April 3, 2017

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in Regular session on April 3, 2017, with Commissioner Branch, Commissioner Andy Hover, and Amanda McAllister taking minutes for LaleŮa Johns Clerk of the Board present. Commissioner Jim DeTro is out of town.

Commissioners convened the board at 9:00 am.

Review Consent Agenda
Commissioner Branch discussed the appointment letters that are on the consent agenda. He questions the representation of that many people on the planning commission.
Commissioner Hover discussed the Fair Committee and its sub committees.

Briefing Among Commissioners
Perry Huston, Josh Freel

Commissioners discussed previous meeting minutes. Commissioner Branch discussed criminal justice fees and suggesting an increase in those fees. Commissioner Hover thinks that there should be a jail audit to see what rates are being charged. Commissioner Hoverís opinion is that the Juvenile Center is a prime option for a sales tax increase. Commissioner Branch stated that the county wanted to raise the cities rates and the city challenge this in the past. He agrees that a jail audit would be good. The landowners still pay taxes to the county not just the city. When you change over to the city you now pay the city tax and the county tax stays as well. Commissioner Branch brought up codes and showed them to Commissioner Hover. They then discussed fire districts.
Commissioner Branch discussed his last appointment on the radio and comments he made during a radio interview.
Commissioner Hover wants the fair to be able to improve and doesnít want the fair to have a static budget all the time.
Commissioner Branch did state that the fair still has to have a capital improvements budget. Commissioner Hover explained that there is someone needed to take the reservations for the rental spots.
Mr. Huston discussed the budget for the fairgrounds and that they will have to be a little cautious how they carry out the rest of the year. He discussed rental rates coming in.

Mr. Huston discussed the garbage truck and selling it. They donít believe anyone at a state level will want it. It was discussed to put it onto the state website for sale.
Commissioner Branch discussed the appointments for the planning commission. He would prefer to talk about it in executive session. He explained that one of his concerns is having a 7 member board with 3 realtors on that board.

Commissioner Hover discussed the subject of the elk herds. Commissioner Branch discussed matters regarding the Fish and Wildlife department and the grazing permits. Commissioner Hover explained that he heard of something called a water block that helps cattle retain water whereas a salt block makes them want to go to water.

Commissioner Hover discussed the LTAC meeting on Friday. They moved to extend the bathroom contract one more year and Commissioner Hover told the board that he would present the idea of removing the application for the grandstands. He suggests buying portable bleachers for the fairgrounds. Commissioner Branch thinks that this sounds like a good approach.

Commissioner Branch discussed the racetrack and that there are people asking about using it. Mr.Freel explained that he has had people interested in using track during the winter months but he is coming across a problem with people not wanting to pay. Commissioner Hover asked about the arena. Mr. Freel explained that people can sign a waiver and go out and use the arena but people are expecting the track and arena to be in pristine condition but yet people do not want to pay to use the facilities while upkeep costs money. Commissioner Hover stated that it is a county owned facility. Mr.Freel stated that he only gets $4500.00 a year for fuel and to go out and use the tractor for the upkeep of the track and arena would be a lot more than that in fuel. Mr. Freel asked even if they do sign a waiver that with the state that the track is in what happens with a $30,000 racehorse goes through the guardrail? Commissioner Branch feels this would be a gifting of funds when people are out using these facilities for free and practicing to go somewhere else to make money.

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(i)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at 9:55 am for ten minutes inviting Albert Lin to current litigation. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried. Commissioner Hover requested five more minutes at 10:05 AM
Session ended at 10:10 AM. No decisions were made.

Continued Public Hearing Resolution 56-2017 Supplemental Appropriation Noxious Weed
Anna Lyon

Commissioner Branch opened the hearing.

Ms. Lyon stated that they are requesting the funds to start their fire recovery efforts and weed control projects.

Motion Resolution 56-2017 Supplemental Appropriation Noxious Weed
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 56-2017 a supplemental in the amount of $280,000 within the Noxious Weed Budget. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion - Voucher Approval - Commissioners
Vouchers certified and audited by the Auditing Officer as required by RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090 have been recorded on a list, and made available to the Board. As of this date, the Board did vote, by unanimous vote, to approve the CE vouchers in the amount of $227,602.24 and Payroll vouchers in the amount of $976,525.55. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion seconded and carried.

Commissioner Hover moved to approve the Public Health Voucher in the amount of $1,759.39 as presented and the board signed the voucher. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Perry Huston, Lauren Davidson, Josh Freel, Dan Higbee, Pam Johnson

Laura? member of the public, taking notes

Commissioner Branch opened session
Mr. Huston discussed some steel drums that will need to be moved at the fairgrounds so that a fence can be built.

Mr. Huston provided a map of the fairgrounds to the commissioners.
Mr. Huston explained the appeal period that is coming up and communication that they have gotten from the public. All the senior water rights holders in the county received notices.

Commissioner Hover asked if the senior water right holders that received notices was by sub basin. Mr. Huston responded that that is not the instruction that they received. Ms. Davidson stated that about 500 postcards were sent out. Zoning was discussed regarding a certain well application. All the large lots went through review while the exempt lots went through zero review. No argument has been made on individual lots but on groups of lots.

Mr. Huston recommended that we pick should up the subdivision code again at some point. Commissioner Hover stated that we need a comp plan and then follow that up with code. Mr. Huston discussed the creation of Title 20 and the need to polish that up as well.

Commissioner Hover asked if there was any clustering in the current subdivision code. Mr. Huston responded that there is not currently any clustering. Commissioner Branch explained that was a previous recommendation to remove the subdivision clustering in the past.
Mr. Huston discussed the fee schedule and its need to be revised. He provided a spreadsheet breaking down these fees. Ms. Davidson went through and cleaned them up.
Commissioner Hover asked if we could add language into the postcards asking people if they would be interested in signing up for email notifications and creating an email list so that we are not sending out so many postcards.
Commissioner Hover asked about the expense to send out post cards. Mr. Huston explained that the greatest savings would be in employee time. He explained that we would only need to add a few sentences to the post cards to see if the public would be interested in this and that they could call in to explain if they didnít like it. Commissioner Branch agreed that we should try to reduce the cost of it somehow. Mr. Huston explained the process that goes into a conditional use permit and why the fee is what it is. He discussed how we may want to revisit these fees in the not too distant future. He explained that in the past we have done a public hearing when increasing the fees and asked what the commissioners would like to do. Mr. Huston explained the difference between the water availability permit versus other permits.

Commissioners were thinking $250 for the combined fee.
Commissioner Branch discussed conditional use permits and suggests looking into the history and seeing if we have a consistency. Mr. Huston explained that there are a lot of complicated cannabis processes right now. Ms. Davidson explained that they are taking at least 40 hours to process. Mr. Huston said another way would be to charge a process fee and then an hourly fee for the processing but this has been avoided in the past.
Commissioner Hover asked if we are prepared to adjust these fees. Commissioners think that we should not fully recover costs on many of these adjustments. Mr. Huston explained these fees have not been adjusted since starting with the hearing examiner.
Commissioner Hover stated that if you make the application cheaper and the appeal more expense then people will do their homework to avoid an appeal. Mr. Huston stated that there seems to be a lot of discussion on the revising of the fees and said we could go to public hearing. Commissioner Branch stated that they may need more time to discuss this and feels it deserves a good long discussion. Commissioner Hover agreed to this plan.

Voluntary Stewardship Program
Mr. Huston provided the commissioners with an agreement for speakers with Grant County. A few members watched a webinar and the approach that the county is taking and want these two speakers to come up and present their information.

Motion Speakers Agreement with Grant County
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the vice Chair to sign the agreement with Grant County. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Fairgrounds Budget
Commissioner Hover stated that he has requested that the application for the grandstands be removed and that the bathroom project be extended.
Mr. Huston explained the different lines that will need to be amended in order for funds to be in the correct places. Money is needed in miscellaneous to pay taxes.
Mr. Hutson wants to make sure that the bathroom budget is in line for when they start receiving bills for that project.

Ms. Johnson discussed budget for the actual fair. Rental fees were discussed.
Commissioner Hover explained that a contract needs to be created for the fees of renting during the fair and what the rental fees include. Commissioner Hover asked that Ms. Johnson bring up the subject of charging $25,000 for rental fees for the whole five days for 2017 and $25,000 for four days in 2016 for at the Fair Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday since he will not be in attendance. Commissioner Branch asked how the fair is doing in regards to income. Ms. Johnson responded that they will be charging $10 a day this year and that in 2016 they had a very good year.
Commissioner Hover stated that they are trying to make sure that the facilities are able to be kept looking nice throughout the year. Ms. Johnson explained that in 2015 everything was run out of facilities. Then it was separated into two different funds. The rate then was $5,500 and for seven days. Mr. Huston believes that bringing in a part time person to help with the work load of the fair will be very beneficial.

Hazard Mitigation Planning
Mr. Huston explained that someone from the Colville tribe came and discussed with him the matter. In past this has been done out of the Sheriffís department and now it will be out of Emergency Management. He asked about guidelines regarding the plan and what the commissioners would like to see. The reason that the cities support emergency management is so that they do not have to pay to bring someone else in and it saves them time and money.
Commissioner Branch explained that if the county is doing it that some people will wash their hands of it and disregard the importance of it.

Planning Budget
Mr. Huston explained that the vehicles have been repaired. His maintenance and repair line must always be guarded because software must be paid out of this line. Mr. Huston stated that he will be able to save money on a plotter. Mr. Huston provided a breakdown of their professional services line. He explained that he will take look at the travel line in anticipation of the zoning project. He went on to state that he tried to implement a fairly aggressive training program when he first got here and it was not passed through. Commissioner Branch stated he talked to Oroville about having a joint staff person and is putting this on the table to be viewed. Mr. Huston stated this has been done a couple of times with interns in the past and asked how the commissioners wish to proceed. Commissioner Branch requested that Mr. Huston contact the city of Oroville to start the discussion. Commissioner Hover asked for clarification if the city of Oroville wants to share a planner with the county.

Commissioner Hover stated that we donít have anything regarding fire wise in our zoning. Mr. Huston did clarify this and that we have not had a lot of major projects that would tear into that. Commissioner Hover stated that with the climate that way that it is it needs to be addressed.

Tonasket EMS
Mr. Huston discussed the feedback received from the state auditor and that he is trying to apply changes into the contract for the commissioners to view.
Mr. Huston explained that we hold the regional contract and that he would get the agreement together for the commissioners to look at.

Commissionerís asked how the N.O. Paws situation is going. They have not been given the beginning business order and that they need to resolve the access road issue. Mr. Huston will call and get further information on the issue.

Ms. Craig explained that the sheriff has the opportunity to have an audit done by DOT for the jail. Statewide we are in compliance with regulations and want to make sure that we are up to speed on everything. We will be paying for hotel rooms to bring these employees up to have this service done.
Commissioners are in agreement with the audit and support it.

Mr. Huston provided the commissioners with a map of the GMA counties.
Commissioner Hover stated that no other counties really compare with Okanogan County because of the amount of forest land.
Commissioner Branch brought up a parcel survey regarding the fairgrounds and the railroad. Mr. Huston will look further into this survey map for further clarification.

Bid Award for Legal Newspaper
Commissioner Hover moved to extend the hearing for the legal bids to Tuesday April 4 at 2:45 pm, Motion seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

Review Meeting Minutes and Approve
Commissioner Branch adjourned the hearing at 4:12 p.m.