March 7, 2017

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on March 7, 2017, with Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, Commissioner Andy Hover, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board present.

Commissioner DeTro arrived at 9:03am

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
Debi Hilts, Perry Huston, Albert Lin, Josh Freel

Commissioner Hover asked other commissioners about the Methow Headwater regarding copper mining proposal. He was asked to ask the commissioners option on the mineral rights withdrawal. Commissioner Branch would like to know more information. Commissioner Hover stated hr was going to put his position in a letter. Commissioner DeTro stated that the board had been against an open pit in the past. Commissioner Hover stated that in the past, when asked as a business man, he would not sign off on it unless he knew that private mining rights were going to remain protected. Commissioner Hover stated that we have a new government that has a different point of view now on mining. Commissioner DeTro stated that in the past they never said that they were against the mining. But were opposed to an open pit.

Commissioner DeTro explained that the Tonasket Ranger District should have been taking the task on the mining exploration Kinross was trying to accomplish. Director Huston discussed what the county’s position might be for commenting on the proposal and explained that the position that most people were going to take would be to try to get the federal government involved. He also stated that the commissioners were going to get another push on marijuana bill. Commissioner Branch asked if this bill was still active.

Mr. Lin asked Director Huston about his opinion on going into executive session involving litigation. Director Huston stated that maybe next week would be best for that.

Ms. Hilts opened up discussion regarding office staff at the fairgrounds. It was discussed last year having a permanent office staff member for everything that goes on. She proposed one employee year around and vary their hours depending on what is going on throughout the year.
Commissioner DeTro asked if that was even a possible option. Ms. Hilts responded by explaining that they would be hired as a part time employee. This would give Josh free reign of the grounds and he wouldn’t have to deal with any office business. Commissioner DeTro asked about the budgeting factor. Director Huston responded by advising the commissioners to sit down and look at the fair budget before a decision is made. He did state that we could do more with an office staff but that he wanted to make sure the budget was sufficient. Commissioner DeTro asked that HR and Fair coordinate with Perry regarding the budget. Ms. Hilts stated that by next week they could have the numbers to the commissioners on the budget and they could then make a decision.

Commissioner Hover stated that a decision was made to award this and asked Director Huston how much time would be needed to pull the rest of the information together. Director Huston replied that they hoped to have the money moved around and everything set into place by the end of March and asked if the commissioners would want to bring it in as its own department for the current expense budget. Commissioner Hover asked for a job description, wages, and budget be provided to them regarding the office staff position for the fairgrounds before it could be approved. Director Huston explained that someone with a certain skill set would need to be hired or someone dedicated to training someone.

Commissioner Branch asked about the success of that position in regards to marketing. He stated that he hasn’t seen a very great effort in regards to marketing the fair and advertising it. Director Huston responded by explained state law regarding the fair funds and the facility. The facility is supposed to be self-supportive.

Commissioner Branch suggested a long term proposal with a goal to make it an enterprise that can pay for itself. Commissioner DeTro commented that we were approached by the tribe and that they are going to build a race track and wanted to place it at the fairgrounds but that the Risk Pool had concerns about the insurance. The previous board was concerned about the fact that there would be betting taking place. But DeTro explained that the betting wouldn’t take place at the grounds but rather at the casino he explained that there may be an opportunity to still explore that option.

Commissioner Branch stated that we don’t want to get into anything that can’t be enforced in court. Director Huston stated his concerns about getting involved with the tribes and that but can be a dicey situation and it really depends on how much you have invested. Commissioner Branch stated that you can visit the events that have taken place with the stampede grounds and go off of that information and that there needs to be a set protocol and work something out that way and make sure that the county is protected. Commissioner DeTro explained that we have a mutual agreement with the tribe that we will not sue each other.

Commissioner Hover stated that there is probably a lot of controversy but that he thinks it would be really good considering that the casino is right above the fairgrounds and that if the tribe were to build a professional racetrack with an arena attached that it would could be mutually beneficial
Mr. Freel said he has been thinking of ways to bring in more money for the fair and do things more than just one weekend a year. Director Huston stated that when it comes to do certain things you have to be careful. Commissioner Hover agreed that it would be good to make the grounds multipurpose. We have to think outside the box. Commissioner Branch stated that goals need to be set and a reasonable plan developed.

Mr. Freel asked if there was a decision made about taking his equipment to the shop to be fixed.
Commissioners approved the equipment to be fixed.

Commissioner Branch asked about the relationship between the county engineer and the administrative officer. Director Huston replied by explaining that they are co-lead. They work hand in hand but deal with different matters. Mr. Lin explained that the RCW does explain hiring and the role of a county engineer and read the RCW to the commissioners. Mr. Freel explained that he had the county engineer come and look at the Agriplex and the water problem and that they formed a plan to take care of it.

Ms. Hilts provided documents regarding drug and alcohol testing. She explained that it was brought up the previous board and that they did not want to go there. She would like the commissioners to think about doing pre-employment and post-accident drug screening. She brought up the marijuana situation and asked that the commissioners really think about that.
Tomorrow is National women’s day and that there may be women that do not come to work and that we will have to approve a vacation day for those women who choose to do that.

Public Hearing – Supplemental Appropriation Current Expense/Interfund Loan
Commissioner DeTro opened the hearing. Asked for public comment. No comments. Opened it up to the board.

Motion Resolution 38-2017 Supplemental Appropriation lnterfund Loan
Commissioner Hover moved to approve Resolution 38-2017 Supplemental Appropriation within Current Expense Reserve and Current Expense for interfund loan in the amount of 30,711.00, motion seconded, all were in favor.

OCCAC-Affordable Housing- Lael Duncan & Donna Talbott
Commissioner Hover stated that he has no problem with the dispersed amounts. His issue was with the admin fees that have been added up over the years. If you were to take 15% of that amount how is it that you feel justified in going back though all those years and saying that you didn’t take all the admin fees and that you are now expecting to get them? Ms. Talbott explained that it is still being accounted for in their books and there is a sweep being done. Commissioner Hover stated that the contract states a cap of 15% can be requested. Ms. Talbott replied that they took 15% when they did do dispersing.

Commissioner Hover asked if this adhered to their contract. Ms. Talbott responded that it is an open contract. They have the Work First Program and the PUD. Commissioner Hover stated that his question is about the $52,000.00 they are requesting in admin fees. Ms. Talbott responded by providing documentation to the commissioners and went over it and explained to the commissioners how she had broken it down. Ms. Duncan explained that they are giving more money back to the county than they are legally required to. Commissioner Hover asked if the documentation was acceptable to the other commissioners. Commissioner Branch asked how long Ms. Talbott had been doing this. Ms. Talbott replied that she has been doing this for 25 years. Commissioner Branch explained that the reason for the meeting is to better understand their program and also stated that it’s the timing of the request that is questioned.
Ms. Talbot explained allocation processes that they use.

Ms. Johns went over the spreadsheet that was provided to them and had questions about how it was put together. Ms. Johns and Ms. Talbott went over the spreadsheet together. Commissioner Hover also went over it to fully understand their claim. Commissioner Hover asked what the requested $30,000.00 would do. Ms. Talbott explained that she would like it for admin. Commissioner Hover asked if the money was in the interested bearing account. Ms. Talbott stated that it was. Commissioner Branch explained that he understands their accounting process for their organization.

Ms. Duncan explained that she will be doing a presentation to give them an overview of what they did last year and invited the commissioners to come down for a tour of their organization.
Ms. Duncan explained I her prospective they are at the state where they are trying to settle up on the old contract. Ms. Johns explained that a new contract needs to be created.

Motion to Approve OCCAC Claim for Administration Fees
Commissioner Hover moved to accept OCCAC remitting the balance of 47,456.41 in regards to affordable housing funds administered by OCCAC to close out the 2004 contract terminated January 24, 2017, motion was seconded, and all were in favor. All funds must be back to the county by March 17, 2017.

Discussion Juvenile Staffing- Dennis Rabidou
Mr. Rabidou discussed staffing salary disparities.
Mr. Rabidou stated that they want to move a staff member into a full time position from a part time position but that the employee’s salary would drop. Mr. Rabidou stated that there is usually a 5% difference between an employee’s step increases and that the commissioners would need to be prepared to address disparities across the board if this is approved. He went on to explain that as of April 1, 2017 that a salary survey committee would be established by management and discussed violation of agreement which would generate a call from the union. He stated that he is ahead of this. Commissioner Hover stated that he thinks it’s a good idea for this to be established and that it’s important to look at this. Mr. Rabidou explained that they have a lot of work that is separate from HR for the salary survey which may be different than the current practices and current counties we base it on. Mr. Rabidou stated that it is in the book referring to the salary survey committee. Commissioner Hover stated that all union contracts will be reviewed to establish salary survey committee for all union employees.

Commissioners stated that they wish to discuss this with Tanya Craig further to better understand the counties obligations. Mr. Rabidou asked if there was any upper guidance. Commissioner Branch responded that we are all working together on this.

Update Public Works Engineer Josh Thomson, Admin Ben Rough
Engineer Thomson and Admin Rough provided the board with their agenda’s.

Maintenance and Road Conditions
Engineer Thomson explained overtime hours used to maintain weather related conditions.

Columbia River Road is open as of last week it is not paved but is open and is good timing as detour route is bad.

Peter Dam Road slope at MP .5 a project the Tribe did to widen the road and the slope has moved considerable and so PW is watching is closely. The top 75 feet of the hill is river rock and the bottom is silt and the silt is moving. BIA called Public Works first and the slope has filled the ditch and doesn’t appear to be moving right now.

Kermel Road had an issue where the slope dropped due to water coming off that area which caused the guard rail to drop off the side of the road.

Rock fall on Keystone Road and Omak River road will need to be broken up due to size, right now they are moved to the side.

Conservation District has funding to move trees within the Carlton Complex fire Chiliwist north start French creek areas. Commissioner Hover explained he became aware of some trees falling over that may need to be removed in his district. Conservation District will address some of trees by cutting them into lengths to leave in a pile

Areas 5&6 are out of materials so Public Works is looking for additional pits sites. Pit in Oroville is a permitted pit and they might sell that site. Engineer Thomson stated he is looking at shale type pits one is off Havilah Road and are currently discussing the possibility of using that pit. There is some kind of deal that is currently going on but not sure with who. Commissioner Branch state there is a pit on Hwy 7 that could be investigated for county use or purchase. Commissioner Hover stated are we actually looking for active sites? The area supervisors are always looking for sites. Engineer Thomson stated the county must plan ahead and work with the space correctly for exclusive use agreement or purchase. Commissioner Hover stated we must think about the future in terms of the material and the water necessary to maintain our roads. Mr. Rough stated some private pits could be used too. There is a need in multiple areas such as Brewster and Oroville and Tonasket. They feel this is something they are hearing constantly from the area supervisors. More details will be gathered for future pursuit and purchase.

Current Projects
Guard Rail repairs on Robinson Canyon is done.

Hwy 7 Bridge south right away needs were discussed. The original estimate in 2013 was short so additional funds were requested of STP and their responses were positive.

Conconully Road RAP project will begin April 3.

Bridge replacement B-3 pile caps have been poured and setting those on the 21st and is a bit behind due to too much water.

Lyman Lake Moses Meadows Road gravel project was started last fall and once things dry out they will start that back up. Complaints are coming in consistently and Engineer Thomson will what they can to keep it open, but it will be soft and messy until things dry out. If there were funds several roads could be paved such as this one and Indian Dan Canyon as they are one of the highest traversed primitive roads.

Approval this Thursday for daily cover and cover stone will need to be approved and will be provided next week.

Pup Trailers
The sources for additional Pup trailers for hauling would be from surplus for purchase of four new pup trailers. Cost to rent is high so this would reduce cost if purchased. 3700 per trailer for 207,000 which is in the budget and they would like to move forward with the purchase. Commissioner Hover asked if 12 trailers would be sufficient. Yes, stated Thomson he will provided the approval paperwork next week.

Road Log Reconciliations
There are about 6-7 roads that would need to be considered as they would need to be on the NEPA list.

ORV and WATV roads
2015 ordinance will be rescinded what does the board want to do with the old signs? The code at this point does say the ORV roads must be signed. All the signs were adjusted in 2014 so we cannot just take down the old signs and revert back to the way it was. If we get to the point of opening up additional road he would not have issue signing them again but it is hard to keep up with the changes. Commissioner Hover stated once a list is established it should not change much after that. Commissioner Branch stated his attending the ATV meeting tonight. Engineer Thomson disc used the GIS roads map which show different road statuses, speed limits, and can show what is open and what is not open. Commissioner Branch asked if those maps could be provided at the ATV meetings. Yes, but not quite ready yet to publish that tool. Commissioner Branch would like to use the tool for whatever public open house meeting that is held.

Commissioner Hover discussed the Public Works KML tool he has access to regarding the electronic roads maps and the different layers as established by Public Works. Engineer Thomson stated paper maps could be created too for the ATV club meetings which he would provide to Commissioner Branch.

OA Federal STP Funds meeting in Ellensburg 3/8/17
Engineer Thomson discussed the STP funding meeting in Ellensburg tomorrow OA authority which requires us to obligate certain amount of money each year regarding the cities and it is difficult working with the cities if he has no clout with them. RTPO does not change the STP funding. OA authority is hard to manage, but he’s trying to get ahead of it.

Admin Rough stated resolution 37-2017 is before the commissioners today regarding Fund 123 which needed to be redefined. He has several letters of consent like form OK Public Health because the fund uses are mandated by law so the county needs consent from them to outline what we are responsible for and those funds will not be comingled with other funds. Some funds were supposed to go into fund 123 during the adoption of the 2017 budget that didn’t, so he will come back to ensure those funds go back to 123.
Commissioner Hover would like for the resolution to be reviewed by Albert Lin before the commissioners sign it.

Mr. Rough discussed the new hire at the Solid Waste filling Josh Freel’s vacated position at the landfill. The Solid waste Holiday Scheduling we need a determination. Historically the land fill and solid waste have been closed to the public on weekends and holidays the employees for not get an additional paid holiday a few years age it changed and we started staying open on those days. We want to go back to the old way and starting being closed on those days again.

Motion to Approve Solid Waste/Landfill Holiday Hours
Commissioner Branch moved that we move back to closing the landfill on Saturdays of those holiday weekends. Motion was seconded. All were in favor. Motion approved.

Maintenance Coordinator Position has been discussed over the last six months and would like authorization to fill this position. We use to have this position filled and it is very beneficial. Commissioner DeTro stated that he is for it because it is in the Public Works Budget. All commissioners agreed

Office Rental and Cleaning
A business out of Wenatchee is interested. Mr. Rough thinks that they will end up signing a lease and using the space. Central Services came in and did a walk though of the Public Works building and talked about Public Works getting on the Shortel Program and that they think it will be possible to do that in their offices. Randy Clough will be approaching the commissioners and going over the details with them in the near future. Mr. Rough said they will take a look at whether it will be justifiable to spend the money on the system.

Commissioner Hover asked if we own the Public Works building. Mr. Rough responded that we do own it and if they were ever able to move their department up here that the building could be rented out or sold.

In Area 4 there is an operator that is planning to leave the department. He is asking for pre authorizing to fill this position once a letter of resignation is received from the employee. Commissioners went ahead and have Mr. Rough permission to fill that position.

Conconully Interlocal Agreement
This has been on the back burner for a while but Conconully will assist Public Works with any maintenance issues if their maintenance person is gone it has been discussed at length and he believes it is a god idea. That will be presented to the commissioners at a later date Albert Lin will go over the paperwork first.

Sharon Sumpter, member of the public taking notes arrived at 1:25pm

Citizens Comment Period
Perry Huston, Joe Poulin

Ms. Sumpter introduced herself she asked about the county website and explained that she asked a question on our website and never received a response.
Ms. Johns said that she receives those questions and that sometimes they go into the junk email folder and that may be what happened. She stated that she will check into it now that she has been made aware of the email and get back to her. Ms. Sumpter explained that she can’t find the resolutions on the website Ms. Johns replied that you cannot get those online but that a public records request can be submitted for those things. Ms. Sumpter responded that we have a responsibility to make citizens aware when something is going to change. She explained that she understands why pay grades may not be available but that she feels that there should be access to other resolutions on the website and asks that the commissioners consider it. Commissioner Hover explained to her that by the end of the year there may be as many as 500 resolutions throughout a year. Ms. Sumpter feels that the public may not be interested in resolutions regarding line item budgets. But they may be interested in the whole department amounts. Ms. Johns explained that we have certain requirements to keep our servers safe and doesn’t know if our server could handle the amount of resolutions that would have to be put onto the website.

Commissioner Hover wants to speak to Albert Lin about the legalities of doing something like this and that explained that it could be looked into. Commissioner Branch feels that there are a lot of jurisdictions that are looking into doing something like that and feels that the door has been opened for a conversation that the commissioners need to have and look into other jurisdictions that do that and go off of that information of how they are pulling it off. Director Huston explained that the planning information is available to the public on their website.

Discussion Regarding the Land Surveying Franchise Agreement
Director Huston opened up discussion regarding the Land Surveying Franchise Agreement that may be needed in the future between the city of Okanogan and the County. He advised the board to direct Mr. Poulin to move forward in contacting the proper people. The commissioners did approve Mr. Poulin to contact them. Ms. Johns asked if we own the alley in front of the courthouse and Director Huston stated that we do not own the alley.

Director Huston explained that the city council is looking at the agreement on March 21, 2017. He asked if the commissioners want a representative at that meeting in case any questions come up and who they would want to attend. Director Huston and Mr. Poulin will attend the meeting together and relay back to the commissioners. Director Huston explained if the council is in agreement that it should go through rather smoothly.
Mr. Poulin explained that we would need some form of AC during the day starting in April in the Jail. The commissioners instructed Mr. Poulin to contact the proper company to come in and get that going before it gets too warm.

Motion to Approve Legal Local Agency Professional Services Lump Sum Consultant Agreement and Authorize the Chairman to Sign
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the SCJ Alliance Agreement with Okanogan Council of Governments Regional Transportation Planning for the regional transportation plan update in the amount of $26,000.00, and authorize the chairman to sign, motion was seconded, and all were in favor. Motion approved.

Discussion Okanogan Housing Authority - Nancy Nash and Board
Nancy Nash, Ron Whiteside, Malia Brian, Serena, Scott Eden

Commissioner DeTro opened up the discussion.

Nancy Nash introduced herself. She explained the history of their organization. They are the ones who administer the section 8 vouchers within the whole county. All members are volunteers from within the community. Mr. Whiteside explained previous discussion with the previous board of commissioners. He explained their old mission and their new mission they have a new five year plan to try to become a self-supporting organization for certain properties.
Ms. Nash provided their one year, three year, and five year plans to the commissioners. Their goal is to make their clients self-sufficient so they won’t need their vouchers anymore. She explained the different vouchers and programs that their organization offers. There is certain criteria that their clients have to meet to qualify for different vouchers and programs People can take their vouchers and move to a different county and their rent will still come out of Okanogan Housing Authority budget.

Commissioner Hover asked how many people per year $125,000 will support. Serena replied that we are averaging about 20-25 families per year with that. Ms. Nash explained that all the vouchers for 2017 are already used up and that they have long waiting lists for people needing assistance. Besides the vouchers they do manage the several apartments. Serena explained that 80% of the people who come into these apartments are homeless. The one bedrooms are mostly elderly homeless. The majority of the people who live here are single parents and there are 28 kids living on the property.

Commissioner Branch asked how old the Caribou Trail building was. Serena replied that it was built in 1972 and that it has not been painted in 14 years, they are working on transfer the Vista Park Homes from the Brewster Housing Authority to the Okanogan Housing Authority and then the Brewster Housing Authority will be no more. An application was sent to commerce regarding the Meadow Point Development. They are requesting $1.7 of the $9 million project from Commerce.

Mr. Whiteside discussed how the recent fires over the past few years have affected available housing and how it has made them realize how little housing is available. He went on to explain their one year, three year, and five year goals. They want to focus on owning an office for the Housing Authority and have more of the properties support themselves and the Housing Authority. Commissioner Branch asked where the current office is. Ms. Nash responded that it is behind the post office. Ms. Nash expressed her thanks to the commissioners for the funding they are providing. Commissioner Branch asked if anyone has gone out and tried to change the amount of vouchers provided. Ms. Nash responded that she has been told that it would take an act of congress to change that. She explained they just had their third year Audit and that it cost $28,000 for that. Commissioner Branch asked if they are taking administrative fees for their work. Ms. Nash responded that they take 7.5% in administrative fees.

Sharon Sumpter left at 2:15pm

Update/Presentation – North West Vital Records – Joe Lenz & County Departments
Commissioner DeTro opened up the discussion.

Mr. Lenz introduced himself. He explained that other counties are having the same problems that we are. He proposed that we put everything in storage paper wise. He said there is no point in paying a bunch of money upfront for scanning when you can pay 28 cents per box for storage and if we need anything it can be scanned a sent to us of duplicated and sent to us.

They recently bought new technology and explained that everything can be securely stored. He stated that he doesn’t know of any county that has extra room for storage. He said they will come pick up boxes and get them into storage free of charge Basic changes six dollars to get a document scanned and set to your computer it’s all limited access. Each department will be different as to who can access certain departments Documents can also be destroyed at $2 a box. He stated that they are the most secure business around and that they are the only ones that can securely scan it to us upon request.

Commissioner Branch sked about the stuff that we have to keep forever. Mr. Lenz explained it depends. You can store one box for up to 67 years and can scan it as needed. You can pull internal audits with them on monthly or annual basis.

Commissioner Hover asked about the life expectancy of a piece of paper that is in storage Mr. Lenz explained that it is well over a hundred years. Their buildings are metal and concrete and fireproof but also climate controlled. They keep record of everyone that has accessed each document and can set up depending on what each department wants. Director Huston explained his history and that they projected out how much they would need to be accessing stored documents and what they overall budget impact would be since they charge each time you need to access your documents. He stated that his department still has information.

Mr. Rough explained that departments are losing office space because of stored records.
The clerk’s office is pushing about 1,000 boxes of currently stored records in seven different location. Commissioner Hover asked how you would track one single document.

Mr. Lenz responded that they will be storage and tracked by box number and the document would be associated with that box number. Mr. Lenz explained that most cases are by the box. When documents are shredded it is usually by the box. Commissioners Branch asked if it is protocol to scan something before it is shredded. Each department would have a list of people allowed to access files. Mr. Higbee explained how they store their documents and which ones they have to keep forever. Ms. Johnson explained that they are running out of room for all their documents as well. Commissioner Hover explained that we would probably need a space assessment for each department. Mr. Lentz explained that they can provide those services. You can use them to pick it up for free. Commissioner DeTro explained that some is he old records that we don’t need to access will just ne being places in storage.

Mr. Lenz explained the location of their business and went on to explain the most essential thing that they need is a box number which they can do so that it is available immediately.
Pricing--$1 to pull the box $4 to scan the documents, $1 to put the box back. They can also fax or ship the boxes but the most secure way is to scan.Mr. Lenz explained that they have been doing this for 47 years.

Commissioner Hover asked if they were an all or nothing company. Mr. Lenz responded that no they are not an all or nothing company and that you can keep any files you feel you need to have in the office. Mr. Lenz stated that he can help to create a budget idea for each department for how much it will cost.

Motion Lodging Tax Revenue
Commissioner Hover moved to direct the Clerk of the Board to pay the two late invoices for the entities who submitted late. Due to contractual agreement where the county did not provide notice to the entity on the late invoices within the five days outlined in the agreement. Motion was seconded, all were in favor motion carried.

Cari Hall brought up an urgent voucher of the Public Works Dept. for right of way projects to be paid this week and asked the board to consider.

Motion - Voucher Approval - Commissioners
Vouchers certified and audited by the Auditing Officer as required by RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090 have been recorded on a list, and made available to the Board. As of this date, the Board did vote, by unanimous vote, to approve the Public Works vouchers in the amount of $2,600. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion seconded and carried.

Discussion Commissioner Meeting Minutes and request for Transparency
The Clerk of the Board discussed her concern that she might not be providing the transparency the board wished to see reflected in the meeting minutes because of the concern expressed by the ROC group that there wasn’t enough transparency being provided. The commissioners discussed their meeting minutes to provide clarity to the Clerk of the board that their expectations are being met. They approve the meeting minutes and believe they more than capture the business of the day. The Clerk of the Board thanked the board for their clarification.

Approve Consent Agenda

Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-9. Commissioner Branch seconded. Commissioner Hover moved to amend his previous motion to exclude item 9. motion carried to exclude item 9. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Approve Commissioners Proceeding February 7, 27, & 28, 2017
2. Appointment Letter –Housing Authority Harry Best
3. Appointment Letter –Housing Authority Laura Hernandez
4. Agreement -Right of Way- 3727170013-Steve Mattson Estate
5. Cattle guard Renewals -Keene #10-13
6. Agreement Amendment #2 Housing Authority
7. Agreement Amendment #3 Housing Authority
8. Agreement Amendment #4 Housing Authority
9. Resolution 37-2017 Solid Waste Reserve Fund 123

Commissioners adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.