AUGUST 29, 2017

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on August 29, 2017, Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, Commissioner Andy Hover and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board present.

Commissioners convened the board at 9:00 a.m.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
David Gecas, Kim Spivey, Tanya Craig, Debi Hilts, Joe Poulin, Perry Huston

Josh Freel via teleconference informed the board that one of the fairgrounds lawn mowers had died. The commissioners directed him to see how much it would cost to add a mower deck to the current tractor lease instead of purchasing a new mower.

Joe Poulin updated the board on the Hancock building status. There are a few files left in the basement that will be taken out this week so it is ready to be leased. The Clerk of the Board will advertise. He will discuss with Noah Stewart what it would mean to bring in the Jail maintenance budget under the courthouse maintenance responsibility. The Clerk of the Board as the Maintenance Manager explained it would take more time to enter the bills by her staff and a bit more time on Joe to ensure the supply orders are sufficient. His crew already performs the jail maintenance tasks. Joe will speak to Noah today in preparation of the Maintenance Budget meeting this afternoon.

Debi Hilts updated the board on recruitments. Civil Service Testing is scheduled. She updated the board on SEAMLESS GOV document forms. The application forms are being worked on and those will become live soon. She is trying to get the entire orientation forms online.

Tanya Craig gave her update. She will be stopping in at the fair off and during the weekend to ensure proper controls are in place for the finance and risk management of the fair and those controls will be handled personally. She has been handling the revolving fund so she will be there with Eric Fritts to ensure everything is exported from ShoWorks for the premium checks.

Kim Spivey explained there are some more contracts for the commissioners to sign for Fair entertainment and such. There is going to be a beer garden at the fair this year but logistics have not been worked out totally. The professional outfit is from Oregon, spoke to the previous board about what they do and the previous board approved a beer garden. The outfit has their own licenses, security and inventory the fair does get a portion of the proceeds. Commissioner Hover heard complaints about providing a beer garden. But, he explained the Fair is an enterprise fund and does need to make money to support itself. There were people in favor and against when the public hearing was held. To have a good Fair there should be things to do for everyone. It is unfortunate about there not being a carnival this year.

Josh Freel came in and told the board there is no deck attachment available for the tractor, so they found someone in Twisp with a three point grooming attachment that is for sale for $11,500. The Clerk of the Board reminded that it would need to be bid out to receive quotes. Mr. Freel stated the other mower is burning oil bad so that is going to die soon. The grounds really needs two mowers to maintain the grounds properly. The board would like to see how much it would be to rent one for the next two weeks and check with all the vendors for quotes. Commissioner Branch asked if we could consider checking with the city to see if a reimbursable agreement could be put in place for this work because they mow the Sports Complex right down the road.

David Gecas provided his update on legal matters regarding water, study areas, zone code cases and a possible presentation on water making by a hydrologist, and having a comprehensive conversation about stipulated dismissal to discuss progress. OCC 17A.400. Another layer of protection with interim control to address the uncertainty.

Motion Fair Contracts Authorize the Chairman to Sign
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the following Fair Contracts: Casey Martin Company Band 4460; Frank Rendon Wool Busters 7410; and Mindy Miller Clear View Janitorial Services 4500 and authorized the Chairman to sign. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

CANCELLED Update – Assessor Scott Furman

Update Okanogan Land Trust Conservancy -Jerry Debaucher
Mr. Debaucher provided information, updates and background on a number of initiatives the land trust has been working on since he was last in front of the Commissioners last August. He explained some tools available to him that helps identify funding that can be directed to projects. He explained some larger projects such as Trust for Public lands and a grant proposal they wish to have support on. Conversation stages are located in areas with easements and are already in Chesaw area. Funding is a challenge for those easements. There are some smaller easements being discussed with Trout Unlimited and NRCS for salmon. They are holding exploring conversations with landowners. Commissioner Hover would like to see, when entering into conversations with the land owners, a business plan and a succession plan especially for the farm land. He wants to make sure people are thinking along those lines rather than just getting a bunch of money one time and not thinking well enough into the future to maintain their farm. Mr. Debaucher said it is a conversation point to include long term planning for the property. What is coming down the pipe? One easement is located in the North Crumbacher estates area near BLM on east side of the highway.

A hand out was provided to the Board on several items. WWRP Counties are looking at a much smaller match requirement for its recreational component and it will be easier to obtain the grants. Also, they are working with legislators on PILT payments to ensure east side counties are given what they should be given on those properties obtained by the state. They are talking in DC about the upcoming farm bill and others that come through for farm land preservation to fully fund at the same level as 2014. Not sure whether or not the administration will hold firm on the proposed budget, but they are advocating for funding at the same level.

Another item is the Meadow Mount easement on Bonaparte Creek Lightning Creek owned by people in Oregon as they would like to see it protected forest for birding and forest land. This is a personal dream of the landowner to preserve their property. It is a habitat connectivity core piece. It is completely donated with no money involved.

Mr. Debaucher explained he would like to speak with Commissioner Hover about the transportation plan. The board thanked him for his time.

Update – Human Resources / Risk Management – Tanya Craig and/or Debi Hilts
Brandon Platter, interim Prosecutor; Tanya Craig, Risk Manager; Perry Huston Planning Director

Mr. Platter explained he is here to listen and not really offer any advice on the situation as he does not take this process personally as the consideration of the board is part of the process. He has no issues and understands the complications.

Ms. Craig explained, in terms of appointing the Prosecutor, yesterday was the end of the 60 days. She stated she contacted Jeffery Tern on the situation of only having two names on the nominations letter by the Democratic Party.

She also contacted Michael Surratt as the Chairman of the Party and he explained to her the intent of the law was followed and it can be proven as a fair and open process. The Democratic Party advertised in newspapers, there were 68 in attendance at the meeting, they approached individual attorneys for recruitment and provided their nominations to the County Commissioners via hand delivered letter.

The AG office was contacted and explained to Ms. Craig if the commissioners were satisfied with the two names and there is no problem with those, the board can choose from the two names. Commissioner Branch asked who is out there to challenge this. The fact is anyone can challenge anything, but whether there is any validity to the challenge or not is the question. Commissioner Hover stated this leads him to consider the appearance of the situation. The Parties were contacted and they felt the two main nominees were very capable.

Mr. Platter asked the Board if they felt the process was fair and open. Director Huston explained the only requirement in the law is that the Democratic Party submit three names. Commissioner DeTro doesn’t trust the AG office because of the things the board is going through right now in terms of lawsuit. He doesn’t wish to go through with this unless the law is upheld. Mr. Platter explained the law is not as simple as what it says, it is about the interpretation. Everyone has agreed the board is safe going forward with the process as is. WAPA did check in with him and they agreed it could move forward. They want the prosecuting position to be a valid position and there is no benefit to them if one is not validly appointed. The process was followed with the correct intent. There is no process outlined like in 1, 2, 3, rather it is a process laid out by the Democratic Party and they have followed it. Can someone come in and sue the county on cases heard by the prosecutor if this law was not followed, no absolutely not. They feel the names submitted are of very capable attorneys who could fulfill the requirements of the position. There were additional names nominated and provided to the Democratic Party but those attorneys did not wish to accept the nominations. Commissioner Hover is looking at this purely from a standpoint that this has been a process that was diluted over time. Mr. Platter agrees there is a process, the issue is that there were more than three names but those nominees refused the nomination, the intent is to prevent from picking from one person only, so if that isn’t happening here then that is not an issue. Mr. Platter explained the impacts to the Prosecutor office if someone is not appointed. Even if someone agreed to be the third name the Democratic Party is not willing to reopen their nomination process. Mr. Platter further explained it defaults to the Governor if the Board cannot come up with a name to appoint. The governor also chooses from the same list. He doesn’t believe anyone has standing to bring a challenge to the decision. The next part of the process would be to appoint and is up to the board whether they hold interviews of the nominees. Commissioner Branch asked if the board was interested in interviewing the nominees. Commissioner Hover is okay with an open interview but he really doesn’t need to. Commissioner DeTro is not against having one. Commissioner Branch asked how many months was left in the term, it runs through 2018. The previous prosecutor wanted Brandon Platter to fill the prosecuting attorney position.

Motion Prosecuting Attorney Okanogan County
Commissioner Branch moved to appoint Brandon Platter as prosecuting attorney for Okanogan County and directed staff to draft the resolution. Commissioner Hover said he would like time to consider, Commissioner DeTro is not ready to make the decisions. The motion died for lack of a second.

Ms. Craig explained another issue to the Board. The Jail has a full time cook and a part time cook. The part time cook is being paid a lot of overtime and she was wondering if that position could be made full time to save almost $2,000 per year. That position is paid out of fund 109 so there is not impact to Current Expense. The total cost for the full time position including salary benefits and tax is $58,273 per year.

Update – Public Works – Josh Thomson, Ben Rough
Planning Director Huston

Public Works agendas were handed out.

Commissioners discussed the RTPO resolution modification. The group discussed how the proposed language would work, bylaws and voting members, and the need to double check with the council of government’s membership on how it all fits together with regional transportation.

Director Huston thought the OCOG could be the RTPO. Commissioner Branch read from the rules and it appears it could be anyone and we could limit it. Engineer Thomson explained where the confusion would happen if they were separate. The Engineer does have the responsibility of managing the finances.

Engineer Thomson went through his agenda.

Road and Maintenance Conditions
The roads are wash boarded but too dry to grate. There have been many complaints received.

Use of 12 hours of overtime was discussed.

Engineer Thomson stated he would pull the list together the proposed WATV routes for SEPA, but asked if the board had any changes before he compiles that information. Director Huston explained WDFW has commented on the proposed routes as well as the Forest Service via a letter dated July 14, 2017. The board doesn’t have additional roads to add. Engineer Thomson explained roads could be added now but not later. If added now they could be taken off later. Commissioner Branch is okay with leaving the roads as they are on the list and with having a discussion later when comments begin to come in. Director Huston asked for the mileage of each road with mile posts.

Peter Dan Road
Engineer Thomson explained the proposal is to drill some bore holes to identify where the deeper issues are in the slide. We cannot complete the project this year because monitoring of the slide must happen during the wet season. He is looking at what can be done to the road now that will allow it to be maintained over the winter. The DDIR must be resubmitted. Geotech costs could be around $180,000 with the whole fixed cost being covered. He will send in the plan. Commissioner Hover would like a Pre evaluation of the road provided to the Risk Manager for on liability consideration. The road is technically closed, explained Engineer Thomson. Commissioner Hover would like the Risk Pool involved on the reasons why the road is closed and what the county is doing to cover ourselves. Commissioner Branch believes that is a good thing to do.

Engineer Thomson explained a letter identifying the scoe to be signed by commissioners.

Hanford Cutoff Road
Right of way was discussed for the vacation proposal. Commissioner Hover asked what the timeline was for that vacation. First, a resolution must be signed directing the Engineer to report on the vacation then the public hearing would be about two weeks from that. The concern is that it won’t get done, but Commissioner Hover doesn’t see any issue with proceeding with the process as far as he is concerned. Commissioner Branch did not wish to comment on the vacation proposal until the information is presented.

Motion Public Works Shop LED Lighting Project
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the Shop LED lighting project upgrade contract with Vassar Inc. in the amount of $30,485.28. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Engineer Thomson discussed pit agreements that will be presented for signature as listed on his agenda.

Durapatch equipment training is happening today. There will be some work on the roads later on using the equipment.

ER&R funds was reviewed by the State Auditor issues discussed with Engineer Thomson. Resolution 76-2001 caps the fund. He and the State Auditor do not agree with the cap being at 3 Million. Engineer Thomson explained why and how replacement costs and depreciation costs are calculated as we are using the equipment. We should be able to sell the equipment for what it’s worth and use that money to purchase new equipment. In 2010, when all equipment was moved to CAMS, costs were not tracked. Everything in parts and crushed rock inventory pays back and pays into the depreciation. In his opinion the cap should go away. The landfill equipment has been moved into ER&R now and if we are trying to manage replacements the cap hinders their ability. Engineer Thomson stated the State Auditor will recommend the cap go away. Commissioner Hover discussed the interest generated by the fund.

Equipment orders were discussed.

Ben Rough discussed his agenda items.

He went over his weed and sign shop request. He provided documentation that supports re-staffing the weed and sign shop. He believed savings would be realized but when they looked at that budget it isn’t a complete savings.

Temp positions were briefly discussed.

A new mechanic was hired who will start soon and will help build the foundation for the shops. Interviews for Solid Waste Manager will begin soon.

The CDL in house training proposal is being reviewed by Risk Pool to see if there is additional liability on the county somehow.

Solid Waste update
The Leachate pond is doing well and now able to see the bottom with the larger pond emptying out in the coming weeks. Mr. Rough is looking at the proposed new lagoon and whether we actually need it if we continue to maintain current ponds. The extra pond would help mitigate really wet years. Last week he was to meet with a private contractor on a design to reduce costs but that meeting was delayed. The same issue will be discussed with Parametrix. Reducing the size of the project is going to save a lot of money.

SWAC Comprehensive Plan review and feedback has been difficult to obtain from the SWAC. They are one member down but there is some interest, we will see. The Accounting system was discussed as there are problems with it. They will begin looking at new software to replace the current system. The month end balancing has not been accurate with the current system.

Citizens Comment Period
No citizens came for this comment period

Motion - Voucher Approval - Commissioners
Vouchers certified and audited by the Auditing Officer as required by RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090 have been recorded on a list, and made available to the Board. As of this date, the Board did vote, by unanimous vote, to approve the regular vouchers in the amount of $1,306,414.58. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion seconded and carried.

Motion Public Health Voucher
Commissioner moved to approve the Public Health Vouchers in the amount of $26,002.60 Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

2018 Budget Work Session - Maintenance
Joe Poulin, Lanie Johns, Leah McCormack, Cari Hall

The group discussed the possibility of creating a section for Jail maintenance under the Courthouse maintenance budget. All Jail R&M contracts would remain under the Jail budget and includes dish washer, laundry machines, etc…. The elevator costs would be moved to the Courthouse maintenance budget. Juvenile center maintenance costs were discussed and it was suggested it be a separate section within the maintenance budget. Impacts to the Commissioner’s office staff was discussed as there will be more invoices to process for Jail expenses. The Clerk of the Board stated she doesn’t believe it will be impossible, but would require more coordination with the vendors to ensure account tracking is

Joe Poulin explained how The Dude can track costs. The commissioners discussed the building maintenance needs. The request to fund two full time custodians was discussed. The board wished to fund one then have a conversation in June 2018 about another that would be dependent on the county revenue receipts. The Clerk of the Board explained she would prefer to have sufficient custodian staffing to address the extensive cleaning needs of the complex. The custodians would be flexible and able to also help the Maintenance Tech’s with other projects providing extra hands at a lower cost. With only one Custodian, the Maintenance Tech’s will be used to help clean and take up the slack and it would not be an efficient use of their time since they are paid more than custodians. The board was not comfortable funding two custodians at this time.

2018 Budget Work Session - Coroner
Dave Rodriguez discussed his 2018 budget.

Commissioner Hover explained the target number and what that was based on for the upcoming year.

2018 Budget Work Session – Superior Court/Juvenile Department
Judge Chris Culp, Dennis Rabidou, Sabrena Smith

The group discussed the various amounts within the Superior Court budget 020. The board discussed items that can be billed out versus and those timelines for reimbursements. Judge Culp explained the reasons why the caseloads warrant two full time judges and a part time judge. The costs have increased due to the caseloads. There is no way the caseloads could be handled by only one judge. It reduces the time it takes for some of the cases to be heard, but the caseloads have also gone up and there is no way to control that.

Auditor Thomas asked if any costs can be transferred to Therapeutic Courts? That meeting is happening in the morning, state Judge Culp. $15,000 is for a judicial officer as well about $8,000 of the Bailiff Position costs. He did not have the numbers with him. Those numbers have not been provide to Ms. Hall for input yet. Ms. Hall stated the budget numbers should be submitted the second Monday in August, not September 4 like Judge Culp thought.

The Superior Court is asking for about $86,000 more for its 2018 over 2017. Commissioner Hover discussed what made up those increases. Increased criminal class A felonies plus the different trial costs that have high numbers for jury fees. Auditor Thomas

Motion Resolution 147-2017 Part Time Jail Cook to Full Time
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 147-2017 making a part time jail cook full time in order to reduce overtime costs. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 148-2017 Chief Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Commissioner moved to approve resolution 148-2017 rescinding resolution 127-2017 and naming David Gecas to the Chief Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney position and authorizing Mr. Gecas to sign certain items when the Prosecuting Attorney is out of the office. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Hover discussed his request for the Democratic Party meeting minutes where the party selected the nominee names for Prosecuting Attorney before he make a decision on this appointment.

Died Motion Resolution 149-2017 Appointing Branden Platter to Prosecuting Attorney
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 149-2017 appointing Branden Platter to the unexpired term of Okanogan County Prosecuting Attorney for the unexpired term vacated by Karl Sloan. Commissioner DeTro stated the motion died for lack of second.

Motion Contract Termination Letter-Lake View Janitorial
Commissioner Hover moved to approve a letter to Lake View Janitorial terminating the Janitorial Contract and giving 30 days’ notice with termination date of September 30, 2017. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried

Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items excluding item 10 which was approved yesterday. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1) Approve Commissioners Proceedings August 21 & 22, 2017
2) Resolution – 146-2017 2040 Regional Transportation Plan for Okanogan County Region
3) Special Occasion – Loup Loup Ski Education Foundation - Okanogan CO FG Agriplex – Stern
4) Re-Appointment – Lodging Tax Advisory Committee – Don Linnertz
5) Re-Appointment - Lodging Tax Advisory Committee – Steve Devin
6) Contract – Cameron Lake Rd (MP 3.30-4.50) RAP Funding – CRAB
7) Contract – County Fairgrounds Professional Services – Clear View
8) Agreement – Crushing & Removal of Gravel – Okanogan Wildlife Council
9) Agreement – Reimbursement – City of Oroville/County – Public Works
10) Amendment – E16-072 – Extension Date/Budget Revision for Grant

Motion Confirmation of Travis Thornton to Methow Watershed Council
Commissioner Hover moved to confirm Travis Thornton to the Methow Watershed Council per the Methow Watershed letter of confirmation request. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Continued Public Hearing Lake Management District 1308 Ironwood, Oroville, WA
The board convened at about 6:30 p.m. in the City of Oroville Council Chambers.

A sign in sheet was circulated and the recorder was turned on.

Commissioner DeTro opened the hearing up stating usually there is a time limit placed on the testimony.

Director Huston explained this is a continued public hearing for Lake Management district this will determine the boundaries and those included who would pay an assessment for irradiation of invasive species over five years. One to determine if the board wishes to move forward, then review the proposed properties in the district. The boar may not expand from what is there but if they reduce then the board must decide if inclusion does not benefit the district. If they move ahead and establish the property a ballot must be seen tot hots property owner within the time line yes or not then that determines if the district is formed. Tonight we take public testimony on whether the individuals wish their property to be included. The proposed budget is about $180,000 over the projections. The operations budget was at about 38,000. Commissioner Hover asked about next step. It would deliberated on the map on what properties should be excluded there are some who chose not to be included. The boundary is what it is in terms of the proposal.

Commissioner DeTro explained if the list is extensive then testimony is restricted to three minutes, but then not many signed up. Ford Waterstrat has pertinent information of the district. Mr. Waterstrat explained the Lake Osoyoos association has done a lot to clean the lake they had grant money to clean the lake and have used it to mitigate reduction of the weevil, but it didn’t yield the numbers as expected and expensive. He explained the efforts to create the lake management district some lots do not have access to the lake and must be verifiable access at about 70 per year. Veranda Beach was excluded because they already control the milfoil in there access area. The goal is to control and reduce the milfoil because it cant be completely irradiated. He further explained the danger of getting tangled in the milfoil. It has been a long standing issue since the 1970 with fragments establishing in the clay and rocks being carried along. The boat crops also drag it around. Invasive mussels are also a problem and the district would need to set up training to teach people detection methods for finding the mussels. The district would also take care of those other invasive species.

Adam Bowman owns property on the lake and he is concerned with the assessment on the property although he is in favor and wants to support it but he is concerned about the secondary assessment. None of the lots have been sold in those areas, there isn’t much demand in residential areas. There are fourteen lots with access to 30 foot right of way to the lake and those lots have to pay each the 70 dollars and it would be a great burden attached to that. The properties on the lake with homes should be assessed based no the value of the property. He has land on Blackened Road that is not buildable and properties have changed to half acre. The north side water system for the properties but city of Oroville now charges the lots for the water. The access to the lake aren’t even being used. The lots that have not been develop with access is not fair for them to be assessed the same way. He isn’t sure how the board will decide on this but he wants it to be a fair assessment. The primary and secondary and objects to the properties he owns that are bare land.

Robert Howegg 87 Eastlake road and co-owner of some lands on the lake. Considerations to establish is through a whole lake approach. The use portion is what this proposal is for and we haven’t heard from the Canadian side with the water flow from north to south and re-infestation is a concern and the five year program may not sustain the issues. It would be interesting for Mr. Waterstrat to share his notes with the public. A clear plan has not been make public. Every one supports clean water and health, but a cost effective plan must be considered. There are a number of properties that should be excluded, but it isn’t clear how that would happen. Available funds to suppo0rt eradication. One concern is the kind of chemical as it is banned in Canada. 2-4D is a concern and mitigating risk of those using. There should be a board that oversees and manages this proposal. 700-800 is a lot of money and seeing results proven and land owner to continue or extinguish the assessment. The effort should be done so it is effective and cost effective and viable to perform the eradication to provide for the lake health.

Nichole Kuchenbuch on behalf of the farm bureau to testify for several families affected by this and asked for an exemption for them as a basis they would have something in writing for the exemption. Agriculture irrigates and diversion points are not there that would spread the milfoil and they already pay to be part of the irrigation district and adding another burdensome tax on a thin profit margin is very impactful to their industry. They are asking for a written exemption as proof moving forward. Most cannot even see the lake from their orchards. The do not own a launch or use the lake recreationally.

John Sylvester third generation on east side of the lake and is included as a secondary. He is having a difficult time in the apple industry and would double his tax. He is asking for an exemption for this. He doesn’t’ go to the lake but people do want the problem addressed. He has other concerns too but he wants a written exemption from the tax.

Tamera Porter thanked the board for coming to Oroville. She supports any control on the lake and also added any control to spectacle, palmer and other lakes to control the milfoil. The water front owners are saying yes, then secondary owners saying maybe not and do not see the value. She hopes the board considers the big picture. These are our most beautiful assets. Not only are the waterfront owners concerned but other too. She wants the assessment and please consider expanding because the water is valuable for fun, recreation and farming. Please assess her. Be modest as possible.

Jerry Forney said the lake is an economic generator on the lake for Oroville. He said the lake is dying slowly and the more we don’t do to prevent it it will only happen faster. Please make it work, it isn’t perfect but we can always make it better.

Jerry Nelson retired hort for 30 years and worked on weed and pest boards. This is not a five year plan to end. The 2-4 D in the lake is not addressed because ther is no plan. People organic growers are not going to like it. He is secondary and he would like to see the lily pond taken out but it is a never ending process and are we going to make associations for weed board we already do. This is one more tax on the property owner and keeps piling up. He doesn’t see it being a five year thing. Don’t jump into something you cannot get out of Canada will continue to allow it. Either tax them all or leave them all alone.

Mr. Waterstat asked to be able to respond to the testimony. He is the proponent and it is not unprecedented.

Mr. Waterstrat explained part of the district rules allows for the creation of an advisory panel. In five years it is reviewed and it is either renewed or not. The secondary lots makes sense that if they are not occupied it should be excluded. The advisory panel would be review that. Most of the problems come from Canada. The associations on the lake have been discussing that. It is interesting they can use some of the same pesticides in some places but they do not allow it in aquatic things. Conversations have happened between the people north of the border and here.

Commissioner DeTro stated Okanogan County Noxious Weed Manager is here and she has been involved with the programs for aquatic controls and weed across borders which includes Canada cooperation since 2004.

Ms. Lyon gave some back ground with her program for aquatics. They have entered that realm recently and doing treatments throughout the county. Lake Osoyoos did some of the lake but it was frustrating when it came to certain things. They started with Palmer and used 2-4 D then did Osoyoos she explained the combinations of chemicals used for the different areas. The program is constantly adjusting. She deals with professionals when they are dealing with treatments who are licensed and permitted with top notch professional recommendations. It is in a state of flux. Palmer, Spectacle, Conconully, Leader, Alta so the aquatic program is expanding with interest and motivation for weeds and mussels. The funding coming from assessments grant program of DOE. The water treatments have been grant funding and participation of state with some funding excepting Osoyoos and Spectacle funds ran out.

Commissioner DeTro explained he wanted Ms. Lyon to discuss the noxious weed program to help people get the idea what is happening. Commissioner DeTro closed public testimony to state the board came to Oroville because it is their lake. Commissioner DeTro opened up to the board.

Commissioner Hover asked Ms. Lyon to provide her contact information she gave it. People can also come to her office. Commissioner Hover asked about parts per million and whether that is taken into account for those who are organic. The sprayer is calibrated for the different applications to ensure proper administration so it is known what is putting out. The sprayers are technologically savvy with high tech tools. They are limited to how close they can get to water pumps. Commissioner Hover said he saw formations of this before, how would the district be governed for the oversite of the district. Director Huston stated the Country Commissioners are, but advisory boards can be formed. The Board would determine how they wish to select the vendor with an interlocal agreement, or bid. The advisory board can act as eyes and such out in the field but ultimately the County commissioners govern. Has there been evidence on what works and what doesn’t work and if it doesn’t work is there something that allows extension, but need to check with legal. It appears there would need to be a vote again. Commissioner Hover would like that research done and information out prior to the vote. Commissioner Branch exploring it into the resolution that creates the district is another thing to check if that can be added for clarity.

Mark Egerton explained the lake travels to Zoezel dam and why they have been excluded from the map. Zoezel dam and all along there has lots of milfoil. Commissioner Branch said Ford Waterstart might know. The boundaries stated he did not create the map, but recognizes that there are other areas that need control. Mr. Egerton explained most warehouses require certification for growing gaps where by warehouses can kick you out or might prevent growers from shipping oversees. It is mandatory growers comply with global gap inspections. The water is tested annually. That cannot be compromised. Commissioner DeTro stated the applications take into consideration of these things and buffers are considered. Ms. Lyon explained she is not an astute person on parts per million as she is not an applicator but she does hire qualified people to know these things. It is a concern with growers around Whitestone irrigation and she worked closely with them in that area.

Tamera Porter respects the farmers and conscience concern about water source contaminates or not. This is a legislative process so comments questions and answers are okay. She supports the farmers feeling comfortable with the pesticides. She hopes the commissioners think of this as an over extending process and keep in mind to get rid of the milfoil from Lake Osoyoos and the dam but respect the farmers.

Nichole Kuchenbuch gave contact information of Jay O’Brien as a point of contact for notification.

Robert Hoage added he performed residue studies through the Americas. In terms of export markets for agriculture shipments and consider the 2-4 D products mistakes can be made so the board should be prepared to take on the liability of an accidents and usually occurs. Assuring there is a good plan, implanting a plan is separate from the board. The board should create the advisory who would come up with a plan to be efficacious.
Commissioner Branch said the city of Oroville has examples of gram per million, parts per million

Dale Harvey lives on the lake and in favor of controlling the milfoil. He asked Ms. Lyon about the process on Palmer Lake and how long ago it started. The effectiveness lasted a couple years. When they did Palmer they did the north end and little bit elsewhere where there was fishing activity. They had limited dollars and the residents contributed. It was effective for a couple years. It was treated one year and it lasted a couple years. We will never get rid of milfoil, make sure milfoil is manageable level water level is clear oxygen is where it is supposed to be. Mr. Harvey said it is a beautiful area, are we looking at one area moving it from one lake to the next or looking at it overall. Ms. Lyon stated Lake Osoyoos is proactive on the issue and other lakes are looking at that to devise a plan for their lake. Mr. Harvey said it is a band aide approach and it would be more effective to broaden the scope and see where it is coming from. We need to get our arms around this as there are many lakes in Okanogan County. The lakes have various water sports on the lakes and is a big draw. The lake owners should think about how to get their arms around this. Have a broader approach.

Linda Colvin does not live on the lake but knows of many attempt to deal with the lake issues. They have never managed to pull together to approach the problems of vegetation taking over the lake it has been studied in Canada. Never able to organize and money grants are a short measure. One the state scale we are small potatoes. It is up to people here to help ourselves. Funds are needed to do all the mapping to decide if we go all the way down to the dam. They have worked on the lake issues a very long time. She believes it would be horrendous if people took things into their own hands. At least in this case professionals are addressing it correctly. There is a region that cannot be approached near Canada. The mechanism to find a solution is really what people are looking for. It is an important resource. She doesn’t want to see the opportunity go away.

Director Huston stated the discussion is framed but what the board needs to know is specifics.
Jerry Ford commented that when Noxious Weed came to his property they killed some of his trees by mistake. Mistakes happen and we are looking at five years of study with a map, but things are in place we can do but an extra tax. You pay to launch and there is only two places to do that on the lake.

Ford Waterstrat anytime a treatment happens it is posted cannot treat 1300 within the OID systems and they did not use 2-4D. Overtime there is residue in the lake however. Last year they asked the international water commission to sample the lake sides and that was turned down. The lake management district doesn’t’ just have to address the milfoil.
Commissioner Branch stated there was an EIS done on the lake in the 1980’s he recommended people take a look at that. Commissioner Hover said he is glad there is a mechanism to form the district. Each land owner gets a vote one land owner one vote. There are some things that need to be addressed in terms of what is there in the boundaries.

A date specific for deliberation might be September 11 to continued work on this. There is not a timeline until authorizing the ballot, so time can be taken for deliberation. Commissioner Hover moved to deliberate on this Sept 11 at 1:30 p.m. to ensure adequate information is gathered with the public testimony to remain closed. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners adjourned for the day at 5:00 p.m.