April 12, 2011

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on April 12, 2011, with Chairman Andrew Lampe, Commissioner Jim Detro, Commissioner Don Hover not present due to being in Wenatchee, and Lanie Johns for Brenda Crowell, Clerk of the Board present.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Detro moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-17 as presented. Motion was seconded and carried.

1. Commissioners Proceedings April 4th & 5th, 2011

2. Liquor License – Fraternal Order of the Eagles –State Liquor Control Board

3. Contract Amendment – Electronic Home Monitoring – Friendship Diversion Svcs

4. Appointment – Weldon Reynolds – TV Reception Dist. #3

5. Appointment – Jerry Easter – TV Reception Dist. #3

6. Appointment – Bonnie Colpitts – TV Reception Dist. #3

7. Appointment – LaLena Johns – Records Advisory Committee

8. Support Letter – Feasibility Study – Okanogan County/Chelan-Douglas RSN

9. Support Letter – Feasibility Study – Okanogan County/Spokane RSN

10. Applications – Cattleguard Franchise Renewals – Public Works

a. Dan Gebbers – No. 87-73 @ M.P. 7.954 on OCR 9145, Paradise Hill Rd.

b. Cass Gebbers – No. 1-78 @ M.P. 4.387 on OCR 1535, Burma Rd.

c. Cass Gebbers – No. 16-98 @ M.P. 8.811 on OCR 1845, North Star Rd.

d. Cass Gebbers – No. 2-78 @ M.P. 3.818 on OCR 1535, Burma Rd.

e. Cass Gebbers – No. 37-98 @ M.P. 3.792 on OCR 1876, Three Devils Rd.

f. Cass Gebbers – No. 44-74 @ M.P. 14.939 on OCR 1845, North Star Rd.

g. Cass Gebbers – No. 5-91 @ M.P. 14.143 on OCR 1845 North Star Rd.

h. Cass Gebbers – No. 7-73 @ M.P. 12.080 on OCR 1845, North Star Rd.

11. Reappointment – Mark Miller – Planning Commission

12. Reappointment – Marlene Rawley – Planning Commission

13. Reappointment – Becki Andrist – Planning Commission

14. Resolution 067-2011 – Transfer Sheriff’s Special Projects

15. Resolution 068-2011 – Transfer Corrections Budget

16. Resolution 069-2011 – Transfer Sheriff’s Budget

17. Resolution 070-2011 – LaLena Johns voucher signatory

Motion – Resolution 71-2011 Court Clerk Funds
Commissioner Detro moved to approve resolution 71-2011 directing the close out of a Clerk bank account and transferring the funds to the County General Fund. Motion was seconded and carried.

Motion – Approve CDBG Public Services Grant Request #15
Commissioner Detro moved to approve CDBG Public Services request #15 and authorize the chair to sign the A19 in the amount of $11,628.45. Motion was seconded and carried.

Motion – Approve CDBG GP Housing Rehab Grant Request #21
Motion Authorize the Chairman to sign the Housing Rehab Grant request #21 and authorize the chairman to sign the A19 in the amount of $1,264.69. Motion was seconded and carried.

Discussion – Tribal Fish & Wildlife Council – Creating WEIR – Joe Peone
Joe Peone, Brian Knaus environmental consultant, Mike Braton Fishery 2Biologist Michelle Campoasso, Perry Huston, Char Schumaker, and Ben Rough from the Planning Dept.

Mr. Peone’s group is here to discuss building a WEIR across the Okanogan River. He explained the purpose of the WEIR and presented a PowerPoint presentation. (attached)

Commissioner Lampe asked if WDFW will be informed. The Tribe will work with WDFW.

The Tribe is considering creating the WEIR near Malott. The WEIR is important for group stock management. The summer Chinook, around 900,000 yearlings, will be released. 1.1 million will be released into the acclimation pond and some will be released into the Okanogan River. The mixture of wild fish and hatchery fish is around 70/30. The WEIR is a tool that has been used by the tribe for a long time.

Mr. Braton explained the concept. The purpose of the WEIR is to test the aspects of fish capture, evaluate environmental impacts of the operation, and to assess structure. Mr. Braton showed the proposed location just south of Malott where the Chiliwist creek runs into the Okanogan River. The tribe owns the property where the site is proposed. Surveys have been completed on the site and other sites, but this site is best suited for the WEIR. There will likely be an EIS and other intense review. SEPA may need to be done. Joe Peone asked whether the county could be the lead on that, Perry replied that yes the county could be the lead when they get to that point. This project will not impede the work currently being done by the state for fish.

Commissioner Lampe noted his concern about how boats or people will get by the WEIR.

Joe further discussed the Tribes fishery programs and issues. He would like to meet again in a month’s time to further discuss the progress of the project.

Discussion – Second Superior Court Judge – Jack Burchard
Jack burchard, Al Rendon, Nan Kallunki, Leah McCormack, Laurie Thomas and Sheila Corson, Chronicle

Judge Burchard provided a brief history for the need of an additional Superior Court Judge. There were problems in the past with what office space would be needed and where the funds will come from to pay for the judge. Judge Burchard stated the Juvenile courtroom is empty most of the time and suggested using it when possible; however, neither the Jail courtroom nor the Juvenile courtroom are appropriate for jury trials. The other courtrooms can and are used for jury trials. The juvenile courtroom cannot handle jury trials. The state would pick up 50% of the salary and the county would fund the other 50% and the benefits. It would cost less to pay for a new judge than what we currently pay the court commissioners. If we have the will we can go forward and have two full time Superior Court judges. It would help with the backlog the courts are experiencing. Commissioner Lampe asked whether additional support staff would be needed. Al stated that he did not think two jury trials would be happening at the same time, therefore an additional bailiff would not be needed nor additional support staff. Al stated Raul also helps with overload whenever possible. Judge Burchard stated he did not know whether the Clerk’s office is properly staffed or whether they would need additional staff. There could be extra expense if the Juvenile courtroom is used due to staff interference or some other conflict. Judge Burchard stated he talked with Dennis Rabidou about using the courtroom and he stated it would not be a problem.

Judge burchard explained that the Governor appoints Superior Court judges and then they are put on the ballot for the next general election.

Nan stated she is concerned about there being enough space in the Juvenile courtroom and the fact that everyone has to tip toe around during session. Judge Burchard stated he would be flexible and would sit in whatever courtroom is available.

If money is saved, the back log streamlined, and no additional expenses like staffing and equipment are incurred, the commissioners are in favor of bringing in another Superior Court Judge. Al and Nan will get together and look at the numbers.

Motion - MOU Fire District #6
Commissioner Detro moved to approve the MOU between Fire District #6 and the county. Fire District #6 will use the well for fire protection purposes. Motion was seconded and carried.