers Farm did comment in favor of the 35 mph reductions.

Jo Ann Stansbury reported on Robinson Canyon Road. (attached) There have been several accidents reported on the road. The ADT was provided for the two segments. Engineer Thomson showed each road on the projected road map. He explained it is narrow with many driveways coming off the road. Based on average speed it would be justified at 45 but because of a stop sign at Omak Airport Road, the Engineer recommended it be lowered to 35 mph. Commissioner Branch stated there are some houses close to the road on the West side of the road. Commissioner DeTro said there are also places with a lot of congestion that are a concern. It is a very busy road.

Commissioner DeTro closed the hearing to staff asking for public comment seeing no one he closed the hearing to public and opened up to commissioner discussion.

Motion Ordinance 2017-3 Speed Reductions on Robinson Canyon and Indian Dan Canyon Roads
Commissioner Hover moved to approve ordinance 2017-3 reducing the speed limit to 35 mph on Robinson Canyon and Indian Dan Canyon roads. Commissioner Hover asked how these roads were brought to the attention of the county to be reduced. It was word of mouth and the number of accidents involved. He further asked about amending the map the board will be showing tomorrow in Oroville regarding ATV/WATV routes. Commissioner Branch stated it may be a challenge for some to slow down there. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner DeTro closed the public hearing.

Member of the Public, John Grahm, arrived at 11:00 a.m. to take notes.

Update Public Works Josh Thomson, Ben Rough
Commissioner Hover asked if the Engineer could assess the Virginia Grainger parking lot where some of the pavement is sinking. He suggested looking at first the step to control the water via some kind of French drain then patch the hole until funds are identified for total repair. Engineer Thomson stated yes he would look at it.

The Public Works staff provided their agendaís.

Engineer Thomson updated the board on Peter Dan Road as it is now open to local traffic. The Survey has not been received yet.

Engineer Thomson explained overtime accumulated last week was only 2 hours and the week before 2.5 hours.

There is a list of roads that still need repairs with pavement damage. Upper Beaver Creek Road was discussed. Commissioner Hover learned some things at the UCSRB meeting about this situation. He stated previous discussions were that we could get some money for the road to be moved closer to the bank and away from the creek, however BPA is now not going to fund anything even for a permanent fix. What they did suggested is some trading, if we have culvert work on another road they might help pay for that and free up our funds to be used to repair Upper Beaver Creek. Engineer asked if Tunk Creek was a fish bearing creek as it needs a larger culvert. Commissioner Hover asked that it be addressed so other money could be put into Upper Beaver Creek. He believes an agreement can be made with a bit of trading.

Engineer Thomson present a resolution to surplus dump trucks with a value of $20,000 each to be traded in upon the purchase of new dump trucks. Commissioner Hover reiterated that the Chairman signs the titles of all equipment and vehicles owned by the county. There is also the question of who signs the registrations for the equipment. Commissioners thought a resolution giving the fleet manager signing authority would be appropriate. Because the titles were being signed by the department rather than the Chairman, processes will need to be changed and adhered to by public works.

Motion Resolution 105-2017 Surplus of Dump Trucks for Trade In
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 105-2017 allowing for the following dump trucks to be traded in on the purchase of two new dump trucks Vin# 2FZNNSYB7XAB44030 and Vin # 2FZNNSYB2XAA81838. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Engineer Thomson explained a budget will be provided on the 6-year TIP program which includes chip seal projects. Also, the 2018 budget is being worked on.

Commissioners discussed the SRS funding and it appears an objective has been identified the feds and hope it will be funded for 2017. Engineer Thomson stated it would impact next year if we are not funded this year as it would include most of our chip seal program funds and we still need to figure out how to do storm damage repairs.

WATV map for the meeting tomorrow was discussed. Commissioner Branch explained an email he received from Forest Service would be forwarded to the engineer.

Engineer Thomson explained the Federal Authority is a continuing problem. He is responsible for delivering those funds but cities are constantly behind. He is concerned about sanctions on our money. A committee will be put together on how to deal with it as there are many counties experiencing the same issues. There are some counties under obligating every year then counties like us do meet the obligations OA target. He sees both sides of it and he wants to look at future years too. At the meeting CRAB gave updates on annual reporting systems. Also, studies on bridge bundling were a topic of interest for bridges that need to be replaced; the processes would be bundled for all the different elements. Engineer Thomson updated the board on mobility and GIS changes and how the layers are updated. He explained CRAB is looking at integration of the two systems for 2020. It would not be a direct cost to the counties. A lot of counties are making that switch already. Compatibility with current systems were discussed.

Admin Ben Rough provided his staff report. He discussed open positions and annual budget process.

A 2018 Levy shift was discussed. Commissioner Hover would prefer not to do one for 2018. This yearís process will be established for departments. We will hopefully see the information all laid out sooner rather than later. Mr. Rough said much of that info is usually not submitted until later.

The Solid Waste Leachate lagoon was discussed. The new lagoon debate was discussed; whether it be done this year or next. The recommendation was to do it this year. He plans to meet with Director Huston and Building Official Higbee to identify anything that would hold up the project this year. The existing pump system should suffice. The ball park estimate includes everything needed. If the location changes it might affect that number.

The Shoretell phone system was discussed, the quote was reduced from the original quote. The sound quality and efficiency will increase and overall phone bill will be reduced. Public health is able to help out with this system due to a grant funds they receive for the costs. It will tie into the Courthouse Complex system.

Admin Rough requested an executive session to review the performance of a public employee.

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1) (g)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at 11:40 a.m. for 15 minutes to discuss the performance of a public employee inviting Ben Rough and HR Debi Hilts. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners exited executive session at 11:55 a.m. no decisions were made.

Director Huston stopped by to inform the commissioners of an appeal received from Yakima Nations on single water withdrawal in Gold Creek area which is in a closed basin hydraulic continuity. Commissioner Hover asked what the next step is to finding out if that is true. Commissioner DeTro recommended a stance that we are not GMA. Commissioner Branch said we still have an obligation under 19.27.907. Director Huston replied it is not a zone code or comp plan case. We have adopted title 20 now and we are following our own code. Commissioner Hover doesnít wish to be the poster child for this legal battle.

Commissioners adjourned for lunch at 12:10 p.m.

Citizen Comment Period
John Graham, member of the public and a Crumbacher area resident commented on environmental issues. He discussed the need to be able to recycle glass but everything else is good for him. There is an outfit in Tonasket that may receive a grant that would allow recycling glass. Mr. Graham explained he spoke to Engineer Thomson about recycling glass at the landfill. If the Tonasket option works, is there something he can do jointly to help stimulate recycling of glass throughout the county? Commissioner Branch replied there is a recycle subcommittee created by SWAC. There is a green Okanogan participant on the subcommittee. Mr. Graham learned that Chelan County is going to stop taking in glass. Commissioner DeTro explained he is aware that glass makes an excellent bedding material, and can be used for lots of things in a crushed form. Is there a market in Seattle for glass? Mr. Graham said yes it is much more viable there.

Motion Re Appointment Letters Planning Commission
Commissioner Branch moved to reappoint Albert Roberts, Phil Dart and Dave Shultz to the Planning Commission. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Biannual Update-Destination Marketing Committee-OCTC
Carolyn Davis administrative assistant, OCTC; Peggy Nevsimal, LTAC & OCTC; Steve Devin, LTAC; Terri Leap, OCTC, Maria Lasilla, OCTC; Janet Warner, OCTC; John Graham, public; and Steve Devin, LTAC

Ms. Davis provided the board with a handout for the meeting. (Attached) Ms. Leap introduced herself as president of OCTC and lodging owner. Ms. Leap read from her prepared statement. As a lodging owner she has the advantage of directly asking the tourists about what it is they are here for or how they heard about OCTC or Okanogan County. OCTC doesnít have that advantage and they have to rely on state lodging dollars and partners to learn where to put their dollars. She receives feedback to help build Facebook posts and quarterly newsletters and feedback on where to put the advertising dollars. They can become local advocates. OCTC has been trying to come up with new goals for advertising the county. A good majority of OCTC budget is spent there. They received a request from LTAC to develop an RFP for Tourism Master Plan publication. OCTC discussed the request at their meeting and are very excited to have a road map and focus on goals of Okanogan County. Lodging dollars bench mark has been created for 2013 through 2016. The progress report was explained. There has been a 3.8% increase over 2016. That has been put together by lodging tax dollars. Carolyn Davis explained the formula used. The estimated tourists staying is 2.2 statewide then figure out from there for unincorporated county area. Average growth since 2014 is 4.51% lodging dollars. There has been some decline in the summer months, but likely due to the fires. The increase in the winter months could be directly a result from ads focused on the shoulder seasons and winter season. Commissioner Hover asked about the ads for wintertime in the rest of the county outside of Methow. Ms. Leap stated the ad focus on the county in general with cross country skiing and snowmobile, outhouse races, and ice fishing in Molson. Can the numbers be broken down further per county area as far as finding some fine-tuned direction for areas with different amenities? Ms. Nevsimal stated yes, due to hotel stay numbers they collect. Ms. Davis stated she does collect the lodging tax revenue collected by the cities and the county and that data could be used to demonstrate different successes in the areas. Ms. Leap explained the Website Updates and Maintenance & Hosting done by OCTC. A website survey should be in place by end of summer which will help them learn where to focus. Ms. Davis stated the calendar of events will be changed where the events are listed to show all the events. It doesnít currently list all. Ms. Leap further explained that Facebook is the largest media source they use. Ms. Davis explained the calendar information is updated monthly and they come up with new events that also get included besides what is planned. Ms. Leap stated 66,000 plus views with people staying longer viewing the information. The most popular is fishing, camping, lodging, maps, and hiking.

Strategic Planning they have conducted the VIP training with 25 reps throughout the county show up such as chambers and museums who represent different county areas. They also have chamber members sitting on OCTC which is an advantage in learning what is going on with that area.

The creation of a Sign in sheet was discussed which VICís would use for folks to sign in on who are visiting and asks a few questions as to why people are coming here, how far they travel, whether they are staying in paid or unpaid accommodations, and how many people are in their party. Earth and Sky is doing a media map with the different regions noted which gas stations can keep under the counter and used to collect information which shows a list of things people can fill in for what there is to do here. Waitresses could help when guests ask them what there is to do in the area. The handout could be a great tool for businesses to draw people back or stay longer. Striking up a conversation is critical to begin that. Ms. Nevsimal stated they use them in their area to help servers, or workers in the customer service area know what is going on.

The comprehensive guide was discussed. It provides a lot of information and that is being edited for reprint this year. They also want to print an art guide that shows different art throughout the county. Looking to also get the hiking guide printed. A mock version was shown that would have about 30 best hikes in our area. The favorite trails were nominated to be listed that stood out in different areas. Whistler Canyon was one trail listed with lots of information. It also includes a section on lodging. There was a lot of feedback. What did not make it in the guide will be on the website.

Oroville and Tonasket opted in to have a VIC sign put up under a plexi glass material that is posted. It shows the tourist you are here. The information listed is specific to the region. Other area VICís are also being outfitted with the blue eye signs. Denoting information is up as well. Partnerships with TOTA are also going well. Commissioner Branch would like to invite the Cascade Loop.

Paid Ads in the different media was discussed for lodging establishments that will be purchased from OCTC. Fall and winter sports events will be listed.

Promotional category was discussed to continue VIC feedback to try to attend other community presentations, chamber meeting, and EDD was attended by Jen, Claire and Tess. The Chamber meeting is awesome. James Moore tries to keep up the chamber meetings. He is also the trail expert. Earth and Sky has been doing a lot of surveying of the partners for information Omak, Twisp, Winthrop, Veranda Beach, Sun Mt Lodge, Alta Lake, WDFW, and Salmon Derby which they hope to receive visitor numbers from. This is a start to build those relationships. The lodging places have been reluctant to share occupancy rates with OCTC. They not only try to develop the relationship but also explain continuously what they are there for.

Steve Devin asked about the scope of work from the county in the contract. That actually came from the OCTC work plan. Steve stated there was some things not applicable to LTAC. Ms. Davis thought it would be helpful to have different categories other than what OCTC submitted in their RFP for 2017.

Mr. Devin discussed the RFP request for County Wide Tourism Master Plan. He explained the need to incorporate some of the marketing needs of municipalities and the county together in the marketing master plan. Mr. Davis stated she does request the data from the cities but only Coulee Dam and Omak provide that information. Mr. Devin hopes the response for RFP for county master tourism plan would provide more focused information direction on the types of draws in the county from which to move forward with. Commissioner Hover stated we wonít be able to glean specific information. Mr. Devin stated he is looking for a guideline. The other question is where the money is coming from for the plan creation. Commissioner Hover stated that will be part of the yearly allocation and would be requested and presented on. LTAC would decide who gets money and what portion of the revenue will be used for the plan and which entities will not get funded. Mr. Devin asked how to integrate cities and county within the plan. It is all and both all at the same time because the county has events critical to the city, then marketing wise all should be part of the picture. Commissioner Branch discussed the tourism master plan strategies for marketing and potential revenue sources. Ms. Davis asked about LTAC awardees.

Mr. Devin asked how the funding can be worked out. Commissioner Hover asked about timelines and asked how the requests will be developed and how long will it take? If it is for next year, how much money will it cost. The RFP should not take much time. It would take Jen and Carolyn to create the RFP. The proposal if one is funded would need its own category in the OCTC scope of work. Mr. Devin asked if there are funds for OCTC to do that. Commissioner Branch said as part of the competitive process this would be something for the county and we would get out there and do some foot work to find out what tourism plans cost. Carolyn stated other counties have done this so it would not be a total recreated process. Mr. Devin further stated that the RFP will guide us as to what questions we need to address and will educate us on strategy moving forward. Commissioner Branch explained when the RFP is created it should include direction as to what we need to focus on. Commissioner Hover reminded everyone that there is a process for receiving the LTAC funding. The decision is going to be who is best suited to serve the county and he doesnít think there will be much competition for the money. Everyone who responds from the county is going to be biased based on what they like to do, but an outside source is going to have a better understanding and eye for the gaps such as activities in one area that is not supported by lodging.

Ms. Davis said the quality of work being provided with the small amount of money is amazing. The board is lively and active. Commissioner Branch commented that everyone works hard to establish whether an idea has value, and then talk to people every day in the county that bring up issues that need attention.

Motion - Voucher Approval - Commissioners
Vouchers certified and audited by the Auditing Officer as required by RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090 have been recorded on a list, and made available to the Board. As of this date, the Board did vote, by unanimous vote, to approve the regular vouchers in the amount of $2,254,111.62. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion seconded and carried.

Motion Public Health Voucher
Commissioner moved to approve the Public Health Vouchers in the amount of $10,612.96 Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Director Huston explained a claim that was received on a water issue in the closed basin.
The Clerk of the Board provided the commissioners with information RCW, PUD Privilege Tax letter, regarding the PUD Privilege tax and she explained the breakout and formula and the portion.

Motion Resolution 102-2017 PUD Privilege Tax Distribution
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 102-2017 the PUD Privilege Tax distribution to the county and cities. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-6, motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.
1. Commissioners Proceedings June 19 & 20, 2017
2. Agreement ĖReimbursable Work-Chip Seal City of Omak
3. Agreement ĖReimbursable Work-Chip Seal City of Okanogan
4. Adopt Okanogan County Fair Advisory Board Policy and Procedures
5. Special Occasions Liquor License-Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival Liz Johnson
6. Resolution 101-2017 Rescinding Res. 80-2017 Surplus Veterans Van

Commissioner DeTro signed the two titles for the Public Works Dump Truck Trade-ins that were surplussed.

Motion Resolution 106-2017 Creating Fund 193
Commissioner Hover moved to approve Resolution 106-2017 a resolution to establish fund 193 a Jail Improvement fund. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners discussed not doing anything at the moment for the part time Judicial Assistant Jury manager position and just let the resolution lapse. The Clerk of the Board reminded the board that the auditor would not process a payroll check unless they are authorized to do so and that their decision could hold up payroll.

Motion Resolution 107-2017 Judicial Assistant Jury Manager
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 107-2017 providing further for the Judicial Assistant Jury Manager position to be funded from Trial Court Improvement fund through December 31, 2017, with the boardís intent to reconsider the benefits portion by September 30, 2017. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(i)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at 4:50 p.m. for 30 minutes inviting Attorney Albert Lin and Perry Huston to discuss legal matters to which the county may be a part. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners exited executive session at 5:20 p.m. no decisions were made.

Commissioners adjourned for the day at 5:25 p.m.