JULY 11, 2017

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on July 11, 2017, Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Andy Hover, Commissioner Chris Branch and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board present.

Commissioners convened the board at 9:00 a.m.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
Josh Freel, Tanya Craig, Joe Poulin, Debi Hilts, Perry Huston, Dave Gecas, Albert Lin

Ms. Hilts provide the board with an update on recruitments. She has been working on an exit interview form that she will present to the commissioners before using it. She is also working on a process and form that shows what required deductions will be made from employees pay for such things as retirement etc….. She explained retirement costs have gone up for both employee and employer contributions. This information will provide employees a better picture and understanding of what to expect. Ms. Hilts explained that initiative 1433 which has to do with providing employees with paid sick leave which accumulates one hour for every 40 hours worked or more and will begin January 1, 2018 even for temp employees. Paid Family medical leave is also changing where contributions are made by both employee and employer. This new leave is paid leave for medical purposes and doesn’t come into effect for another three years. It is to be used congruently with FMLA and guarantees that employee’s job . A pregnancy act is also coming down the pipe. Washington is the number five state to enact this. It is the big push to provide parental bonding with a new child.

Joe Poulin updated the board on the courthouse energy project. The PUD is on schedule to provide the necessary wiring on the July 24th. The easement document will be here Thursday which provides access across a neighboring property for any repairs of the piping. The system has been water filled and there are no leaks. The installation of the controls should take about two weeks.

Mr. Poulin explained three Bids were gathered and submitted for the HVAC needed in the Bat Cave. The quotes were: DIVCO $10,124; Cascade Mechanical $11,268.61 and Don Kruse $12,616.12. It appears the lowest bid was DIVCO.

Motion DIVCO Bid for HVAC Repairs Bat Cave
Commissioner Hover moved to go with the lowest bid proposal from DIVCO for the necessary repairs to the Bat Cave HVAC in the amount of $10,124. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Josh Freel updated the board on the Fairgrounds well. The board will move forward with receiving proposals from three well professionals. The board asked for quotes from MVM, Okanogan Well Drilling, John Hubbard, Shawn O’Connell, and Fogle. They asked Mr. Freel to call them to receive quotes to make temporary repairs to nurse the well along by redeveloping the well in order to provide water to the fairgrounds this year. The long term plan would be to consider a new well once the funding for that is found. The Board directed Mr. Freel to contact the companies and get quotes. One requirement for the repair that must be it be completed before the Fair. Director Huston explained a resolution would be a good idea if the board decides to go with a higher bid due to that vendor being able to complete the project within the required time line.

The Clerk of the Board provided phone numbers to Mr. Freel of the several well companies so he can initiate calls for quotes which the board will consider. A resolution will be prepared for commissioners to waive the lowest cost bid if quotes for the project are higher due to the timeline for completion.

Tanya Craig updated the board on several items she is working on. She will be the lead on the Jail Ceiling project. The Beaman architect agreement for the Jail ceiling was signed in 2015 which she will review and recommend extension to cover the remaining work for the bid proposal document so the project can be completed. She assisted the Chief Corrections deputy on the necessary resolution and paperwork. She updated the board on the Prosecutor’s office changes and how she would proceed. The Solid Waste contract is still not executed by the union. Ms. Craig explained the issue. She reported that the Tonasket EMS insurance contract is terming soon and will need to be signed unless it is cancelled due to Life Line assuming responsibility for the districts assets. In that case Life Line insurance would kick in. Of course that is dependent on an executed contract with Life Line. Ms. Craig explained she is working on a cash handling policy for universal use by county departments. That draft will be provided to the commissioners for review and approval. The evaluation for the Active Shooter Training was good, a copy was provided to the board, but not the Clerk of the Board.

Ms. Craig explained Labor Law and Labor Arbitration training in November she would like to attend. The cost is $375 for the course. Ms. Craig stated she does have the funds in her training and travel budget. She provided the course information to the board. Commissioners all agreed it would be good training.

Mr. Lin updated the board on several legal matters including the Gamble claim. He will consider the outcomes on the Cross Roads Marijuana claim. Mr. Lin explained that Mr. David Gecas will be filling in for him when he leaves Okanogan County. Mr. Gecas has been transitioning over the last few weeks to become familiar with the current issues. Mr. Gecas stated he is hopeful a replacement will be hired within good time, but he is willing to fill in until then.

The Clerk of the Board updated the board on several items. She prepared a sole source resolution for signature regarding the SEAMLESS.GOV and explained Attorney Albert Lin did review the sole source letter and proposal for sole source criteria. She requested the board finalize it. She explained the Order Form will be filled out and sent to the representative to get things started. The cost will be right about $5200 for the five departments as a basic starter package of 50 forms. The service initiation meeting is this Thursday .

The Clerk of the Board informed the Board the new office clerk will begin tomorrow. She will be oriented to the office this week then sit in on commissioners meetings next week. The Clerk of the Board informed the board that she intends to be out of the office for personal time next week on the 19th.

Motion Resolution 100-2017 Sole Source Product
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 100-2017 approving as a sole source vendor as reviewed by the county attorney. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion DIVCO Service Agreement
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the annual services agreement with DIVCO for Courthouse Complex HVAC systems maintenance and repairs and authorized the chairman to sign. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Director Huston provided his update. He prepared a comment letter to Scott Pruitt, Administrator Environmental Protection Agency regarding the Colville Confederated Tribes application under review by EPA. Attorney Lin will review the letter and the draft will be prepared for signature.

Update Human Resources/Risk Management – Tanya Craig and/or Debi Hilts
Ms. Hilts informed the board she will be out of the office next week for personal reasons. Ms. Craig explained she would be out later next week as well for the Board of Directors Meeting for Risk Pool.

Discussion – Personnel – Josh Freel
Tanya Craig

Ms. Craig explained that Mr. Freel requested she reach out to other counties to obtain a salary survey for Fairgrounds Manager positions to give the commissioners for consideration. Ms. Craig explained he is currently paid 61% of those comparable counties. Commissioner Branch said this info helps provide the board with information they will need for a decision. Commissioner Hover asked what the total cost impact will be for annual salary on the high and low end and what the costs will be for benefits. Ms. Craig stated he would not be at 100% of the comparable counties. The proposed, Mr. Freel is asking for, would be at mid-point at approximately $53,000 annually. Commissioner Hover asked what the low would be and it is $47,916. The board asked Mr. Freel what he expected. Mr. Freel said it was his understanding the board would review his salary at the six month mark. Commissioners would like to do a performance evaluation review first before making their decision. Ms. Craig will provide the form to the commissioners. An employee evaluation was scheduled for next week.

Emily Sisson, member of the public arrived at about 10:10 a.m. taking hand written notes.

Public Hearing Supplemental Appropriation Emergency Services Fund 121
Maurice Goodall

Commissioner DeTro opened the hearing up to staff. Mr. Goodall explained this supplemental is for a grant award from the Department of Ecology received for equipment spill trailer repairs and maintenance. The funds must be allocated to the expenditure line so this resolution does that.

Commissioner DeTro closed staff and asked for public comment seeing none he closed the hearing to public and opened up for commissioner discussion.

Motion Resolution 114-2017 Supplemental Appropriation Emergency Management
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 114-2017 a supplemental appropriation within the Emergency Management budget in the amount of $550. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Mr. Goodall stated this trailer is primarily used when there is a spill into the water way. When spills are reported Ecology would be contacted in addition to county responding with the trailer and its content.

Update Public Works – Josh Thompson/Ben Rough
Public Works agendas were provided.

Ben Rough updated the board on several items.

Mr. Rough explained he has been working on property rental fees for county office space within the various buildings. He provided a spreadsheet that shows the past and present rates charged to none current expense departments and entities. Mr. Rough recommended an approach to provide a different rate for the individual buildings depending on the amenities included. He has consulted with Attorney Lin about this approach and how the changes might affect those across the board. The Clerk of the Board recommended that the rates be adopted by resolution, whatever they wind up being, Commissioner Hover is inclined to adopt a consistent rate no matter which building it is. Commissioners directed staff to draft a resolution that provides that a new rate of $.43 per square foot be applied to any new renters and those renters already in place begin paying the new rate effective January 1, 2018.

Mr. Rough further explained a proposal from North Summit Nordic Trails to use the same snowmobile trails in order to take skiers out to the back country. (Info and map attached) The snow cat would use our groomed trails to take the skiers out. There is a draft MOU being considered between the ski education foundation and the snowmobile club that has been coordinated by Washington state parks. There would be certain insurances included in the language for the timelines etc…Mr. Albert Lin is currently reviewing the agreement as well.

Mr. Rough explained the City of Okanogan wants to purchase the property the county owns near the dike along Burton Avenue. The City only wants a portion of the property and would be willing to take on the maintenance on county property that runs adjacent to the city property. Mr. Rough explained the proposal would be to do a public purpose segregation, go through the surplus process, and convey the portion the city wants to the city and then sell the other portion by public auction. There is an issue right now on that portion because the neighboring landowner is already encroaching on the county property. Mr. Rough suggested that if the property is divided the city should pay a portion of that cost and that must be worked out prior to beginning the process. Commissioner Branch would like to review the aerials first. Mr. Rough will provide some historical information on the dike property to the board.

Commissioner Branch explained the proposed River Walk project going in for Farm Workers housing by the Caso’s grocery store. The city held the public hearing last night.

Mr. Rough discussed the WSDOE recycle grant amendment.

Engineer Josh Thomson discussed the maintenance and road conditions. He updated the board on the Peter Dan Road slide emergency contract, survey and geotechnical and fill site.

The chip seal projects are set for next Monday, July 17.

Current Projects were discussed.

Engineer Thomson explained there is some sand that needs to be removed from the north summit site. Commissioner Hover would like to consider that sand as a possible resource for the Fairgrounds race track. The board would like Engineer Thomson to see if would be is good for that purpose. The track would take about 3700 yards at 6 inches deep.

Engineer Thomson provided an Overtime use update which was about 22.5 hours last week. He explained what the bulk of those hours were used for.

The Lyman Lake gravel project, which is a FEMA funded project, is being completed in about two weeks.

The Tonasket Bridge south reconstruction project was discussed it will be bid out in November and built next summer.

The 2017 gravel crushing project was discussed and an update provided.

The Hwy 7 Tonasket Bridge North overlay project is about three years out and it is CRAB funded. The project length is about 1.3 miles.

The Old Driskell to Veretar reconstruction project timeline was discussed.

Liberty Woodlands Sewer is a 26+ year old system. Repairs are required and discussed. Engineer Thomson stated the system pumps freeze in the winter and a new pump to be made which requires a special casting and that cost is high. He recommended everything be replaced including the tanks due to cave ins. So quotes have been received for pump replacement, tank relocation, and controls in the amount of $36,000. The system is just at capacity so a phase II should be considered for build out. When they get to that point a discussion for transfer of the system will happen. It does have a fund that would be transferred with it. If we move forward with the repairs a budget supplemental would be needed. There is some carryover that can be allocated to the expenditure line. The board is in favor of the needed repairs. Engineer Thomson stated the contract will come up for next week’s consent agenda.

District 1 and District 2 were discussed for WATV map. Those areas were discussed.

Secure Rural Schools funding was discussed. There hasn’t been any news as to whether it has been funded yet. Commissioner DeTro explained the ways and means committee met and now the issue must go to the speaker. The County lobbyist believes it will be fully funded and they are now looking for something to attach it to. Many of the biggest hurdles have been crossed.

Engineer Thomson explained the Virginia Grainger parking lot hole has been repaired. He believes there might be another void under the cement where a tree might have been because everything seems to be settling. A more minor approach was taken for the hole repairs, but there could be other issues further down that will need to be dealt with in the future. He did not believe the hole was caused by water due to the way it slopes away and there was no sign of water seeping out.

Complaints have been received about irrigation overspray on county roads in the area of Jack Wells road. It causes a lot of damage to county roads but it is a hard thing to deal with. He understands the wind could cause overspray, but he isn’t talking about that. Commissioner Hover believes some correspondence should be sent to the irrigators to make them aware of the issue.

Discussion – Courthouse Security – Sheriff Rogers, Undersheriff Somday
Tanya Craig,

Commissioners discussed the conversation between the board and Superior Court regarding the courthouse security. The superior court staff wished to reestablish a small committee to recommend moving forward with courthouse security solutions. The Sheriff explained he does not wish to be on the committee as this would be the fourth committee he served on for the same purpose and he doesn’t wish to chair that committee again. He suggested the commissioners sit on it. Ms. Craig explained there is already a resolution and ordinance that established the committee membership. Commissioner Hover asked the Sheriff about the other resolution authorizing the security officer. Sheriff Rogers replied the Jail was so shorthanded last year that that deputy was needed to fill in at the Jail. There are only so many deputies to go around. He doesn’t know what the solution is, but a security group was his recommendation last year. But the courts did not appear to like that idea. Commissioner Hover asked if there is some way to have somebody provide courthouse security. There must be some protection provided and that personnel has to be there consistently. Sheriff Rogers stated there isn’t that kind of money and with the jail being so shorthanded there just isn’t anyone available to put in that position. Sheriff Rogers summarized how busy his department has been on public safety issues. Commissioner Hover asked if the voters pass the ballot initiative if those funds could help pay for the bodies come November. Phoenix Security was discussed. They can secure people and protect life. Commissioner DeTro said that is what the courts are looking for, a security group could provide that to the courthouse. Sheriff Rogers replied that a guard would be on site, be uniformed, wear a badge and would be armed. Law Enforcement would respond if something happened. Commissioner Branch asked about metal detectors. Ms. Craig explained it would require dedication of funds for both the metal detectors and two people one for each entrance. There are more complications with that then just providing a visible body on the grounds. The Sheriff said if his office were housed in the courthouse things would be much different and that would be a good fix. A one stop justice center would be ideal with the Prosecutor housed there too. Commissioners discussed the costs of moving the Sheriff to the courthouse. Money is the key. However, it is the long term solution. Commissioner Branch agreed that does make sense. Sheriff Rogers said a committee should be created to address the one stop shopping idea and make recommendation for that.

Commissioners discussed the next step. The Undersheriff discussed the advantages of Phoenix Security for short term as they do have the back fill if someone is sick. Sheriff Rogers explained the plan that was presented to the previous board and the feedback from the courts. The board thanked the group for their input.

The board adjourned for lunch at 12:35 p.m.

CANCELLED Board of Health – Health Department

Discussion Forest Service – County WATV Road Coordination – Matt Reidy, Mike Liu
Several members of the public in attendance including ATV club members King,

Director Huston discussed land use SEPA review for impacts to the land due to WATV use on proposed roads. He further requested feedback from Forest Service where the proposed road may pass by Forest Service roads. Commissioner DeTro explained the considerations and concerns where the use by WATV use in sensitive areas might cause concern. Some roads were excluded in those areas. The proposed roads maps were provided to Mr. Reidy and it shows the current roads open to ATV and proposed to opened roads to WATV. The board went over some of the roads that have been grandfathered in.

The commissioners invited Forest Service to coordinate with the county on these proposed roads and how the forest service will handle it. The commissioners prefer a meeting with the board. Questions may be run through Director Huston for a bigger discussion with the commissioners. He always has the Planning Study session on Monday at 1:30 p.m.

Commissioner Hover would like Forest Service to be forward thinking when considering the proposed roads of the county. Lets leave it open to discussion to mitigate those areas with concern with either fencing or other ways. There is a lot of support in the ATV community to help do what it takes to ensure sensitive areas are not used. Mr. Reidy stated Betsy Peterson is working on a project in the wilderness and she will spend a whole week there so these responses probably won’t be given until a few weeks. The county is still in the process with no public hearing date scheduled. Director Huston stated the SEPA could be done on the outside proposed areas and then those needed changes could be made within the boundaries of SEPA. He said he is still a week out with the documents. Mr. Liu asked if this is a one shot deal or if the board has additional proposed roads it is considering to open in the future. Commissioner DeTro stated, yes, this is a work in progress and roads may be added or roads taken off depending on how it works out on a case by case basis. Commissioner Hover explained if the board is considering roads in the Methow then Forest Service would be consulted. He asked Mr. Liu to think about what areas would be conducive to ATV use. The lower Methow appears to be less concerned and those areas would be addressed with everyone in agreement. Mr. Liu explained the Forest Service is going through its Travel Management Plan and some roads are moving ahead with that plan. Some roads in the Methow are not included in the Travel Management Plan. The county intends to take areas one at a time. Commissioner DeTro stated Okanogan County is its own RTPO now through legislation and we are working on our own Travel Management Plan, Commissioner Branch explained one plan is to look at the primitive road system to identify the roads most practical status and consolidate those that make sense. Funding is also going to be explored. Commissioner Hover discussed some contention with th e old travel management plan that stated ATV’s could travel on forest service roads then the new one changed that wording. Status quo are we talking about the way it was written or how it is being interpreted that certain roads are closed. Mr. Liu responded that the interpretation by regional offices do allow street legal vehicles on forest service roads. If it is a road that was not originally approved for ATV use then those would be still be closed until an analysis is done. Mr. Liu discussed what prohibited areas would be included in the new Travel Management Plan. Commissioner Hover wants to make sure what we are talking about because in areas in Conconully there is a question of what the position is of the Ranger district for use of Forest Service routes. Mr. Reidy stated there are routes that are unsafe. They wish to identify those core routes, but they are stuck in the interim. That is what the commissioners are concerned about. Mr. Reidy explained education and compliance is their goal rather than enforcement.

Commissioner DeTro explained the Conconully Jamboree where a forest service officer caused quite a stir. Mr. Reidy discussed the interim and where those riders can ride while the details are worked out.

Commissioner Hover would like the maps being discussed today to be displayed in the commissioners hearing room. Mr. Liu discussed the how a legislative solution would deal with the uses on the roads and if that is settled it could allow a similar plan such as the one in Idaho.

Commissioner DeTro encouraged Forest Service to talk with their law enforcement officer about the use of forest service roads by WATV and ATV. Attitudes in the situation such as the Jamboree is critical. Mr. Reidy explained their wish to have a clear expectation about what was to be relayed and maps and road information was provided but it didn’t turn out the way either side expected or that is unfortunate. He is taking steps forward to ensure next year is successful. Commissioner DeTro stated a disabled service officer veteran who attended the 4th of July event would like to hold an event in the near future. Mr. Reidy stated he is happy to work through the event details with people wishing to hold events. Commissioner Branch would like have a discussion about it to separate the rumors from the actual information. Mr. Reidy explained he can update the board on where the conversations are going on his end.

Mr. Reidy discussed other issues he wanted to update the board on. Light Stewardship program decision is moving forward with an offer after October 1st and is part of the timber offer for the forest. It is on tract. The Range issues they are having a range monitoring workshop in July and over 100 people are signed up for that but he is concerned about how large the group is. He wonders how effective a meeting that large will be. The presenters believe it can be successful. The Mt Hull is in pre NEPA and preparing to transition into the NEPA phase at the beginning of the fiscal year and developing a proposal to go out to the public. That is progressing. The restoration project will entail upland restoration road management issues as there are many parallel stream courses and road failures due to that. They are looking at areas to enhance big horn sheep on the western side of Mt. Hull. Commissioner Branch asked about the Pacific NW Trail. Mr. Reidy stated it was initially identified but he would rather it be put on a trial alignment and off the 100 road as it is not a good setting for a trail. One of the biggest issues is when the trail hikers are on a roadway.

Tote NEPA complex is beginning this fall on the Permittee lands. He was out there gathering a deeper understanding of the area.

He is very close to getting all the information on the restoration area thinning and restoration of material less than harvest size.

Salmon Meadows restoration and title II funding for that camp ground with the tent sites going away and larger sites created for RV’s a reconfiguration of that campground and additional fencing to reduce conflicts. New toilets are being installed and old ones decommissioned.

Road Damage assessment was performed on the forest with a request for ERFA funding. That will be refined for Federal Highways to do the NEPA for them. One road is the 42 road as there was extensive damage on it. There is a two prong approach with separation of the 42 road from other pieces so it can be addressed quicker. It is one of three they will implement a split on in order to provide quicker resolve of the damage. He doesn’t have a lot of help to fix the roads right away.

Mr. Reidy stated there was a Road maintenance agreement in place but it was terminated. Forest Service would like to reinstitute that. Forest Service and county roads do connect one another and the county does perform emergency work on Forest Service roads. That agreement would allow the Forest Service to pay the county that much quicker and if it were in place better efficiencies could happen. Commissioner Branch would like to discuss that.

Mr. King asked about the other two priority roads included in the breakout with road 42. Mr. Liu stated he thought those were South Summit and Black Canyon were included with ERFL.

Mr. Liu updated the board on the timber sales that are complete now. All the hauling should be done by the end of the month. Logging South Summit will continue with some commercial fire wood. Currently working through comments on the restoration project up Libby Creek. He is hoping to have decision this fall for that. The outfitter guides decision is behind schedule but he hope a final EIS for review will be done in about two months. Fisheries acclimation work is being done in consort with Yakima Nations. Back Country horsemen are helping to open up more trails and Andrews trail is open now. Sheep Mt still needs help. Mr. Liu continued to discuss road damages. He did also recommend some kind of agreement be in place with the county for road maintenance. If there were an agreement it would really help. He explained the would have to go through an open bid for those projects and it would take much longer to do that than if there were an agreement with the county for that work.

Mr. Liu provided Fuels and Fire Behavior Advisory for Eastern Washington. The situation with the low lands has high potential for extreme fire. (attached) There was some field work done on McClure site to thin out those areas near communications sites. Fire wood gathering will be restricted this week and camp fires will also be allowed only in certain areas.

Mr. Reidy said if the county does have questions, don’t hesitate to call for assistance. Commissioner Hover asked about the process for doing distance riding events and asked what the permit process for an event is like that. Mr. Liu explained all the special event applications there are two seasons for application. They collected those and review. A horse event applications are being reviewed, but the most important thing is to get the applications in on time. Open season is about six months in advance from the event.

Commissioner Branch asked about the last mushroom harvest this year. Mr. Reidy stated there were very few people who got permits as there was a smaller window for it. The growing conditions just were not right. The best growing is just after a fire.

Mr. King asked how the clubs can keep up with those hoot owls. They can call the ranger office and DNR.

Ben Rough, Tanya Craig, Albert Lin and Debi Hilts came in and informed the board of a resignation received from the Solid Waste Manager effective immediately. A resolution will be drafted to address the vacancy. The position will need to be filled as soon as possible. Ms. Hilts stated she is prepared with the appropriate advertisements.

Motion Resolution 115-2017 Fairgrounds Well Emergency Status
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 115-2017 establishing that an emergency exists on the Fairgrounds due no adequate water supply for the grounds. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 116-2017 Appointing Commissioner Hover to TRANGO Board
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 116-2017 a resolution appointing Commissioner Hover to the TRANGO Board as a voting member. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Letter to Grandinetti
Commissioner Hover moved to authorize a letter to Cami Grandinetti with the Office of Water and Watersheds in Seattle regarding an application by the Colville Confederated Tribes which is under review by that agency and requesting a meeting on. The agency did not provide notice within the county and did not coordinate with the local government on the issue that will affect the county. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-4 excluding item 5, as presented. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Commissioners Proceedings July 3, 2017
2. CDBG Housing Rehab Grant Request #2
3. Resolution 112-2017 Rescinding Res. 93-2016 and Calling for Creation of NEWC
4. Resolution 113-2017 Authorizing Jerry Paul Signing Authority for Equipment Registrations
5. Resolution 115-2017 Budget Adjustment Current Expense Reserve/Superior Court Juror Fees

Commissioners adjourned for the day at 5:01 p.m.