June 20, 2017


The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on June 20, 2017, Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Andy Hover, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board present. Commissioner Chris Branch absent attending to county business.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
Josh Freel, Tanya Craig, Perry Huston, Joe Poulin, Lalena Johns

Josh Freel stated the refrigerator has arrived and it is really nice and on casters. Research for the kind of stove the board wanted was performed and one was found for a good price. Commissioner Hover thought there would be enough funds for the purchase in the small tools line, but he wanted to wait until the bathroom project was completed and paid for. Mr. Freel would also like to purchase more tables which will be around $100 per table. The Clerk of the Board explained how small and attractive assets are to be handled in Eden Asset Module and that an inventory sheet in the department be reconciled regularly with Eden. She discussed that multiple assets can be entered into Eden which then creates a separate asset record and number for each item. The items will need to be affixed with the corresponding asset number that is generated in Eden. Commissioner Hover explained that he confirmed with Washington Tractor would like to do an in-kind trade for the design work for the underground sprinkler system and installation of a portion of it in trade for a permanent spot on the fairgrounds that is dedicated only to them. Director Huston explained that is looked at it like a long term lease on the fairgrounds and would need to be outlined in an MOU. It also opens the door for others to be considered in the same way. Commissioner Hover believes it would be good to look into. The Fairgrounds leased tractor was discussed as the Fairgrounds would like to purchase it. Commissioner Hover is working on getting that done to apply the lease amount towards the purchase. Remember the competitive Bid laws when considering the purchase. The threshold for purchasing equipment is $25,000 and allows for informal bid processes to be used, but if over that amount it puts the purchase into a more formal category.

Mr. Freel explained mosquitos have been a real issue at the Fairgrounds RV Park where people are leaving due to the problem. The board discussed ways to mitigate that. A fog system would need to be researched for effectiveness and cost. There are other municipalities that have used the device and the board would like him to find out about scheduling it.

The Clerk of the Board explained Public Works staff came in this morning and opened the safe where Public Works equipment titles are kept. When the Clerk of the Board asked it was explained, the equipment would be traded in on other equipment. The Clerk of the Board explained there was a required process that must be followed where the board authorizes the surplus of the equipment and trade in and the titles authorized by the Board Chairman. The employee told the Clerk of the Board he did not need to go through the process for trade-ins. The Board said they were unaware of the trade in and called the Public Works Admin. Ben Rough who was requested to gather all the titles back so the appropriate process could be followed by the Board in accordance with the law. The Board then provided the Clerk of the Board the authority to refuse release or access to the equipment titles in her care if she felt the appropriate process was not done by the department requesting the titles.

Joe Poulin updated the board on the progress of the energy project. We are still looking at having it up and going by the timeline.

Director Huston explained the NO PAWS situation is still an issue. An appeal hearing will be scheduled when initiated and fees paid. He further discussed an application for CUP on a marijuana operation, he stated a TUP was requested but he is not issuing one. Commissioner DeTro believes is time to open it up and put a sunset time for these operations. Commissioner Hover is in favor of that as well. Adopt a moratorium or interim controls is up to the board. He can put together some proposed changes and amortization schedule and adopt that as interim controls then hold the hearing. Commissioner Hover explained a resident who was well established before and now has to deal with the neighboring property marijuana operation noise from fans, light pollution, smells, and activities they did not previously have to deal with due to no controls for operations. Director Huston explained the controls the board might consider and how a timeline would be established for those already operating to come into compliance. A proposal will be drafted for review and subsequent adoption.

Update Human Resources/Risk Management – Tanya Craig and/or Debi Hilts
Debi Hilts holding applicant interviews.

Ms. Craig stated the county’s annual self-assessment has been completed and submitted. Copies will be provided to the board upon request. Ms. Craig explained what the assessment entails. She further stated her wish to and the benefits of providing self-observer training a county employee and why that would help in mitigation processes. The board were in favor of the training. Director Huston asked if the roll of that person is assumed by her as the supervisor how would a witness also be the same thing. The witness requirement would need to be between two supervisors as required. SEPA responsible official doesn’t prepare the checklist there in removing himself from any decisions. Ms. Craig explained that Debi Hilts is would be involved to create separation on parts of the process of gathering information and if there were a conflict that would be considered.

The courthouse will be closed this Friday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm it has been noticed in the paper and posted to the public. A settlement agreement was provided to the commissioners for review and Ms. Craig did note that in the past the name of the person was stated in the minutes. She requested the board to approve it. It would be resubmitted once all others sign it.

Motion Settlement Agreement Randy Gates
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the settlement agreement regarding employee Randy Gates. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried. The agreement is held in the Human Resources files.

Motion Public Health Voucher
Commissioner moved to approve the Public Health Vouchers in the amount of $30,566.38 Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion - Voucher Approval - Commissioners
Vouchers certified and audited by the Auditing Officer as required by RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090 have been recorded on a list, and made available to the Board. As of this date, the Board did vote, by unanimous vote, to approve the regular vouchers in the amount of $195,272.35 and Payroll vouchers in the amount of $891,230.75. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion seconded and carried.
Member of the public, Katie Haven, arrived at 11:00 a.m. taking notes.

Update Public Works- Ben Rough
Gary George, Ben Rough, Josh Thomson away attending to county business.

Mr. Rough provided the Clerk of the Board with the two equipment titles that were taken out of the Public Works safe this morning by Jerry Paul. They have been signed already.

Mr. Rough asked Mr. George to meet with the commissioners about staffing and road issue updates. Mr. George explained the Peter Dan Road contractor has started with the temporary ramp installation. It looks like it will be ready on Thursday. Squaw Creek Road is still closed to the public. The road is settling badly in places. Some work is being done by a property owner on his private road. Mr. George explained what the county may do to its portion of the road this fall so no more of the road will be lost. Loup Loup Canyon Road was reported on with the county’s intent that it will be passible by next Thursday. We are working with WDFW on permitting.

Mr. Rough updated the board on the Public Works staffing levels. Temp truck driver for solid waste and temp mechanic positions have not been filled yet. For the temp mechanic position we have not received sufficient applications. Commissioner Hover would like to take a look at the wages for the mechanics because it appears we are losing people due to other agencies offering better wages. Mr. Rough would appreciate the commissioners reviewing the situation, however he recommended that this situation not be discussed on the record.

Mr. George commented on the shortage with mechanics in our shops. The shop should look at another full time mechanic and who would provide on-site services to the equipment breakdowns. The operators and guys usually service their own equipment and are pulled off the job in order to do so, but with another mechanic who would go to the site to make repairs the operator and guys would still be free to work the job. The other issues is we are one big breakdown away from blowing apart the maintenance schedule. He feels this to be the most viable option. Commissioner DeTro would like to take a look at it. There are three mechanics in the shop right now with one just starting, so there is some catchup to do. The productivity of the road crew is dependent on the mechanic and repair work being done efficiently.

Mr. Rough discussed the vehicle titles issue and stated the ER&R manager has been operating with the understanding the correct process was being followed with equipment trade-ins. One issue is the surplus process and the other is the vehicle title signatory. The auditor’s opinion was that trade ins go through the surplus process. The board explained that all property traded in shall be surplussed to the needs of the county via resolution and in accordance with RCW 36.34 prior to the trade in. In some circumstances the board would also authorize via the same resolution the purchase of the new item which would state the value of the trade in item towards the purchase of the new item and the process used to purchase the new item to ensure the bid laws are addressed.

Director Huston explained the special public meeting in Oroville by the commissioners about the WATV/ATV road proposal in North County.

Mr. Rough explained a summary he is preparing regarding staffing.

The Shoretell phone system installation quote is higher than expected, but is still a good investment of $20,000 due to the hardware needed and Century Link installation costs, but we will save around $1000 per month due to VoIP capabilities and we would be able to extend the system to the shops. PW spends around $1500 per month which will be cut down to $150. It is concerning because that amount is not within the budget. The board would need to consider a budget amendment later on. The cost would be split between public health and public works. They are still considering the quote. He has discussed this new quote with Public Health and they believe if grant funds are provided they would be able to afford it, but without it they might not. Public Works could provide them an amortized schedule to pay Public Works back for the improvement. Commissioner Hover stated the tenant could pay it back with their lease payment. Public Health lease is up this year, so might be a good time to consider these things.

In House CDL endorsements were discussed. Mr. Rough has not presented the plan to the Union yet as he is still refining it.

Rental Rates for storage space was discussed. Mr. Rough is working on a list of comparisons. He will have something for review within a couple weeks.

Mr. Rough discussed the Leachate Lagoon and the recommendation is to progress through the permit process and pursue construction next spring. He believes prices are really high right now and we might get better prices in the spring. Parametrix was consulted with recently and it was thought that due to lagoon builders being really specialized that prices will be no better if we wait.

Commissioner DeTro adjourned for lunch at 11:55 a.m.

Update – Quarterly Economic Alliance – Roni Holder Deifanbach
Ms. Deifanbach is here to give the board her quarterly report. Attached.
Three things highlighted was the department of commerce wanted to have a stakeholders meeting to make connections with the community needs and challenges. Rural is a big word being focused on. The picked three community in the state and Okanogan is one of them. The meeting was successful and providing a lot of information to Commerce about our community and ability to expand. They will take the information back to the Governor’s office. The Economic Alliance partnered with community colleges for pathways to promote community driven projects. This year the governor joined with WSU and schools for a career connection. EA co-sponsored an event which brought in many agencies to connect kids with the workforce. Many business struggle with keeping a stable workforce so the idea was to provide the senior high schoolers with input on the kinds of trainings available and what workers are needed. People are recognizing that 4-year institutions are not providing these types of jobs so they will need to be trained to do these types of jobs such as construction, mechanic, plumbing, and electrician type trades. In June, they had an affordable housing summit. It was a very challenging event as it is a national local and state trend. This is housing for the working people who struggle to find housing. EA partnered to try and provide solutions. Some of the issues needing solutions were government regulations was one biggest thing hindering development and having to go through the paperwork, something on financial resources who is lending, developers, Methow Trust Housing Trust and EDD for alternative housing nationally being recognized that address this problem. The event was in the PUD auditorium with a lot of participation. The panel speakers were excellent. Out of that some things that came out of it were articulated in the attached needs survey. Some feedback from those she spoke to said it was not feasible to put in all that infrastructure. There are a lot of challenges involved. The bottom line and what matters most and is the way people look at it is from a business perspective. The unknowns keep people from investing here. She will continue that conversation about our affordable housing issue. We have quite a few vacant houses but not many want to turn them into rentals. How do we come up with strategies to clean up what we have? Working with the retiring developers and have them work with upcoming contractors to help them maneuver through the processes. The bottom line is it must pencil out in the end for the developers. There is still a lot of work to be done, but she cannot do it by herself. They have down town business who will be shutting their doors, but it is too late! She needs to know about this 6 months before people shut their doors so resources can be provided and succession plans created. Connect with them before they shut their doors. Conversations about competing with online stores is also a thing. Dept. of Commerce put together an assessment tool for us for a pilot project so they can analysis on how ready businesses are get into the ecommerce business. From that, develop training opportunities based on how ready they are. We have to diversify our products and be progressive.

Commissioner DeTro reviewed the survey and asked what information was compiled there. Ms. Deifenbach explained it. She explained the word is getting out for next summit.

The washed out roads are hindering any type of logging industry. Industries are looking to come into the county. Commissioner DeTro asked if anyone asked about keeping the Smoke Jumpers Base in the Methow. She would attend any of those meeting to advocate keeping it in Okanogan County.

Citizen Comment Period
FAC member Carol Sivak reported to the commissioners regarding her findings from other county fair groups on the use of their track by individuals. Those other fairs do not allow individuals to use their track. Commissioner Hover explained that Douglas County did not approve the contract with Mr. Zabreznik. The board would need about a $2 million dollar policy to cover the association, if one was created. Regular Rodeo’s provide that and the cost is almost double what a $1 million dollar policy would cost. She stated 1 million policy should be sufficient. Commissioner DeTro stated our requirement is likely dictated by our Risk Pool. Commissioner Hover stated the easiest thing to do is to create an association that individuals can become a member of and the county would charge the association for the members to use the track.

Ms. Sivak explained the worst part of the track are the hard spots where vehicles are allowed to drive and compact the dirt. That is the real risk to horses breaking their leg. She requested the county take care of those areas before the fair. The rails are the least of the county’s worries regarding preparation of the track. Ms. Sivak explained the Posse is having their scheduled event this weekend and the use the track during that event. Commissioners encouraged volunteers to take care of concerns and will consult with Risk Manager and Attorney to see if individuals can bring their personal equipment in to make repairs or condition the track.

Discussion Healthcare Integration – OBHC – Lisa and Tenzin
Jim Vellie was introduced. He is the new OBHC CEO from Montana but originally from New York. He explained the areas he served in his previous in Montana. He has been doing this for 20 years.

Mr. Vellie explained he is very excited to be here. He is closing on a house he is purchasing. He will be fetching his wife and dogs next week, so things are really coming together to serve this area and he is looking forward to exercising his expertise. He discussed the most vulnerable. Commissioner Hover explained when he gets settled the board would like to discuss the regional RSN and the integration of health care services. Mr. Vellie stated it is wise to not rush into things and consulting with other counties it is wise to see how the situation affected them. The money is really the question and where is that coming from and for what services will be required to be converted. There are some big questions out there still needing answers. He stated Spokane RSN provides well for Okanogan County. How Medicaid dollars fit into the big picture is still a question.

Commissioner DeTro explained the board met with Mid Valley Hospital new CEO yesterday. Mr. Vellie is meeting and collaborating with many community providers. The group thanked the board for their time.

Motion Authorize the Bill of Sale for the Veterans Van
Commissioner Hover moved to authorize the chairman to sign the bill of sale for the Veterans Van and directed the Clerk of the Board to draft a resolution rescind resolution 80-2017. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Authorize the Chairman to Sign CDBG Housing Rehab Grant Request #1
Commissioner Hover moved to authorize the chairman to sign the CDBG Housing Rehab Grant Contract No. 16-62210-029 Request #1 which includes requests 1-3 January through April which Commerce requested had not approved due needing the tier 1 level environmental review. Now that it is completed and Commerce approved, Commerce requested all previously submitted requests 1-3 be compiled onto one request.

Discussion Auditor’s office
Laurie Thomas, Tanya Craig, Debi Hilts

Laurie Thomas came up to discuss a request for remodel of the Licensing office and elections people retrained. It will entail a discussion about the part time recording position it has been advertised and it is a 5-hour per day position with 50% MARC and 50% out of current expense. She requested succession plan consideration for that positon when she or Mila retires. She really needs to get some people trained in Elections and would like to increase the position to a full time with 50% out of MARC and 25% out of Elections and 25% our of Auditor’s budget. She believes the impact to current expense would be nominal. Commissioner Hover would like to see the cost impact to current expense for the board’s consideration. Auditor Thomas would like to see as smooth of a transition as possible as she and Ms. Jury will be retiring at the same time. The position used to be full-time but was lost in 2009 and then got it back as a part-time position when things were looking better. Ms. Craig explained the office could definitely use the extra person and hours. She will wait for the board’s decision to make it full time then advertise it.

Demonstration - SEAMLESS GOV – Peter Roccaforte
Building Official Dan Higbee, Debbie Featherly, Maurice Goodall, Dave Rodriguez, Judge Short, Darla Schreckengast, Larry Gilman, Beth Barker, Clerk Charleen Groomes, Susan Speiker, Perry Huston, Ben Rough Lorraine Utt, Joe Poulin, Anna Lyon, Joan Mason, Tanya Craig, Debi Hilts, and Steve Rowe

Mr. Roccaforte introduced himself. Solutions for digitizing forms across the county departments. High volume departments would include HR and the Clerks office. Many of our current forms are very cumbersome and get stacked up in paper. This system would allow quicker turn around, simple in nature, and not feel like much change at all. Seamless works exclusively with government something for the citizens to interact better with government and with staff that doesn’t put strain on our current processes.

Unlimited training and support is part of the program. ADA compliant forms for disabled users and translation drop down selections for users. Securities for the form was discussed. Everything that happens is 250 bit encrypted and the same security used by online banking. Some fields need to be more secure than that such as for SS# each field like that can be encrypted by itself for advanced securities that would only allow certain people to see that field. Only those with the encryption key would be able to view that information. Options to include or excluded PDF for signer or put a login on the next signer as well.

Payment has an interface through Stripe third party and is included in our package to offer the payment service. Every instance for payment the Stripe we will be able to allocate the account to be deposited and see detail record on payments made and what form it is attached and is customizable. The way the forms are listed in our audit trail and what account is allocated is customizable. Commissioner Hover asked how much it costs to have that electronic service. They recommend we do not take the service charge but rather 3% 2.9% with stripe and the idea is if you are on your ipad dropping off a form last minute that convenience charge is charged to the customer. IN most instances the county only takes cash or check for most things. With a County wide payment system in place for everyone in the county it would allow them to interact with the county us more efficiently. The user would pay the convenience fee and the county would not even see that.

San Juan County in Washington but predominately cities use this.

Perry Huston asked about site plans and drawings through CAD systems would those be able to be drawn up or submitted. Attachments work the best. The option to take a picture of the drawing and attach to the submission. The more simple drawings they do offer a canvas sketch is offered for signs or accident reporting from their phone.

Commissioner Hover asked how red lines work for building plans that need additional information from the submitter. Peter responded that the activity with new attachments can be interacted with through the platform with as many visitors as needed for multiple building jobs and a record is created and helps government extend relationships with those users. It eliminates driving time for them to log into the portal to see the documents and interact with others and attachments discussed.

Darla Schreckengast sked about credit card systems. Hers charge 4% to the users and some states don’t allow us to pass that fee onto the user so adjustments are made for that, does this system allow for us to take on the charge instead of passing it on and how does it affect those states that do not allow the fee to be passed on to the user. Peter stated he would need to look into how that might work. We could maintain a system we are already using by allowing us to use the form but customize the payment part which directs them to the other pay option. It might be easiest to stick with what we use.

Change and adoption into something new renders caution but really should be considered so it is used. Unlimited training for the purpose of empowering us to use the technology.

Needle Gov is used by Spokane County and that startup price is $50,000 plus $10,000 annually.

Ms. Craig would like to know if the services were terminated after a year, what happens to our forms? What is our price guarantee?

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-6 excepting item 7 until Commissioner Branch has a chance to review and consider. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.
1. Commissioners Proceedings June 5, 6, 2017 & June 12,13, 2017
2. Liquor License Special Occasion - 07/20-23, 2017 - Blues Ranch – Smith
3. Agreement Addendum – Asset Disposition Services-- BudsGunShop – Sheriff
4. Agreement – Freel Pit P1-52 – Freel, Public Works
5. Renewals – Cattleguard Franchise – N-196, 09-13, 95-73, N-195
6. Application - Water Right Transfer – Seaton’s Grove – Department Of Ecology
7. Re-Appointment Letters – Planning Commission – Albert Roberts, Phil Dart, and Dave Schulz

Commissioners adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.